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The Organized Stalking Phenomenon Now Taking Place In Hollywood - Actor Randy Quaid Speaking Out Against Organized Stalking

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  • The Nazi Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking

    Organized Stalking's

    Use Of Psychological Warfare Triggers

    Many targets of organized stalking have described the perpetrators of these crimes utilization of colors, which are implemented as psychological triggers in which to condition these citizens into associating these colors with such intimidation tactics.

    This is an adjunct to the vigilante hate crime campaigns being secretly and criminally waged against these men, women and children, who are being denied their inherent rights as citizens of the United States of America.

    A frequent combination of colors being reported by many targets of organized stalking is that of red, black and white colored objects being used in myriad examples of street theatre; a psychological intimidation tactic which characterizes such psychological warfare operations. One of many different psychological warfare protocols which when used on a daily basis, becomes very effective in causing the targeted persons to become anxious and uncertain of their mental competency; many of whom have been driven to commit suicide, after succumbing to years of such psychological torture.

    Coincidentally (or perhaps and more likely, intentionally), red, white and black are also the same colors which were used for Adolph Hitler's Nazi Party flag.

    One most also remember that Nazism was the brainchild of Zionism, as is Fascism and Communism - all fomented by the House of Rothschild in their attempts to monopolize this entire planet, through their counterfeiting and money laundering global cartel; as well as their fomentation of wars, which the Rothschilds have historically financed and built their criminal Illuminati dynasty on the profits from.

    The Rothschilds have used this blood money in which to build a global dictatorship based on their own perverse Zionist doctrine. The type of dogma which has controlled Hollywood - the entertainment-disinformation capital of the world - for the past Century.

    Which begs the question:

  • Are The Zionist Jews In Hollywood Using Organized Stalking As A Psychological Warfare Operation Against Actors Who've Fallen Out Of Favor With The Major Production Studios? And Were Simon Monjack And His Actress Wife Brittany Murphy Targets Of Such A Criminal Conspiracy Before They Were Murdered?

  • Actor Randy Quaid

    Targeted For Organized Stalking

    * The readers will notice in the following interview with actor Randy Quaid, how at the very end of the interview a Canadian reporter is utilized in which to condescendingly state to Quaid's attorney, that Quaid's claims of being subjugated to a criminal conspiracy in which to murder him (so that his estate can be looted), made the actor appear to be both paranoid and delusional.

    This discrediting of the target by claiming that they are mentally unstable is a standard part of the protocol used by those criminals who perpetrate the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    They use such psychological warfare tactics, including the use of gaslighting, in which to furtively attack the mind of the targeted person, while simultaneously claiming that the targeted person is mentally unstable. This author has been subjugated to such attacks by the FBI and NSA for more than three decades, and very aggressively over the past ten years, as part of the non consensual human experimentation that I remain subjected to, and by a government that hides its tyranny as a military-intelligence dictatorship, under the guise of what is superficially portrayed to the American people as a democratic republic.

    However, democracies don't secretly implement national brain fingerprinting programs of their citizens as has been done in the United States via the National Security Agency and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; nor do they attempt to circumvent their own constitutional rules of law by creating homegrown terrorism under the pretense of protecting the citizenry from terrorist attacks, while destroying the very infrastructures on which these countries and their governments were built.

    Moreover, the duplicity of those who take part in organized stalking continues to characterize their actions, while defining these criminals as the pathological liars and cowardly murderers that they are.

    There is also no longer any doubt that they have been brainwashed so that they can perpetrate these unconscionable crimes without ever acknowledging how terrible they are. If allowed to continue in this vein the global population will become a populous of sociopaths, used to perpetrate whatever crimes their Illuminati overlords program them to commit.

    Editor's Note: This author has attributed the deaths of both screenwriter Simon Monjack and his actress wife, Brittany Murphy to a criminal conspiracy which may have involved the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking; and later, murder by way of some form of directed energy weaponry. This author also believes that pop star Michael Jackson was murdered by way of such electronic warfare technology, as well as myriad other well known personalities, including UFO researcher - Dr. Karla Turner, Eco activist - Judi Bari, conspiracy theorist - Mae Brussel, and the producer of "America Freedom To Fascism" - Aaron Russo.

    I have also stated that it is my opinion that there is a criminal conspiracy in which to murder actor Mel Gibson, after Gibson made anti-Zionist comments regarding the Zionist Jews who control Hollywood. One must remember that being anti-Zionist does not make one an anti-Semite; especially since most Jewish people do not support the propaganda or criminal agenda of the Zionist community, and in fact have publicly denounced Zionism for its danger to the global population.

    Recently, actor Randy Quaid (brother of actor Dennis Quaid) acknowledged that the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking exists, and he has cited a number of famous Hollywood stars whom Quaid believes were targeted for this hate crime before they were murdered.

    Moreover, Quaid describes the betrayal by his attorney and brother, both of whom have attempted to loot his estate, while others are coopted to murder Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, so that they can steal what is left of the Quaids' estate.

    Randy Quaid has also stated that the legal profession within the United States has been totally compromised by the Zionists who control this country, and has used the criminal conspiracy perpetrated against him by his own attorney, in which to illustrate that the U.S. Judicial system has become a sham under the current Zionist leadership.

    Quaid also states that he would like to know exactly how it is that his brother, actor Dennis Quaid, is listed on the deed to one of Randy Quaid's properties, when the elder Quaid never gave his attorney permission to do so. This is a further indication of the complete fraud that our criminal justice system has become under Zionist rule, and why the American people must destroy this shadow government and reinstate our constitutional republic before it can be used to destroy us.

    Randy Quaid also said that he has earned over 40 million dollars in his time as an actor, which would certainly give plausibility to his claim that Randy is in danger of being murdered for his money.

    Given the thousands of testimonials by men, women and even children who document their own experiences with organized stalking, there is no longer any question that not only does this phenomenon exist, but that it is growing worse with each passing day.

    Moreover, it has become clear that the governments within our respective nations are responsible for these crimes, and that these governments have become part of a global dictatorship controlled by the Zionist Jews who operate under the House of Rothschilds' counterfeiting/money laundering operations - those who control the Communist central banks within our own countries, as well as the Zionists' global crime syndicate, officially known as the Illuminati.

    Furthermore, the New World Order is no longer just on the horizon. The NWO is already here. And its casualties continue to mount up as the constitutional rule of law on this planet descends into oblivion, and we are left with nothing but the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest, in which to defend our God given rights, civil liberties, or whatever term you wish to use in which to represent your inherent rights to exist on this planet.

    - James F. Marino

    The following post has been sourced from the Website:

    Randy Quaid blows whistle on celebrity Targeted Individuals
    2010 November 2 by wemustknow.koen

    In a Vancouver press conference, actor Randy Quaid described part of the typical plight of a Targeted Individual, naming eight close Hollywood associates he believes were targeted and killed. The targeting system is highly organized; involves people at all levels of society including in banks, the Department of Justice, and even family members who are are often co-opted to help destroy the target, as Quaid has learned first-hand.

    From a written statement, Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies and Brokeback Mountain star, Quaid explained the same organized criminal activities hundreds of Targeted Individuals have reported to Dupré, all designed to ruin their careers, their finances, their well-being – and thus silence them.

    Such targeting can and often does last decades. Mr. and Mrs. Quaid have been targeted twenty years according to his statement on October 29.

    Quaid’s brother and his attorney are part of the conspiracy to neutralize him, as he explained at his press conference that followed a Canadian immigration hearing. Most people are too naive and or arrogant to believe a close family member could be involved in such covert manipulations that ruin lives.

    Both Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have sought refuge from the targeting in Canada, as though the criminal cabal is not transnational. In Canada, the couple was jailed and then released, possibly part of the typical harassment treatment targets get from officials.

    In the 2nd part of the press conference video, sobbing, Quaid asked how many of the reporters have known someone that died suddenly and mysteriously in the past five years, then naming his eight associates that all met untimely deaths, “Hollywood wacked.” (See Youtube: Actor Randy Quaid Speaks Out Against Organized Stalking)

    “We believe there to be a malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood,” said Quaid.

    Quaid named Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine as targeted and killed.

    He also names others he believes are on a hit-list: Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.“Merciless slandering, killing career and killing the target for profit” are among what Quaid highlights as part of the hit-list agenda – each familiar to targeted individuals reporting to Dupré.

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