Friday, February 11, 2011

An Excellent Example Of How The U.S. Media Is Used To Discredit Good Journalists

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  • In the following *video in which the late investigative journalist, Gary Webb, is being interviewed by a CSPAN reporter, Webb is speaking to a caller who is asking some important questions regarding the Iran Contra Affair, when her call is cut short by the reporter, who claims that he had accidentally disconnected her call.

    * This video was removed from YouTube a short time after this author embedded it on this Website. The same thing has happened with other videos which I have embedded which in some way exposed crimes being committed by some faction of the House of Rothschild global crime syndicate.

    However, in this particular instance, once I post that this video has been removed, it is then suddenly reinstated at YouTube; even though YouTube reports that the account of the person who posted this video had been suspended.

    This is typical of the gaslighting tactics that the FBI uses against a myriad of its COINTELPRO targets, and has used against this author for several decades, as part of one the longest COINTELPRO operations in American history.

    The intent of such psychological warfare tactics is to utilize covert means which are plausibly deniable, in order to drive the targeted person insane.

    If this occurs, then the FBI (or whatever Intel agency is involved in the use of such despicable tactics) can then claim that the person was mentally unstable, even if it was the FBI and its covert black operations that were responsible for driving this person into becoming mentally unstable.

    A minor example of such psywarfare tactics is illustrated below.

    A few weeks ago a video which contained an entire episode of the Avengers TV series, which focused on mind control experimentation, was quickly removed from YouTube after this author described the episode as a case of art imitating life, while stating that the Avengers TV Series was in fact used as a media vehicle for the British Intelligence community to secretly gauge public opinion in regard to classified technology which MI5 & MI6 were secretly using on Great Britain in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

    The video was then removed from YouTube as part of the type of gaslighting tactics which this author has been subjected to for more than a decade, and in complete violation of my inherent rights as an American citizen.

    Moreover, in the above video, when the CSPAN reporter claims to have "accidentally" cut off the female caller, the reporter is lying. This particular caller was well informed in regard to the crime syndicate which operates within the Zionist shadow government in the United States, and was cut off before she could involve Gary Webb in a stimulating conversation that would have enlightened this CSPAN program's listeners.

    The disconnect comes at 7:40 into the video. The CSPAN reporter then includes an email from an obvious CIA plant who refers to Gary Webb as a California conspiracy nut, in order to discredit the excellent reporting that Webb had done regarding the arms for drugs program which took place within the U.S. Intelligence community under the Reagan-Bush White House in the 1980's.

    Gary Webb was invited on this program for one reason and one reason only; so that he could be discredited. And this particular interview provides an excellent example of how the U.S media is controlled by the U.S. Intelligence community, as part of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird program of the late 1940's; a covert program which continues in the modern day, and is used in order to infiltrate the media system in the United States so that it serves as nothing but a tool of the Intel community's propaganda.

    The media has been carefully utilized in order to promulgate the 9-11 propaganda used to fuel this false flag operation, while attempting to destroy any one who knows that the terrorist attacks which destroyed the World Trade Center Towers and damaged the Pentagon on 9-11-2001, were perpetrated by factions within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

    And that the late Osama Bin Ladin, the Al Qaeda and the myriad other machinations propagated by this community of terrorists and disinformation artists, are nothing but red herrings which continue to be used in order to destroy the United States Constitution and the American people.

    Moreover, the Intel community's COINTELPRO attack against Gary Webb would begin with a vicious media assault used in which to destroy the investigative journalist's credibility, get him blackballed from the media profession, estranged from his Family, and ultimately end with Webb's being murdered in a made to appear as suicide.

    That is unless you can explain how a man who was found with two gunshot wounds to the back of his skull was able to commit suicide?
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