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Another Instance Of Art Imitating Life - A 1965 Episode Of The British Television Series The Avengers Focusing On Mind Reading

  • Pentagon, World Health Organization & National Cancer Institute Responsible For The Creation & Dissemination Of The AIDS Virus

  • Editor's Note: The following video on the Avengers has been on the Internet for quite some time. However, once this author embeds the html code for it to include on this Website, this particular episode of the Avengers is suddenly removed from YouTube with the excuse that it violates copyright laws.

    There are millions of video's on YouTube which violate copyright infringement, yet they still manage to stay on YouTube.

    So why was this one removed right after this author embeds its code on this Website as part of an article that I wrote regarding the Intel community's use of the mainstream media in which to circulate its propaganda to unwitting citizens?

    Because this particular episode of The Avengers deals with the types of mind control experimentation that the British and U.S. Intelligence communities were using on unwitting subjects of such clandestine research back in the 1950's and 1960's.

    The Avengers TV series served as a venue for British Intelligence in which to gauge the public's opinion regarding classified technology that existed at the time, yet which the public knew nothing about.

    Once again, it was the specific content of this particular Avengers' program which dealt with remote forms of mind control that got it removed, simply because this author happened to illustrate how the military-intelligence complex uses the broadcast industry to disseminate its own propaganda to an unwitting audience.

    For years a rumour has circulated that the Intelligence community will not allow their own children to watch Television programming, due to the Intelligence community's secretive embedding of its own subliminal programming used to brainwash TV viewers.

    It is such unsuspecting viewers who have no concept of the brainwashing capabilities of the average Television program, which explains so much about the mind controlled society that we live in.

    As for the types of fraudulent excuses that Internet venues such as YouTube, Wikipedia, and Scrib'd use in which to remove content that exposes some unsavory aspect of the U.S Federal Government, author Eustace Mullins' work, entitled "Murder By Injection," was recently removed from Scrib'd because the Internet self publishing Website was told to delete it.


    Because Murder By Injection documented the history of the American Medical Association; one of the most corrupted and evil organizations ever created.

    In this particular instance, the excuse given for the removal was plagiarism. However, since Mullins was the author of Murder By Injection, how could it have been plagiarism?

    It couldn't have been.

    Moreover, the book was removed after Eustace Mullins' passed away in 2010, so that he would not be able to challenge Scrib'd's allegation, or be able to upload Murder By Injection to the Scrib'd Website again.

    Author G. Edward Griffin's claim to fame, like that of Eustace Mullins, is largely due to the books which both men have written regarding the House of Rothshilds' criminal history, and its control over the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank. Griffin has found his biography on the Internet Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, removed on more than one occasion, as punishment for writing The Creature From Jekyll Island, as well as his astonishing research on the Morgan-Rothschild-Rockefellers' drug trust, and the conspiracy to demonize Vitamin B 17 therapy, in the treatment of cancer.

    An eminently important work entitled "World Without Cancer," which describes the conspiracy in which the Rockefeller board of directors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, learned from the Hospital's own study on Laetrile, that it was far superior in the treatment of cancer than the chemotherapy-radiation treatments employed by the Hospital.

    The Rockefellers' response to learning this was to discredit the research which supported the use of Laetrile (which they could not patent and corner the market on, because it's a natural substance), while continuing to promote the Hospital's slash (surgery), poison (chemotherapy) and burn (radiation) protocols.

    This book has been deleted from many a Website in the past.

    As for Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection," whoever decides to upload this book again, will likely find that it's deleted as quickly as they upload it, because of its damaging content and condemnation of the American Medical Association and its accomplices, in perverting the American medical community; just as this latest Avengers' episode, which dealt with mind control was suddenly removed because it hit a little too close to home, regarding the Intelligence community's manipulation of the media for its own criminal (brainwashing) agenda.

    Let's see how long the remaining Avenger's episode on broadcast power (directed energy weapons) listed at the end of this post, remains on YouTube before the Intel community has that one removed.

    Avengers' Episode On Mind Control
    Removed From YouTube
    Right After It's Embedded On This Website

    STEED: "What made you invite me down here?"

    MRS. PEEL: "I don't know, the thought just entered my head."

    STEED: "It's a bit uncomfortable isn't it, someone poking around in one's innermost thoughts?"

    The Avengers Confront Mind Control
    Steed & Mrs. Peel - Brain-Tapped

    In the following full length episode of the 1965 British Television Series The Avengers, entitled: "Too Many Christmas Trees," the main characters, John Steed (Actor, Patrick Macnee) and Emma Peel (Actress, Dame Diana Rigg), confront the thorny issue of being subjected to a form of remote viewing, in which their minds are remotely accessed by several psychics, seeking to gain the intimate knowledge which the two have learned as members of Britain's Intelligentsia.

    For those of us who've been subjected to the *remote neural monitoring and manipulation of our thoughts, via the U.S. Intelligence community, we can certainly understand what it's like to be brain-tapped in such ways, while our rights as citizens are completely disregarded.

    *The National Security Agency has developed a form of artificial thought reading done with specialized computer software, which enables artificial intelligence super computers to by way of satellite, electronically intercept and decode the thoughts of any citizen targeted by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. This artificial thought reading , also known as synthetic telepathy, was first exposed by a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei, in a lawsuit which Akwei filed against the NSA in 1991.

    When the U.S. Courts refused to hear this lawsuit, its contents, including a bibliography of the works referenced by John St. Clair Akwei, were published in a 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine; which can be accessed at the following hyperlink.

    The Avengers TV Series served as a vehicle for furtively exposing some of the most secret programs being conducted by the British Intelligence community in the 1950's and 1960's, under the cover of National Security. In the modern day, myriad sci-fi movies that highlight clandestine technologies which are being deployed on the global population, are similarly used in which to furtively gauge the public's response to such technology.

    For example, the 2010 sci-fi thriller "Inception" reveals "a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, (and in which) a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job to date."

    Moreover, the movie "SALT," in which actress, Angelina Jolie, stars as a CIA agent operating under a front organization, contains a scene in which a suspect is being subjected to a lie detector test, which uses the type of wireless fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) technology that former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei has documented in his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA.

    A lawsuit which implicates the NSA in deploying a satellite based wireless form of fMRI brain scanning technology against the American people, in its Signals Intelligence operations; a lawsuit which for the past twenty years, the U.S. Courts have deliberately refused to hear, because it implicates the NSA of secretly implementing a clandestine national brain fingerprinting program within the United States.

    A direct (or wired) form of fMRI technology was used in India's Judicial system for several years, until a judge ruled that it was unconstitutional, and that juries should decide the guilt or innocence of defendants - not computers. The same wired form of fMRI technology is being discussed for use in U.S. Courts at present. However, fMRI is meeting with the same constitutional challenges in the United States that has (at least for the moment) now ended fMRI's use in India's courtrooms.

    As electronic warfare expert Dr. Tim Rifat has stated: The Intelligence Community is known for hiding its secretive programs and technology right under the public's nose.

    In this particular instance, Dr. Rifat is referring to the use of cellular phones being mass marketed as communications' devices, when in reality cell phones -- as well as cell phone broadcast towers -- can be used to adversely affect the thoughts and behavior of the global population, because they operate on the same frequencies as the human brain.

    The FBI has already been implicated in employing the use of specialized technology which enables the Bureau to both eavesdrop on any cell phone user in the United States, while also being able to utilize cell phones as a form of GPS tracking device. In fact, since the passage of the Patriot Act, the FBI has been gaining access to spy technology which makes it nearly as formidable an opponent to the American people's privacy as international spy agencies like the NSA and CIA.

    Interestingly enough, both the CIA and NSA are legally chartered organizations in the United States, yet are both prohibited from spying domestically; even though the agencies have been illegally spying on the American people since their inception, in the years following World War II.

    However, the FBI has no such legislative charter, yet claims that its existence is legal by an Act of the U.S. Congress - which still remains to be seen. Moreover, given that the Bureau has no legislative charter, the FBI has no statutory basis for its existence in the United States.

    As for the concept of art imitating life, other episodes of the Avengers TV Series focus on everything from the ability to track a person by way of their own heartbeat ("The Return Of The Cybernauts"), which can be done with specialized technology, to the use of broadcast power - better known in the modern day as directed energy weaponry.

    Moreover, anyone who's been targeted for a form of non consensual human experimentation which involves the use of DEW technology, can attest to the fact that these weapons do exist in the modern day, and are being utilized against this planet's middle class population by the global intelligentsia.

    Most TI's have also documented a pattern of psychological warfare harassment that accompanies the non consensual experimentation of their persons, which over the past decade has also included the use of the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking; as well as some of the most vicious and slanderous smear campaigns imaginable, in order to obscure the fact that the global military-intelligence complex is using millions of citizens as unwitting targets of classified wireless fMRI brain scanning technology.

    And the more egregious the crimes being perpetrated against us, the more insidious the Intel smear campaigns orchestrated against us; all done in efforts to prevent the public from learning that the shadow governments which now exist in our respective nations do utilize *satellite deployed wireless technology (fMRI), which can be used to remotely read and manipulate the thoughts of any citizen on the face of this planet.

    * The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

    Given this, is it any wonder why the Intel community will use any means possible in which to demonize and dehumanize the TI community, in efforts to murder our persons in a plausibly deniable way?

    They simply cannot afford to allow us to remain alive given the nefarious things which we now know about them. And they will continue to do everything possible in efforts to murder us, while demonizing and dehumanizing our persons via the Zionist controlled media - all done in efforts to protect a clandestine technology which they will eventually utilize in order to turn the human race into a planet of remotely tracked and electronically mind-manipulated slaves.

    That is for those of us in the middle class who aren't first murdered by some form of genocide; whether it be geophysical manipulation of the weather, or chemical, biological and electronic warfare programs.

    This author refers to the middle class, because the creation of satellite based weapons via the global military-intelligence complex, is yet another form of class warfare conducted against the global middle class, by the House of Rothschilds' Zionist ultra class, in which to dramatically and artificially reduce the size of the global population. This being done, so that these parasitic interlopers can scavenge what remaining natural resources their counterfeiting-money laundering cartel has not already helped themselves to.

    -- James F. Marino

    The following episode of the Avengers entitled "The Positive Negative Man," is yet another example of art imitating life, since it focuses on the use of radio waves in which to commit torture and murder.

    In this episode the technology is referred to as broadcast power.

    However, the real name for the technology as it exists in the modern day is radio frequency or directed energy weaponry. DEW weapons are deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and have become the global military-intelligence complexes' weapons of choice for committing crimes which include the covert torture and murder of unwitting citizens, with complete anonymity.

    One can only imagine how many people within the United States alone, the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex has already murdered via the use of direct energy weapons' technology.

    Moreover, for those people who learn that they are being targeted by such weaponry, the Intel community's first line of defense is to discredit these people by attempting to portray them as being mentally unstable.

    However, when the evidence that these weapons are being used against the public becomes as overwhelming as it now has, thanks to the myriad whistleblowers who describe their own experiences as targets of DEW technology, the intelligence community's next line of defense is to promulgate smear campaigns against these citizens.

    The more vicious the smear campaign, the more successful these citizens have become at exposing the intelligence community's illegal use of this classified technology. The smear campaigns are a sign of desperation on the part of the Intel community; specifically, that they have failed to prevent the public from learning about this classified technology, and the Intel community's criminal abuse of it.

    Once this occurs, the persons who have publicly testified to being subjected to such non consensual human experimentation are targeted for extermination, which the Intel community must now carry out in a plausibly deniable way.

    Many TI's have already been either murdered via such RF weaponry, or driven to the commission of suicide as the direct result of being targeted by this technology, as well as the psychological warfare operations which are always used as an adjunct to the technology.

    Moreover, there are presently thousands of such non consensual human experimentees (including this author) within the United States alone, who are in danger of being murdered at anytime, through the use of these RF weapons, while being subjugated to a life of misery; living each day as targets of government orchestrated psychological warfare operations, including the vigilante hate crime of communal organized stalking.

    Since these crimes were first reported more than a decade ago, they have become far worse, as the facade of the constitutional rule of law in our respective nations fades completely away, to reveal the largest and most diabolical dictatorship in human history.

    A technocratic society governed by a Zionist world government, where this Zionist elite live as royalty, while using satellite deployed brain scanning technology in which to enslave human kind through the use of an Orwellian type of international secret-police state network.

    The concept of freedom will be denied to this global middle class, retained only by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist leadership.

    The Avengers: "The Positive Negative Man"

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