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House Of Rothschild Seeking To Turn The United States Into A Cashless Society With The Removal Of The Dollar & Implementation Of Electronic Currency

  • Statements Which John St. Clair Akwei Made In His 1992 Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency Which Implicate The NSA In Secretly Implementing A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States, As Well As Using American Citizens For Non Consensual Forms Of Human Experimentation

  • Former U.S. Federal Judge Stanley Sporken, Used By The National Security Agency To Cover Up A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States, By Preventing John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA From Being Heard - Sporken Remains An Asset Of The U.S. Intelligence Community, By Derailing Legitimate Lawsuits Against Agencies Like The CIA & NSA - As It Turns Out Sporken Was Once General Counsel To The CIA, Which In More Than One Instance Became A Conflict Of Interest In Court Cases That He Presided Over In The 1980's

  • The End Of The U.S. Dollar
    The "New" Electronic Currency
    The U.S. Amero

    - Author James F. Marino

    As more Americans continue to understand that a plan fomented in which to destroy the United States of America more than three centuries ago, by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, is presently being carried out through the destruction of the U.S. economy, and by way of the Rothschilds' Communist central bank in America, the Federal Reserve System, these Americans will gradually realize that they have been deceived by the Federal Reserve System into believing that the Fed's worthless paper currency has value, when in reality it represents nothing but debt - since it is not based on anything of intrinsic value, such as gold or silver.

    As this continues to occur and Americans realize that precious metals such as gold bullion, silver and platinum are the only legitimate means of purchasing power that will exist in the future (aside from barter), their intent will be to purchase as much of these metals as possible.

    For instance, Americans will be purchasing as much gold as their U.S. dollars can buy, which will create a dramatic increase in the demand for gold, as well as a meteoric rise in gold's price over the next year or so, while destroying what few cents in buying power the dollar presently represents.

    As such, paper currency will be removed from the United States, and replaced with an electronic currency which will be called the Amero.

    Moreover, it is estimated that an ounce of gold will increase in value from around $1000 an ounce at present to as much as four or five thousand dollars an ounce between 2011 and 2012.

    Who controls most of the gold on this planet? The House of Rothschild does, through its global central banking cartel, which over the past two centuries has been used to loot much of the gold from the treasuries of the respective countries which the Rothschilds have established their Communist central banks in, including the United States of America.

    In other words, the Rothschilds are playing international arbitrage with the gold that they have looted from the countries in which they established their Communist central banks.

    Moreover, the Rothschilds' devaluation of the U.S. Dollar first began in 1933 when they used Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential Administration in which to make it a crime for Americans to use gold as legal tender.

    Roosevelt passed the Gold Confiscation Act which was used to seize the remaining gold from the American people, which was confiscated by the Federal Reserve Bank in 1933.

    As such, since 1933 the American people have been used to launder the Federal Reserve System's counterfeited currency, since this currency is not based on gold bullion, or anything else that has intrinsic value.

    Moreover, the value of the U.S. Dollar has been nothing but a perceived value since that time. And because it is nothing but a perceived value, the Federal Reserve has been able to artificially manipulate the U.S. economy through its use of inflationary and deflationary cycles, by either tightening or loosening credit whenever the Fed decides to.

    After more than eighty years of such artificial manipulation of the U.S. economy, even the perceived value of the U.S. dollar (which was worth 100 cents in 1933), is now worth about three cents.

    Moreover, the U.S. dollar will soon lose its reserve currency status, and as such will be replaced by an electronic currency called the Amero, effectively making the United States of America (or what's left of it) a cashless society.

    The "new" global reserve currency will likely be the European Euro. However, since the Euro is also a currency created by a Rothschild central bank, it is also a worthless piece of paper based on nothing of intrinsic value, and will like the U.S. dollar, eventually lose what little perceived value this currency presently has.

    And so will any Rothschild currency which is not based on the gold standard.

    As for the Amero, that three cents worth of dollar bill that you once had in your wallet, you'll now have to electronically access from the branch of a Rothschild controlled central bank, which will be able to electronically turn off your account anytime they decide to, and for any reason they care to use; while leaving you without money for the basic necessities in life, such as food, clothing, and shelter.

    The barter system is looking better all the time.

    The U.S. States Come To The Rescue

    In this author's opinion, there are millions of Americans who now understand that the House of Rothschild controls the United States Federal Government and its media system, through the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve central bank, and that they are now seeking to secede from the U.S. Federal Government.

    It is also this author's opinion that the following event will take place within this decade or the next:

    There are presently about 25 U.S. States that are seeking ways in which to secede from the U.S. Federal Government, citing a complete lack of trust in its leadership.

    In the coming years, this number will grow to a majority of U.S. States which will then use each State's sovereign authority in order to create a new federal government based on the constitutional republic that our founding fathers had been attempting to build upon, when the House of Rothschild gradually began infiltrating the United States; first with their original central bank, The First Bank Of The United States; then with their second central bank, The Second Bank Of The United States; and finally the central bank that the Rothschilds would ultimately succeed in using to infiltrate the United States Federal Government - the Federal Reserve System banking cartel.

    This new U.S. Federal Government will then declare the Rothschilds' bogus government to be null and void, and will then use their power in which to dissolve the old Federal Government as well as the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service - both of which have been used in order to conduct a covert form of class warfare on America's middle class.

    This new Federal Government will be a much smaller and effectively controlled government, which maintains the Constitutional checks and balances that have been completely lost in the present government in America.

    This new government will also have much greater transparency than the present government in the United States, and the concept of National Security will not be perverted as it has been, so that in the future government officials who commit crimes under the color of law, will no longer be able to conceal them under the cover of National Security.

    This will be especially important regarding the types of horrendous crimes being committed by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, which are presently being hidden from the American people under the cover of National Security - including the clandestine electronic brain fingerprinting program which the NSA secretly implemented in the United States in 1981 after Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12333, which gave the U.S. Intelligence community sweeping new unconstitutional powers in which to spy domestically.

    Something that former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei was attempting to expose in his 1992 lawsuit against the National Security Agency, which the Agency used Judge Stanley Sporken to derail.

    With the resurrection of our Constitutional Republic, the American people will once again have a government composed of public servants who represent the "will of the people" instead of the present government of Rothschild controlled criminals who represent the House of Rothschild and its corporate interests in the United States.

    And the protectors of the United States will be comprised of a well regulated militia as the U.S. Constitution calls for, while eschewing the type of duplicitous and evil minded Intelligentsia which currently pollutes the United States; those organizations whom through their evil machinations and deep secrecy have unfairly made the American middle class the most hated people on the face of this planet.

    So do you still think that the House of Rothschilds' conspiracy in which to destroy the United States, while creating a New World Order one world government is only a myth? It's not.

    Also remember the following 1862 quote by the Times Of London daily newspaper, which reflected the House of Rothschilds' concern that if it was allowed to succeed, the North American Republic's (The United States of America) debt free status and free enterprise, would destroy ever monarchy on the face of this planet.

    It was this concern that led the Rothschilds to set the wheels in motion for the destruction of the United States of America, by establishing a central bank in the United States, so that they could take control our of money supply and economy, while furtively subverting the U.S. Federal Government; which the House of Rothschild finally succeeded in doing with the creation of their third and only successful Communist central bank, the Federal Reserve System.

    "That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

    - Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

    The following books are the best ever written on the House of Rothschild and its Zionist leadership; those who operate under the most successful and powerful crime syndicate in human history, known as the Illuminati.

    There are a myriad of books and articles that have been written on the House of Rothschild and its Illuminati creation, however, this author believes that the following two should be considered as "survival manuals" for the coming New World Order, in understanding how the global population has arrived at a point where they are, without exaggeration, teetering on the brink of the worst disaster this planet has ever seen. What is their worst enemy?

    Their own ignorance...

    And all because of the House of Rothschild - a cadre of the most foul and evil subhuman excrement that has ever walked the face of this earth.

  • "Final Warning" The History Of The Illuminati - Author David Allen Rivera

  • "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins

  • ************************

    The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

    The following statement was excerpted from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Website. It describes how the Rothschilds' representatives in different countries are intentionally holding the price of gold down, in order to maintain the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency; even though the dollar is virtually worthless, and will definitely be replaced within the next year, if not earlier.

    "The gold reserves of the United States have not been fully and independently audited for half a century.

    Now there is proof that those gold reserves and those of other Western nations are being used for the surreptitious manipulation of the international currency, commodity, equity and bond markets.

    The Federal Reserve's General Counsel, J. Virgil Mattingly, acknowledged as much when he told the Federal Open Market Committee on January 31, 1995, that the Treasury Department's Exchange Stabilization Fund had undertaken gold swaps.

    Federal Reserve Chairman, Allan Greenspan acknowledged as much in testimony to Congress on July 24, 1998, when he said that ' central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise.'

    Barrick Gold Corp. acknowledge as much in a filing in U.S. District Court in New Orleans on February 28, 2003, asserting that the mining company was the instrument of the central banks in shorting the gold market.

    The Bank for International Settlements (the House Of Rothschilds' head central bank) acknowledged as much on June 27, 2005, when the head of its monetary and economic department, William S. White, declared at a convention of central bankers in Basel, Switzerland, that a major purpose of international central bank cooperation is 'the provision of international credits and joint efforts to influence asset prices - especially gold and foreign exchange.'

    Since last May the U.S. Treasury Department's weekly report of the government's international reserve position has cited loans and swaps from the U.S. gold reserves.

    Since 2004 four major international investment houses - Sprott Asset Management, Cheuvreux, Citigroup, and Redburn Partners -- have issued reports stating that Western central banks have been manipulating the gold market.

    The objective of this manipulation is to conceal the mismanagement of the U.S. dollar so that it might retain its function as the world's reserve currency. But to suppress the price of gold is to disable the barometer of the international financial system so that all markets may be more easily manipulated.

    This manipulation has been a primary cause of the catastrophic excesses in the markets that now threaten the the whole world.

    Gold's recent rise toward $900 per ounce shows that the price suppression scheme is faltering. When it is widely understood how central banks have been suppressing gold, its price may rise to $3000 or $5000 or more.

    Surreptitious market manipulation by government is leading the world to disaster.

    We want to expose it and stop it. "

    - The Gold Antitrust Action Committee (GATA)

    Also See:

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- "The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

    The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system.

    SDRs represent potential claims on the currencies of IMF members. They were created by the IMF in 1969 and can be converted into whatever currency a borrower requires at exchange rates based on a weighted basket of international currencies. The IMF typically lends countries funds denominated in SDRs

    While they are not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be used as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar."

    This article continues here:

  • International Monetary Fund suggests replacing the U.S. dollar with a new currency to be used as the world's new reserve currency

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    The Attack On Former Assistant HUD Secretary

    GATA Member - Catherine Austin Fitts

    "Catherine Austin Fitts is still trying to figure out what happened. Her company, Hamilton Securities, Inc., was the lead financial advisor to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Hamilton was hired to manage the sales of $10 billion worth of mortgages on houses, apartment buildings and nursing homes.

    By all accounts, Hamilton's new program was a resounding success. In fact, the HUD loan sales program team was even given a Hammer Award for Excellence in Re-engineering Government by Vice President Al Gore's Reinventing Government Initiative. By cutting red tape and improving the resale value of HUD owned mortgages, Hamilton Securities was a case study of a public-private partnership that saved US taxpayers lots of money. Until... The firm was ambushed by a series of lawsuits, audits and unsubstantiated rumors which destroyed the business."

  • BUSHWHACKED: HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard - by Uri Dowbenko - What really happened to Hamilton Securities & Why The Mainstream Media In The United States Has Been Told To Ignore It

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  • Egyptian Torturers Were Trained By The U.S. Federal Bureau Of Investigation

  • Why Did The Federal Reserve System Recently Help North Korea To Launder Money? Was The Federal Reserve Passing On Its Expertise In How This House Of Rothschild Counterfeiter And Money Launderer Has Been Able To Get Away With This Federal Crime Since 1914?

  • The FBI's Unabomb Charade - How The FBI Intimidated A Publisher Into Backing Out Of Publishing A Book Which Exposed The FBI's Collusion With The U.S. Media In Framing Ted Kaczynski, While Denying Him His Constitutional Right To Due Process Of Law

  • A Book Which Proves That During The 1940's And '50's, When The U.S. Federal Government Had Publicly Stated That UFO's And Alien Beings Did Not Exist, That Government Agencies Including The FBI As Well As The U.S. Military - Specifically The U.S. Air Force - Were Collecting And Concealing Evidence From The Public (Including UFO Craft & The Remains Of Alien Beings Killed In UFO Crashes) Which Proves That UFO's & EBE's Do In Fact Exist - Sixty Years Of Government Deception

  • FBI Entrapment Schemes Lead To TSA Pat Downs - More On The FBI's "Dirty Deeds"

  • Former FBI Agent - Turned Government Whistleblower - Robert Levin, Exposes The FBI's High Flying Management As Nothing But An Upper Echelon Crime Syndicate, And States That The Black Files Which He Has Accumulated Against The FBI & Other Government Organizations, Are Going To Shock The American People - Moreover, Since Becoming A Whistleblower, Levin Has Now Become Hunted By The Bureau, While Being Subjected To The Type Of COINTELPRO Operations That The FBI & Other Intel Agencies Like The CIA & NSA Are Notorious For Perpetrating - These Attacks Also Include Those Made Via Directed Energy Weaponry, As Well As The Use Of Psychological Warfare Operations which Include The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking, As Well As The Outright Character Assassination, Perpetrated By This Squad Of Degenerate And Murderous Gestapo Thugs - FBI = Organized Crime

  • Defrauding America - Rampant Corruption Within The Department Of Justice And Federal Bureau Of Investigation

  • 2004 FBI Internal Report Shows That At Least 1000 FBI Agents Were Released From The FBI For Committing Crimes Which Included Attempted Murder

  • Entire Soccer Team Struck & Killed By Lightening - Fluke Or Geophysical Manipulation Of The Weather & A Covert Form Of Murder? As For Generating Lightening, Scientist Nicola Tesla (The Father Of Alternate Current {AC}) Was Using His Tesla Coils To Create 120 Foot Lightening Bolts Which Traveled Across His Manhattan Laboratory, More Than A Century Ago - Is It Any Wonder Why John Edgar Hoover Had The FBI Confiscate Tesla's Research Notes From His Apartment At The Plaza, The Day After The Scientist Died?

  • Jeopardy's All Time Money Winner, Ken Jennings Gets Beaten By An IBM Supercomputer - In This Author's Opinion, Jennings' Winning On Jeopardy Was Done By Way Of A Wireless Form Of Computer To Brain Interface, Which Allowed Jennings To Receive His Answers Via Remote Means - This Charade Was Then Used To Set The Stage For Jennings To Be Badly Beaten By An IBM Supercomputer Named Watson - The Motive - To Demean The Human Being While Aggrandizing The Computer - Any Target Of Voice To Skull Technology Knows That Computer Generated Information Can Be Electronically Implanted Into The Human Brain Without The Targeted Person's Even Realizing It

  • Realtors Used In The Vigilante Hate Crime

    Organized Stalking

    Editor's Note: The real estate profession is often used by the Intel community as part of the psychological warfare operation against a person being targeted for termination.

    Real Estate salespersons (or organized stalkers pretending to be such persons) are frequently used in such psychological warfare campaigns.

    Specifically, a real estate salesperson or broker, will cold canvas the home of such a target claiming that they have a buyer who is interested in the area that the organized stalking target is living in, and that the buyer is interested in the home of the targeted person.

    This is a covert way of saying that the targeted person is not wanted in the neighborhood and should leave. Moreover, it is illegal for a realtor to enter the property of a person whose home is not listed for sale, with the intent of soliciting that person.

    And in doing so, this salesperson risks having their real estate license either suspended or revoked by the governing board of realtors in their particular state.

    This salesperson may also put the license of the brokerage that employs them at risk. This is yet another example of the complete breakdown of the laws in the United States, and by those who consider themselves to be above such laws - starting with the Zionist controlled shadow government which operates behind the facade of a democratic republic, and its Intelligence community; those evil minded miscreants who are behind the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking and the destruction of the United States Constitution and America's middle class.

    Moreover, organizations like the FBI, CIA and NSA have a history of illegally spying upon and then infiltrating legitimate businesses in order to utilize them as fronts for money laundering and other crimes. It is such businesses that can also be used in order to perpetrate the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    Virtually any business or profession can be used in such ways.

    And the medical profession is no different. This author witnessed a Long Island physician being shaken down by the FBI and later blackmailed into closing his medical practice. The physician had once testified before the Senate Health Committee in regard to the American Medical Association's control over certain incompetent physicians who were misdiagnosing and oftentimes prescribing improper medical treatments to their patients. The American Medical Association then fomented a plan in which to destroy this physician's career, which ultimately involved the FBI.

    To this day this physician will not admit to the fact that the FBI had anything to do with the loss of his medical practice, even though he has publicly admitted that there was a criminal conspiracy fomented by the AMA in which to destroy his medical practice, which occurred in 2006.

    This doctor will also not admit to the fact that he was used by the FBI in an entrapment scheme against this author, in which this physician intentionally falsified a medical report, which gave a false diagnosis. This is another example of the utter lawlessness with which the FBI operates, and its use in corrupting those who are otherwise fairly honest in their business practices.

    If allowed to, the FBI would corrupt our entire society through the use of its illegal COINTELPRO operations, as has already begun with the propagation of the vigilantism of our communities in the United States, and the hate crime of organized stalking - which is clearly based on psychological warfare operations that are characteristic of the global military intelligence complex.
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