Friday, March 11, 2011

Did Charlie Sheen Sign His Own Death Warrant After Filing A $100 Million Lawsuit Against Warner Brothers Earlier Today?

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  • Charlie Sheen On Warner Brothers' Hitlist?

    After this author writes an article regarding Charlie Sheen's recent filing of a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Warner Brothers, the FBI and NSA electronically interfere with the article by disabling Blogger's editor save feature - and the article is lost.

    This is an example of the electronic warfare that the Intel community has been perpetrating against this author for decades. There is no rule of law because the Intel community is the one breaking the law.

    As for Charlie Sheen, the gist of this article was that Warner Brothers likely had actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, murdered over the span of five months, as the result of Warner Brothers' choosing another actress to do the voice-over which Murphy was originally chosen for, when a slanderous piece of gossip cost her the role.

    Murphy publicly accused Warner Brothers of impropriety when they refused to allow her to do the movie Happy Feet, which became an overnight success at the box office.

    The actress may well have been planning to sue the company at the time of her mysterious death.

    Moreover, shortly after Murphy's death, her husband, British director Simon Monjack, filed a wrongful death suit against Warner Brothers (just in time to interfere with the release of the sequel to Happy Feet - Happy Feet 2), when he also suddenly died under mysterious circumstances.

    Both actors were in their thirties at the time.

    According to actor Randy Quaid, actors who have fallen out of favor with Hollywood's production studios are being targeted for the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, in order to murder them so that the millions of dollars which they have earned throughout their careers can be stolen from them. Quaid and his wife have been targets of organized stalking for years, and have reported that much of the 40 million that Randy has earned throughout his career has been stolen from them.

    Charlie Sheen's recent lawsuit against Warner Brothers may have now placed him at the top of their hit list; a situation in which because of his years of drug addiction, Sheen could easily be murdered by way of a directed energy weapon's attack, while his death can be explained plausibly, as damage from his years of drug abuse.

    The Zionists in Hollywood have always overlooked Charlie Sheen's shortcomings because he has made them millions, but now that he has turned on them by filing a 100 million dollar lawsuit against Warner Brothers and Two and A Half Men's creator, has Sheen unwittingly signed his own death warrant?

    The media is already abuzz with the rumour that Charlie Sheen is suicidal over the recent loss of custody of his twin sons (even though the mother of the two boys has now agreed that they can live with Sheen with certain provisions). So is the media now being used to lay the ground work for the murder of an infamous actor, which will be made to appear as a suicide?

    Given the total corruption of the society that we are living in today, it appears that anything is now possible, including the complete perversion of law enforcement, and the total subservience of the media system, to a crime syndicate that secretly governs this entire planet, through its counterfeiting and laundering of bogus currencies. This as well as its ability to indebt the governments of virtually every nation on this planet to its charlatan leadership - while enslaving their citizens through the use of illegal systems of taxation, which are used by the wealthy, as covert forms of class warfare against the middle class populations of these countries.

    Add to this, a national brain fingerprinting program which was secretly implemented against the American people in the early 1980's, and you have the seeds for civil rebellion.

    - James F. Marino

    Editor's Note: After this author writes the following post I am subjected to another of the myriad directed energy weapons' attacks that the FBI and NSA have perpetrated against my person for the past few decades, while using this author as a target of non consensual human experimentation via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Earlier post:

    Over the past decade alone, the FBI regularly abuses its use of the United States Mail, as part of the psychological warfare operation that the Bureau perpetrates against this author. This has resulted in at least 100 pieces of mail intentionally being incorrectly delivered to this author's residence, over the past decade.

    And since it is a felony to in any way tamper with the U.S. Mail, the FBI has routinely committed the crime of mail fraud, since by having the postman intentionally deliver an incorrect piece of mail, which is to serve as a psychological trigger, qualifies as improper use of the U.S. Mail, as well as improper use of a U.S. Government employee.

    This also delays the delivery of the piece of mail to the proper recipient.

    Another *example of the FBI's abject chicanery, and the fact that this squad of Communist refuse is making up its own rules now, and at the expense of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    * There are myriad examples of the FBI's covert manipulation of this situation, including the fact that the FBI coerces Family members and others whom this author is in contact with, to often stage conversations with this author which are used in an attempt to place the FBI is a positive light. This, plus the fact that since 2003, our cable TV line has been used to deliver psychological warfare programming to our home 24 hours a day, which uses the type of TIVO delivery system which can freeze the program at a specific point, so that we see whatever the FBI wants us to see.

    It should also be noted that we don't subscribe to TIVO and are not able to control this programming in such ways; however these FBI criminals most certainly can.

    Moreover, when this author mentions many of the situations in which the FBI has committed crimes against Americans, these people conveniently ignore the fact that the FBI is committing crimes - an illustration of the brainwashing which this author's Family remains subjected to, as well as those who act as provocateurs for the FBI.

    These Family members are victims of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, and remain coerced by the Bureau, out of fear that the FBI may in some way harm them if they refuse to cooperate with those agents who are committing these crimes against us.

    The FBI's vicious psychological abuse of these Family members has taken its toll, and there is now serious question as to how much longer they can handle this abuse, at the hands of agents and a community of vigilante hate mongers who have become an absolute cancer on the human race.

    The component which has historically enabled the FBI to perpetrate these crimes throughout its history, is denial. Every person who takes part in these crimes - including the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking - denies that these crimes are taking place.

    Moreover, those who are coerced by the FBI, after having been subjected to the Bureau's violations of their inherent rights, are also forced to deny that these crimes are taking place.

    And as long as the FBI and its provocateurs deny what they are doing, they can continue to perpetrate these crimes with total impunity, because as long as they deny them, they are also able to deny that they are violating the Constitutional rights of those persons whom they are conducting these psychological warfare operations against.

    Specifically, the Bureau's violations of the rights to privacy as well as to due process of law.

    It has taken this author years of being subjected to such abuse, and witnessing the psychological abuse that the FBI has subjected my Family to, to build up the abject contempt that I have for the FBI, however, this contempt is well deserved.

    And this piece of Communist garbage should be abolished with extreme prejudice.

    The Federal Bureau Of Investigation is a filthy whore of the House of Rothschild, whose prostitutes continue to desecrate the United States Constitution under the guise of a war on terror, which is not only an outright fraud, but the worst false flag operation in human history.

    These agents have sold the American people out for a paycheck.

    These so called agents are TRAITORS!

    Moreover, the FBI has been turned into yet another of the Intelligence community's cesspools of disinformation, torture and murder. A genuine stinking cancer on the American people and the rest of the human race.

    It is also true from the testimony of many FBI whistleblowers (including several former agents of the Bureau), that FBI agents will use such despicable tactics in which to mentally torture their victims until they commit suicide, making these miserable excuses for a federal police force nothing but incarnated evil.

    Many former FBI agents (those who could not survive within the FBI because they actually have a conscience) are also being subjected to such gestapo tactics in efforts to drive them to the commission of suicide, while the U.S. Department Of Justice, the Congress, and the White House completely ignore the fact that the FBI is murdering people.

    Not only should the plug be pulled on this Hooverized gestapo, but every agent who has taken part in such crimes should be tried before an international war crimes tribunal, for their torture and murder of American citizens; those Americans, whose blood these reprobates will never be able to wash from their filthy hands.

    Damn every stinking one of these treasonous lowlife maggots.

    They are nothing but a pack of predatory murderers.

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