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The NSA's Covert Use Of Synthetic Telepathy Deployed Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network .. When Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own....

  • Another Scandal To Rock The FBI - Allegations That The FBI Took Over A San Francisco Organized Crime Operation And Ran It Independently For Months - Sounds Similar To Operation Swordfish, Where FBI & DEA Agents Took Proceeds Seized From Drug Operations & Under The Pretense Of Catching Drug Dealers, Went Into The Drug Business Skimming Profits For Themselves, As Well As Collusion Between The FBI & CIA To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Brownstone Operations (Sex-Blackmail Stings) Which Was Exposed By Former Texas Madam Robin Head - Moreover, Given The FBI's Division 5 History Of COINTELPRO And Rampant Criminal Activity Which Involves Everything From Extortion To Murder, Such Crimes Committed By The Bureau Should Be Of No Surprise To Anyone


    "Telepathy has come a long way since the early days of research. Russian telepaths have made massive advances in the biophysical and electronic spheres of research, while the US military in all probability already has a fully-functioning synthetic telepathy system.

    The head of US Special Forces, Major-General Schaknow, made the first public revelations about synthetic telepathy during a July 1992 lecture at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Certainly, the mechanisms by which synthetic telepathy might operate are well within the capabilities of US military technology. Without being limited by qualms or ethical concerns, the military is almost certain to have developed *synthetic telepathy in a usable form and deployed it against internal 'subversives' such as militia members and black activists.

    It seems that your own thoughts may no longer be private. Worse still, your own thoughts might not be your own.

    George Orwell's 1984 might be utopia compared to the police state of the mind which agents of the New World Order are building under our very noses."

    Electronic Warfare Expert

    Dr. Tim Rifat

    * Editor's Note: According to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA has deployed a system which utilizes synthetic telepathy in order to remotely read the minds of the U.S. population. The name of the system is the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and according to Akwei, it was deployed on a national scale within the United States in the early 1980's, and in violation of the United States Bill of Rights.

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  • Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei Files A Federal Lawsuit Against The NSA To Expose A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States, Secretly Implemented By The NSA In 1981, Only To Have His Lawsuit Dismissed By A Corrupt Federal Judge Who Once Served As General Counsel For The CIA

  • The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author Continues

    The FBI COINTELPRO against this author's Family has become nearly as aggressive as the one which the FBI and NSA have been perpetrating against my person for the past several decades.

    The FBI's control over Family members involves everything from the Bureau's illegal spying on these people to the use of coercion and covert brainwashing of their persons. Coercion can take many different forms and be perpetrated in a number of different venues.

    Regular participants that the FBI uses in its attack on this author include neighbors who have in some way been compromised; this author knows of at least two whom the FBI has been able to take control of, because these people had hidden forms of income which the FBI seized on as an opportunity to use as coercion against them.

    And in exchange for not contacting the IRS or attempting to prosecute these people for tax evasion, the FBI has instead used these people to take part in the psychological warfare operation that the Bureau continues to perpetrate against this author and my Family.

    In fact, under the Patriot Act, the FBI has been turning entire communities within the United States into such squads of vigilantes, who are used in vicious psychological warfare operations which the Bureau deploys against those whom the FBI intends to murder in plausibly deniable way; since the Bureau cannot legally prosecute these people.

    Those who refuse to go along willingly with this criminal conspiracy, are subjected to the FBI's character assassinations, and any criminal penalties which the FBI threatens to impose - whether the crimes are real, or fabricated.

    The FBI also uses the inner circle of people who are (or once were) close to the target (TI) of the Bureau's COINTELPRO black operations, in order to deploy some of this psychological warfare; each person is given a specific list of psychological triggers which are then used to adversely affect the TI or members of the TI's Family, and then assigned the task of inserting them into conversations which take place within the vicinity of the targeted person.

    The FBI's objective is to destroy the minds of those it targets through such repeated abuses, while the Bureau's agents remain immune from prosecution for committing such crimes.

    Further evidence which serves to prove that the FBI has no legitimate oversight, and that FBI agents are able to commit their crimes without concern for being held accountable for them.

    This has led to the abject corruption which many former FBI agents have stated is occurring within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and which has nullified the FBI as a crime fighting organization.

    Furthermore, the E-mail accounts of Family members who are related to those targeted for such COINTELPRO operations, are also oftentimes targeted for such electronic subterfuge, because they offer the FBI's misanthropes an effective means in which to cause psychological harm to these persons, since these accounts can be used to receive E-mails which incorporate psychological triggers that in some way correspond to the targeted person; and which the FBI agents, themselves, have distributed through their covert network - which in the modern day has been dubbed by targets of such duplicity as the "social network."

    A covert system of communication between the FBI and its squads of vigilantes, which is used in much the same way that Hitler used his Brown Shirt youth groups in the 1930's, in order to communicate within their inner sanctum, while spying upon the public, and snitching out anyone of interest.

    This is the best illustration of the shadow dicatorship which is currently in control of the United States.

    This is also how Hitler managed to single out and round up the Jewish population in Germany at the time. And with the help of the Hollerith Machine, which was created by IBM. IBM is presently involved in research which involves technology that is being developed to spy domestically.

    This current means of such unconstitutional spying is being orchestrated in a myriad of ways, including through the use of such "social networks" in the United States, and used for the same nefarious purpose as Hitler's Brown Shirts.

    And by government agents who are just as evil as Hitler and the Gestapo were.

    Regarding the FBI's use of E-mail accounts for the purpose of such psychological warfare operations, the aforementioned inner circle associated with the targeted individual, becomes so brainwashed by the FBI, that any E-mail which they send to the account of a member of the targeted person's Family, is in some way associated with the targeted individual.

    However, since the targeted person's name is never actually mentioned, such manipulations of these E-mail accounts serve as a plausible way in which to perpetrate psychological warfare, in order to demonize the targeted person, while denying that these crimes are taking place.

    This is one of the best examples of the brainwashing component and its application in the use of psychological warfare, ever documented.

    In some instances, these psyops can take place on a daily basis for years, while the FBI feeds information (or in most instances disinformation) to people who act as nothing but accomplices to the FBI's crimes, and egregious violations of the Constitutional rights of the persons whom the FBI is committing these crimes against.

    This becomes most notable in instances where the persons being targeted for such attacks are also unwitting targets of government orchestrated non consensual human experimentation.

    Especially when these persons suddenly learn that they have been targeted for crimes which involve their use in non consensual human experimentation and the egregious violations of the rights to privacy that all Americans are by law entitled to.

    In the instance of this author, I have been used as target of the National Security Agency's wireless brain-scanning technology (fMRI) for several decades, and over the past several years learned about a federal lawsuit which was filed by a former NSA Agent against the NSA, which implicates the Agency in the secret implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States, which began in 1981.

    This is the most outrageous violation of the American people's right to privacy under the 4Th Amendment in U.S. History. And it has been completely whitewashed by the U.S. Judiciary, The Congress and the White House.

    The agent who filed this precedent setting lawsuit, John St. Clair Akwei, attempted to expose this scandal by filing suit against the NSA in 1992.

    However, the lawsuit was assigned to a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who made certain that Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA was dismissed before a federal jury could learn of Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; the technology which the NSA has used to electronically brain fingerprint American citizens, and which can be utilized to instantly target and track any American citizen without their knowledge or consent.

    Moreover, prior to becoming a judge, Stanley Sporkin had served as the head attorney for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and from many of his actions as a judge, was used by the CIA as well as other Intelligence agencies, to obstruct justice on many occasions.

    The FBI's Use Of Blackmail To Create Accomplices

    The FBI also uses whatever compromising information (including fabrication of evidence) it can, in order to control those around a person being targeted for a COINTELPRO operation, who then become unwilling pawns of the Bureau, since the FBI can use the fact that these people have taken part in the violation of another person's civil liberties anytime the FBI decides to, in order to further control them, or prosecute them.

    The end result is a Catch 22, since those who are blackmailed by the FBI into taking part in such crimes, either participate in them, or become subjected to whatever threats the FBI uses in which to intimidate them.

    And if these people suspect that the FBI is bluffing and refuse to acquience to the Bureau's demands, then the FBI can always subject them to the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, which has become a national plague in the United States of America; one orchestrated by the U.S. Intelligence community.

    However, since these crimes are plausibly deniable, you have as much chance of getting the Intel community to admit to them, as you would getting them to admit that UFO's and EBE's are real - even though most Americans have now arrived at this conclusion on their own, based on the fact that literally millions of Americans have seen UFO craft, and thousands have been abducted by them.

    As for the outrageous spying that the FBI has been allowed to get away with, this is the abject wickedness of the FBI's existence - it's ability to violate with complete impunity, the right to privacy under the 4Th Amendment of any American citizen, who can then be blackmailed by the Bureau into being used as a pawn to carry out the FBI's crimes.

    The FBI's crimes against these people, as well as its brainwashing of their persons (in order to utilize these victims of the FBI's into aiding and abetting the Bureau's criminal activities), is on par in regard to mental cruelty, with anything that Adolph Hitler and his Gestapo did to the Jews during the Holocaust.

    The FBI has proven itself to be nothing less than an Americanized version of this Gestapo, while committing some of the most despicable crimes against the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights ever documented.

    The FBI is also getting away with destroying the very fabric of the American Family, through its gestapo tactics, while being protected by the defacto Constitution in America - The Draconian Patriot Act.

    A piece of the most treasonous legislation imaginable, and which has been used to destroy the American people's freedom. And under the pretense of protecting Americans from a bogus war on terrorism which was in fact created for the express purpose of destroying the United States Constitution.

    However, the FBI is finally gaining the type of notoriety that this cancer on America has long deserved. And this adverse publicity is going to eventually lead to the FBI's abolition, since few if any Americans believe anything that this upper echelon crime syndicate has to say, and the greatest expositers of this crime syndicate are those who once worked for the FBI, and later blew the whistle on its rampant criminality.

    Moreover, a recent lawsuit by CAIR and the ACLU against the FBI, and in regard to the Bureau's attacks on the Muslim community, now encourages Muslims to refuse to answer questions asked by FBI agents, since the FBI is clearly seeking to entrap Muslim Americans as part of the bogus war on terror in the United States.

    * In fact, on several occasions the FBI has been caught fabricating information in order to justify its illegal spying on Muslim Americans.

    This is a further example of the American people's complete disdain for an organization that has never functioned credibly as a police force, but instead been used to destroy the inherent rights that every American citizen is entitled to by law.

    The FBI is a complete and utter disgrace as law enforcement, and a threat to the privacy and right to due process of law of every person living within the United States.

    And if the FBI is not abolished by the United States Congress as it should have been from the day of its inception, since the FBI has never had a legislative charter, the American people, themselves, will simply disregard the Bureau as the Muslim community is now doing; particularly if the FBI is spying illegally, and interfering in situations in which the FBI has no legal jurisidiction.

    Something the FBI has a history of doing.

    As for the Bureau's continued attempts to both demonize and murder this author, it is the FBI as well as the NSA who are now being demonized by an American citizenry, who are gradually awakening to the fact that they have been electronically brain fingerprinted as part of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States, and treated as nothing more than heads of cattle.

    And by a group of the most inhumane psychopaths who've ever walked the face of this planet, and who are willingly participating in the destruction of the United States of America and her people -- The House of Rothschild and the hierarchy within U.S. Federal Government, which includes its three branches, as well as the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex, all of whom are not only financed, but also controlled by the House of Rothschild through its Federal Reserve Communist central bank.

    It is the Rothschilds who remain the genesis for the destruction of the American people and our Constitutional Republic, as well as our system of currency.

    - James F. Marino
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