Saturday, March 19, 2011

Was Last Week's Devastating Earthquake In Japan The Result Of Geophysical Manipulation Of The Weather? A Strange Cloud Formation Prior To The Quake

Japanese Earthquake - Natural Phenomenon

Or Artificially Created By HAARP?

The row-like pattern of clouds in the skies above Japan just before the earthquake last week are indeed strange in their uniformity.

As such, one must wonder if this earthquake was caused by natural phenomena, or the use of geophysical manipulation of the weather? Especially given the magnitude of this devastating quake.

In the United States, Americans have been seeing chemical trails in our skies on a regular basis for many years. And these trails are said to contain biological and chemical weapons which are being used to contaminate our atmosphere.

And in spite of its denial, there is no question that the U.S. Federal Government is involved in such geophysical manipulation of our weather patterns.

As such, one must wonder if the recent Japanese earthquake was caused by such artificial means?

And if so, which government should be held responsible for this crime against humanity?

The U.S. Federal Government maintains the *HAARP antenna array in Alaska. This array is capable of introducing massive amounts of electricity into the ionosphere, which can be used to cause such geophysical manipulation of the weather.

This as well as disasters which on the surface appear to be caused by natural means: tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis..

So is Japan the latest victim of such geophysical manipulation of the weather?

* Brookhaven Laboratories in Long Island, New York is also said to maintain an HAARP antenna array with similar capabilities to that of the Alaskan HAARP system. Moreover, one must wonder how many of these electronic warfare installations there are in the United States alone. And how many other countries are using such facilities for the purpose of geophysical manipulation of the weather? This, in spite of the fact that many governments have signed agreements prohibiting them from using such weaponry, which means that the technology to artificially manipulate the weather does in fact exist.
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