Thursday, November 25, 2010

In Light Of The Crimes Being Committed By The U.S. Intelligence Community Under The Guise Of The War On Terror The Following's At Their Expense ...

Author Gloria Naylor

Exposes The NSA's Satellite Predation

The Women Of Brewster Place author, Gloria Naylor, a target of both non consensual human experimentation as well as the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, becomes the subject of a real life nightmare, as an unwitting satellite prisoner of the National Security Agency - Imagine a horrific situation in which an entire country has been secretly brain fingerprinted; whose minds are tethered to a satellite spy network, and by an organization that has violated its charter in order to aid and abet a treasonous conspiracy in which to turn the United States into a covert dictatorship.

And you can make the transition from fiction to reality, as those of us who know this from our own first hand experiences as NSA satellite prisoners, corroborate former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei's testimony against the NSA, and its Echelon based Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - You can imagine the Intelligence community's vicious slander against those of us who expose this abject act of treason, while the propagandists within the U.S. Federal Government promulgate their disinformation; all done in an equally treasonous effort to cover up the NSA's use in the creation of a global dictatorship.

  • Read About Author Gloria Naylor's Experience As An NSA Satellite Prisoner

  • Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex - This Statement Answers So Many Disturbing Questions Regarding Why Al-Qaeda Remains A Consistent Part Of This False Flag Operation

  • Thanksgiving 2010

    On this Thanksgiving Day in 2010, Americans will give thanks for their loved ones and friends; and their country. However, as for the U.S. Federal Government, can the 20 U.S. States who are seeking ways in which to secede from this government citing a lack of trust, all be wrong?

    Not likely..

    Few Americans (only the brainwashed ones) will be thankful for the Obama Administration, or the Zionist shadow government which it currently presides over.

    Some US Intelligence Agency Credos

    That Are Certain To Tick You Off

    1. When we want the American citizens' opinion we'll give it to them.

    2. We didn't realize that we were illegally spying on the Marino Family in their own home over the past 25 years. We just stopped by and lost track of the time. Ya know, it does happen... And don't give a second thought to what this means to your 4Th Amendent rights under the United States Constitution, since we are working on destroying oops.. protecting that too...

    3. We're interested in prosecuting criminal activity as long as it is not our own. Please do not bring up our own criminal activity or we'll have to hurt you -- real bad.

    4. Yes, of course we use entrapment to create criminals. How else do you expect us to arrest innocent citizens if we can't entrap them first? Duh...

    5A. The FBI did not blow environmental activist Judi Bari up in her car. Honest. It was just a strange coincidence that we were holding an explosives seminar in the vicinity of the bombing at the time. Really...

    5B. Our FBI defense attorney was absolutely right in saying that Judi Bari was faking having cancer while she was being deposed in her trial against us. She even faked her own death 6 weeks later just to make us look bad. Don't believe a thing about her funeral. It was all a put on just to make the FBI look bad. Really it was...

    6. The Federal Marshals who ended up in a shoot out with the Weaver Family did not really intend to provoke the Weavers in efforts to assassinate them. If they had the Marshals would not have deliberately tossed rocks at the side of the Weaver home to agitate their dogs in order to provoke a confrontation with the Weaver Family, after Randy Weaver refused to do spy work for the FBI. These Marshals were just a bunch of innocent guys looking for directions. The fact that Vicki and Sammy Weaver would be killed by them and FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi was just one of those things. It was just an accident ... Really....

    7. That 6000 pages of exculpatory evidence we had regarding AIM activist Leonard Peltier got lost by our cleaning staff. We'd never let an innocent man rot in prison. Honest.... And don't believe what you hear about us setting up Peter Limone either.. that was a screwup by the DA's office not us... Really it was...

    8. We at the FBI believe that entirely too much is being made of the Branch Davidian situation. They tried to live their lives in peace away from the rest of us. How dare they do such an Un-American thing! Don't believe those photos of the charred remains of women and small children either -- they are fakes -- honest!

    9. The CIA is not the second largest drug trafficker in the United States. It is the oldest and largest drug trafficker, by far... Just ask former President George H. W. Bush, who aided and abetted the CIA's drug trafficking operations beginning in the 1950's, by allowing the CIA to hide shipments of their illegal drugs on the offshore drilling rigs of Bush's Zapata Oil Company - the drugs that were eventually sold to your kids by the local drug pusher, and which were used to initiate the drug culture in American schools. -- Oops, we actually made a mistake and told the truth on this one. It happens now and then.

    10. Don't believe that we had anything to do concerning possible foul play regarding an informant of ours by the name of Emad Salem - the fact that no one's seen him since his slip of the tongue while claiming that that the FBI was actually behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center is just a strange coincidence.. a really strange coincidence... yep...

    11.Real estate mogul Larry Silverstein was drunk at the time that he told reporters that the New York City Fire Department decided to "PULL" (in other words knock down in a controlled demolition) Building Number Seven. And don't give a second thought to the fact that the North and South Towers collapsed into their own footprints either - your eyes were just playing tricks on you - And the sudden and mysterious deaths of whistleblowers like Barry Jennings and Beverly Eckert - well that's just you being paranoid; that all.. We're the FBI and we only have your best interests at heart so you can trust us... As for the missing 84 tapes and the 3 three black boxes that we confiscated on 9-11 .. paranoia.. that's all.. you 9-11 truthers are just being paranoid..

    12.Please believe us when we tell you that back in 1996, TWA Flight 800 really wasn't accidentally shot down by a heat seeking missile during a U.S. Navy training exercize - it really was a faulty fuel tank, and we at the FBI spent over $7 million dollars concocting oops.. proving it. Those two hundred eyewitnesses who saw a missile heading for Flight 800 before it exploded were all nearsighted or something; that's the only reason that we ignored all of them.

    13. The NSA has not initiated a clandestine program in which to electronically brain fingerprint the American people, in order to remotely satellite track you while reading your thoughts. And despite what you may have heard, this is not being done as part of an agenda in which to create a global Zionist dictatorship under the House of Rothschilds' counterfeiting and money laundering operations. No, there's no such technology in place to commit such an act of treason against you. But we do have a special group of super alien psychics who are being used to remotely read the minds of terrorists from outerspace. So as long as you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Oh and by the way, don't read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA either, since this might be used to expose us.. oops, we mean poison you against us.

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