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Astral Traveller, Robert A. Monroe Describing His Out Of Body Experiences - The CIA Would Establish Ties To The Monroe Institute - One Must Wonder If This May Have Had Something To Do With The Cancer That Monroe's Daughter, Laurie, Died From In Her Early 50s?

Editor's Note: As an amateur UFOlogist, this author has always been interested in the paranormal, including - and especially - the accounts of those who have had first hand experiences with the supernatural.

Several years ago, I read two of the books written by the late Robert A. Monroe, who up until the time of his death was the foremost authority on astral travel (out of body experiences) in the world.

The way in which Monroe was able to leave his physical body at will and travel through myriad frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, far beyond the time space continuum, is absolutely fascinating.

Moreover, his ability to traverse time, moving both back in time as well as into the future, is one of the most interesting aspects of his out of body experiences.

It was these astral travels that would also attract the attention of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Both the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency would eventually utilize Monroe and his Hemi-Sync process in order to train agents in the arcane science of remote viewing.

Monroe also had several contracts with U.S. Army Intelligence.

An alliance that would last until Monroe's death in 1995.

The following is one of Robert Monroe's last interviews, describing some of his experiences with astral travel.

Robert Monroe's daughter. Laurie, took over control of the Monroe Institute after her father had died, and remained as the head of the Monroe Institute for a number of years, before dying of cancer.

Given the importance of Robert Monroe's work, and his close ties to the CIA, and his Hemi-Sync patent, this author has wondered if Laurie Monroe may have contracted cancer after being targeted by a microwave energy weapon?

In this author's opinion, there have been many people whom for one reason or another became an impediment for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and were murdered with plausible deniability, through the use of directed energy microwave weapons.

Was Laurie Monroe one of these people? And if so, who is in control of the Monroe Institute in the modern day? The CIA? If the Monroe Institute is now a front for the CIA, what has become of the patent for Monroe's Hemi Sync technology? Is that also now in the hands of the CIA?

- James F. Marino

Robert A. Monroe
Discusses His Out Of Body Experiences

The following has been excerpted from the COSMIC COINTELPRO Website:

"Robert Monroe: Had classified contracts with the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) on orders by Gen. Albert Stubblebine. The Institute studied their hemi-sync techniques to see if they could enhance soldiers' performance and concentration. (Emerson, Steven, Secret Warriors, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1988, pg 103-4)

The primary area of research at the Monroe Institute involves using a binaural beat to cause different psychological effects. A binaural beat is created by using stereo headphones with each speaker emitting a slightly different frequency. The result is a tone at the frequency between the two, which allegedly causes the brain to "entrain" on the frequency, i.e. the brain waves regulate themselves to the same frequency.

The National Research council evaluated the Institute's claims that the method could be used to improve learning. [National Research Council, Enhancing Human Performance, National Academy of Sciences, 1988, pg 111-4]

"..located near Charlottesville, Virginia. Bob Monroe, author of many books on Out of Body experiences, has long and close ties with the C.I.A. James Monroe, Bob's father, if I'm not mistaken, was involved with the Human Ecology Society, a C.I.A. front organization of the late 50's and 60's. The Monroe Institute has done research on accelerated learning and foreign language learning through the use of altered states of consciousness for the C.I.A. and other government organizations.

Government interest in the more radical research going on at the institute remains only tantalizing speculation. Official classified document storage boxes have been seen at their mail-order outlet located in Lovingston, VA."

(Porter, Tom, Government Research into ESP & Mind Control, March, 1996)

The Monroe Institute trained the government viewers from *Ft. Meade in out of body experiences. Courtney Brown also went through this training, which involves using the Institute's Hemisync tapes. These tapes, which work by using a binaural beat to entrain brain waves, caused Brown to feel that he left his body and communicated with aliens. [Brown, Courtney, Cosmic Voyage, Dutton, 1996]"

*Fort Meade, Maryland is the U.S. headquarters of the National Security Agency.

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