Sunday, February 20, 2011

Former Texas Madam Robin Head Exposes An FBI-CIA Scheme To Blackmail U.S. Politicians & Is Sent To Prison For 10 Years On Trumped Up Charges

  • Former CIA Agent Who Stated That Libya Was Not Responsible For The 1989 Bombing Of Pan American Flight 103 Over Lockerbie Scotland, Was Censured For Doing So - Many People Believe That The Bombing Of Flight 103 Was A CIA False Flag Operation Which Was Covered Up By The U.S. Department Of Justice - Present FBI Director Robert Mueller Is Said To Have First Hand Knowledge Of This Cover Up

  • Also See: Alleged Lockerbie Bomber Released Early Because The CIA Was Behind The Bombing Of Pan Am Flight 103

  • Robin Head Exposes FBI/CIA Scheme
    To Blackmail U.S. Politicians

  • Former Texas Madam Robin Head Exposes Collusion Within The U.S. Intelligence Community Involving A Scheme By The CIA, FBI And Other Agencies, In Order To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Brownstone Operations (Sex - Blackmail Stings) - The Purpose Is To Allow The Intel Community To Control The Careers Of These Politicians - Specifically How These Politicians Vote On Issues Which Involve The U.S. Intelligence Community's Interests In Gaining More Power & Obtaining Larger Annual Operating Budgets - This Subterfuge Results In A Government Of Politicians Who Are Afraid To Take The Intelligence Community On (Refusing To Pass Legislation Which Will Open An Investigation Into The Intelligence Community's Crimes) & Who Are Instead Used To Cover Up These Insidious Crimes

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  • "If the Iraqis Get Revenue Sharing, Exxon Gets Their Oil - George Bush's Land Mine" By RICHARD W. BEHAN - Behan Exposes The Real Purpose Of Iraq's Hydrocarbon Law & The Bush 43 Administration's Grab For Iraqi Oil Under The Pretense Of A Fraudulent War On Terror

  • "FBI Agents Arrested For Pedophilia - No Child Left Untouched" - Given the Frighteningly Large Number Of FBI Agents Who've Molested Children, Why Are FBI Agents Allowed To Investigate Cases Of Child Abuse?

  • "My Life As An American Jew Living In Racist Marxist Israel" - By Jacob Bernstein - Bernstein's Courageous Book Exposing The Hypocrisy Of Israel's Zionist Leadership & Rigid Class System, Would Result In His Being Murdered

  • Is Jeopardy's All Time Winning Champion An Unwitting Target Of A U.S. Intelligence Mind Control Research Operation? And Did Ken Jennings Maintain His Precedent Setting Record Of Wins On Jeopardy - (Something Which Defies Explanation Based On The Laws Of Probability And Statistics), By Receiving His Answers By Way Of Voice To Skull (V2K) Technology? A Wireless Form Of Computer To Brain Interface (Remote Neural Monitoring/Influencing Of The Brain) Which Intel Agencies Like The CIA & NSA Have Been Using On The U.S. Population For Decades - This Author Has Experienced Such Remote Thought Reading And Computer Generated Thought Implantation For Many Years As Have Myriad Other Targets Of Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation.

  • This Kind Of SQUID Isn't Edible - How The U.S. National Security Agency Uses Spy Satellites Equipped With Super Conducting Quantum Interference Devices In Which To Track The Unique Electromagnetic Field That Emanates From Your Own Brain

  • Why The Zionist Controlled U.S. Federal Government Cannot Afford To Allow The Late Osama Bin Ladin To Die - This Article Is The Most Frequently Tampered With On This Website Because It Stresses The Fact That Osama Bin Ladin Has Been Dead For Years & That His Persona Is Used By The U.S. Intelligence Community In Order To Perpetuate The Bush 43 Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror In America

  • Writer Richard W. Behan Exposes The Bush 43 Administration's Connection To The Zionist Think-Tank - The Project For A New American Century - And The Fact That Not Only Were The Attacks On 9-11-2001 An Inside Job, But That The Fraudulent War On Terror Is Being Used To Cover Up The Project For A New American Century's Intent To Steal Iraqi Oil Under The Pretense Of Attacking The Country In Search For Osama Bin Ladin - This Is Why The U.S. Intelligence Community Must Keep The Concept Of Osama Bin Ladin Alive In The U.S. Media As Well As To Maintain The Fraudulent War On Terror Propaganda In Order To Destroy The United States Constitution

  • A Washington Socialite Has An Affair With President John F. Kennedy, Tries To Convince Him To Base His Presidency On A Peaceful Agenda & To End The Vietnam War, And Gets Murdered For It - The Story Of CIA Murder Victim Mary Pinchot Meyer
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