Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lying By Omission - The 9-11 Commission's 571 Page Lie -- FBI Agents Routinely Lie By Omission In U.S. Courtrooms - They Also Commit Perjury

  • David Ray Griffin Discusses More Than 100 Crucial Lies Told By The U.S. Federal Government Which He Documents In His Book: "Lying By Omission - The 9-11 Commission's 571 Page Lie"

  • An Open Letter To The FBI By Playwrite Arthur Miller - Miller Was, Like So Many Other Americans Targeted For COINTELPRO, Constantly Harassed By The FBI's Americanized Gestapo - So Much So That He Wrote The Following Letter To The FBI Regarding Its Anti-American Activities

  • Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Another Biological Weapon Developed By The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex? And Did The Centers For Disease Control, National Institutes Of Health, And World Health Organization Deliberately Sabotage The Research Done By Wistar Institute's Dr. Elaine DeFreitas Regarding CFS?

  • Did The FBI Destroy The 84 Tapes It Confiscated From The Pentagon & Surrounding Areas On 9-11-2001? If So, Did The FBI Do So Because Many Of These Tapes Will Prove That A 757 Never Crashed Into The Pentagon, & That The U.S. Federal Government Has Committed A High Crime Of Treason By Lying To The American People By Concealing Evidence In A Terrorist Investigation?

  • The Murders Of Thousands Of White Afrikaner Farmers In South Africa Continue To Be Ignored By The Global Media - Why?
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