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Journalist Bob Cox States That The New Rochelle Police Department Has Declared It Open Season On Journalists - They Refuse To Investigate Death Threat

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  • Death Threat Against Bob Cox

    Police Corruption In New York

    In yet another of myriad examples which illustrate how the police in the United States are being used to intimidate journalists in order to control what they write, a New Rochelle alternative journalist named Bob Cox reports having received a death threat against his person regarding a story he'd written about.

    When he contacted the New Rochelle, NY Police Department, Cox's complaint was ignored, as what now appears to be punishment for stories he'd written in the past about a gambling-porn Internet site being run by certain New Rochelle Police Officers.

    Another example of the type of abject hypocrisy that we see coming from the police, including the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

    * In the late 1980's, this author was visiting a friend who lived in the City of New Rochelle. I had parked my automobile in an area which allowed for unmetered parking after a certain hour of the evening. However, when I returned a few hours later, my car was gone. I went back to my friend's home to recount what had happened and he suggested that I call the New Rochelle, Police Department.

    I did so, only to find that my car had been towed by them. When I arrived at the impound lot, I waited on line to pay for my car, when the officer on duty stated that there was an arrest warrant out for a person by the same name as this author. My friend said that New Rochelle cops were known for their intimidation tactics and "messing with people's minds."

    Little did I realize at the time, that the *FBI was responsible for my car being towed, as they have been for myriad other crimes perpetrated against this author, as part of decades of COINTELPRO. I am also certain that my car was parked legally, and that it should never have been towed away by the New Rochelle PD.

    * It could have been worse: the FBI could have blown my car up the way that they did Judi Bari's in 1990, during a COINTELPRO operation that the FBI was waging against the EarthFirst! activist at the time. However, the FBI would find equally vicious ways in which to demonize this author through the use of fabricated information and the most precedent setting violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever documented. A situation in which the FBI will never admit to their crimes, but will instead depend on the use of such propaganda to obscure them.

    This offers further proof that the FBI and NSA were illegally spying upon my person via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, as far back as the 1970's and 1980's, as well as the myriad of other people with whom I have spoken in that time, thus violating the inherent rights to privacy of all of these people under the 4Th Amendment.

  • "New Rochelle Police Department Declares Open Season on Journalists; Refuses to Investigate Death Threat"

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