Friday, December 03, 2010

Along With Eustace Mullins & G. Edward Griffin, David Allen Rivera's "Final Warning" Has Become The Definitive Research On The House Of Rothschild

  • "Systems Of Surveillance - An information resource created in conjunction with Revelations of Secret Surveillance" - The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex has developed spy technologies which are being implemented without your knowledge, unconstitutionally, and in abject violation of your civil liberties - So you should know about this domestic spy technology and the aforesaid complex's "Active Denial Weapons' System," in order to protect yourselves as best you can

  • The Wikileaks' Leaking Of Classified Documents Now Being Compared To the "Pentagon Papers" Debacle Of The 1970's - As Punishment, The Wikileaks' Website Has Been Hacked (Likely By U.S. Intel) And The Wikileaks' Paypal Account Suspended - So Much For Being A Whistleblower When You Are Demonized For Trying To Protect Your Country From The Criminals Who've Subverted It

  • How A Nazi Scientist Smuggled Into The United States Under A Covert CIA Program Known As Operation Paperclip, Was Used To Establish A Government Agency Whose Covert Use Would Be To Weaponize Outerspace - Dr. Wernher Von Braun & The National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA)

  • The FBI's COINTELPRO Murderous Operations Of The 20Th Century Are Even Worse In The New Millennium - And Unlike These Earlier Black Operations In Which The U.S. Media Attempted To Expose Them, The Media Is Now Largely Complicit In Endorsing The FBI's Gestapo Tactics; A Further Illustration Of How Subverted The Media System In America Has Become As A Pawn Of Zionism & The House Of Rothschild

  • "The Haarp (2c) facility as military technology could be used to broadcast global mind-control, as a system for manipulating and disturbing the human mental process using pulsed radio frequency (RFR). What does all this mean? It means, to begin with, that you will need to come to terms - now, or in a few short years - with the fact that the U.S. Government has the technological capabilities to 'read your mind' 7b and interact with it. With or without your permission."

  • - Electromagnetic Warfare Expert, Carol Smith, PhD

  • FBI Agents Arrested After Being Caught Lying Regarding Their Use Of Steroids

  • The House Of Rothschild Unmasked

    "The History Of The House Of Rothschild" pertains to author David Allen Rivera's meticulous research into the House of Rothschilds' global monopoly, and its creation and control over the most powerful crime syndicate in history - the Illuminati - an organization which bases its existence on the worship of Lucifer.

    Rivera's work, in many ways parallels that of the late author Eustace Mullins, whose written works regarding the Rothschilds' criminal dynasty (including their global counterfeiting and money laundering operations) are now correcting the tainted history which the Rothschilds have promulgated through their control over the global media system, in which to pervert world history for their own criminal agenda.

    The following is a basic primer on the House of Rothschild, while the second book offers what is perhaps the most detailed work ever written regarding the Rothschilds and their furtive control over the lluminati global crime syndicate.

    The real criminals on this planet - those of the Rothschilds' upper echelon white collar Zionist class, who remain immune from prosecution; regardless of how outrageous their crimes against humanity are.

  • A Primer On The House Of Rothschild & Its Monopoly Over This Entire Planet By Way Of Communist Central Banks Like The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting-Money Laundering Cartel; Which The Rothschilds Control Through Their Covert Ownership Of Stock In These Privately Held Corporations

  • "Final Warning A History Of The New World Order" By David Allen Rivera
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