Monday, March 28, 2011

Authors G. Edward Griffin & Eustace Mullins Expose The American Medical Association's Fraudulent War On Cancer

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  • Why Sloan Kettering Hospital

    Really Uses Deadly Radiation Treatments

    The Drug Trust's Murder Of The Sick

    While Making Billions In Profits

    "In 1909, the railroad magnate, E. H. Harriman (whose fortune, like that of the Rockefellers, had been funded entirely with Rothschild money funneled to him by Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Co.) died of cancer. His family then formed the Harriman Research Institute. In 1917, the scion of the family, W. Averell Harriman, abruptly decided to go into politics, or rather, to manage our political parties from behind the scenes. The Institute was suddenly shut down.

    Its financial backing was then transferred to Memorial Hospital. The principal backer of the hospital at that time was James Douglas, (1837-1918). He was chairman of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, whose heiress in 1853, Melissa Phelps Dodge, had been the initial backer of what eventually became Memorial Hospital. She had married a dry goods merchant named William Dodge, who used the Phelps fortune to become a giant in copper production.

    The Dictionary of National Biography describes James Douglas as "the dean of mining and metallurgical properties." He owned the richest copper mine in the world, the Copper Queen Lode. Born in Canada, he was the son of Dr. James Douglas, a surgeon who became head of the Quebec Lunatic Asylum. His son joined the Phelps-Dodge Company in 1910, later becoming its chairman.

    Because he had discovered extensive pitchblende deposits on his Western mining properties, he became fascinated with radium.

    In collaboration with the Bureau of Mines, a government agency which he, for all practical purposes, controlled, he founded the National Radium Institute.

    His personal physician was a Dr. James Ewing (1866-1943). Douglas offered to give Memorial Hospital $100,000, but there were several conditions.

    One was that the hospital must hire Dr. Ewing as its chief pathologist; the second was that the hospital must commit itself to treating nothing but cancer, and that it would routinely use, radium in its cancer treatments. The hospital accepted these conditions.

    With Douglas' money behind him, Ewing soon became head of the entire hospital. Douglas was so convinced of the benefits of radium therapy that he used it frequently on his daughter, who was then dying of cancer; on his wife; and on himself, exposing his family to radium therapy for the most trivial ailments. Because of Douglas' prominence, the New York Times gave a great deal of publicity to the new radium treatment for cancer. The journalist headlined his story with a page one headline, 'Radium Cure Free for All.'

    The claim was made that 'not one cents worth of radium will be for sale,' Douglas was greatly annoyed by this statement, and on October 24, 1913, he had the Times run a correction. He was quoted as follows, 'All this story about humanity and philanthropy is foolish. I want it understood that I shall do what I like with the radium that belongs to me.' This was a rare glimpse of the true nature of the 'philanthropist.' His rivals in this field, Rockefeller and Carnegie, always give away their money with no strings attached. With this assurance, they were able to stealthily establish their secret power over the nation. Douglas had revealed the true nature of our 'philanthropists.'"

    -Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection"

  • The Drug Trust - Another Version Of Murder Incorporated - How The Rothschild-Rockfeller Connection To The Drug Trust In The United States Has Allowed For The Murder Of Millions Of Cancer Patients, In What Can Only Be Seen As A Covert Form Of Genocide

  • Download The Book "World Without Cancer" In PDF Format Here

  • Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection" - The FBI Had This Book Deleted From The Scrib'd Self Publishing Website After This Author Recommended It On My Website, And Will Likely Now Do The Same With The Copy Of This Book Which Is Published On - So Read It While You Can, Since It Reveals The Criminally Negligent Frauds That Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, The American Medical Association, The National Cancer Institute, And American Cancer Society Really Are - All Conspirators In A Furtive Genocidal Plot To Murder Millions Of Cancer Patients For Profit
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