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The FBI Must Be Abolished! These Lying Neo Nazi's Have A History Of Spying On Anyone And Everyone While Decimating The Constitutional Rule Of Law

  • Outraged By The U.S. Federal Government's Cover Up Regarding Its Own Complicity In The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001, The Relatives Of 9-11 Casualties Sponsor A New Media Campaign In Which To Alert The American People To One Of The Most Critical Pieces Of Evidence Regarding These Attacks - The Controlled Demolition Of World Trade Center Building Number 7 - To Date This Is The Most Aggressive Media Campaign Undertaken In Which To Alert The Public To Facts Which The 9-11 Commission Conveniently & Deliberately Ignored In The Bogus Investigation They Conducted, Which Was Completely Tainted By The Bush 43 Administration's Attempts To Cover Up Its Own Complicity In The 9-11 Terrorist Attacks

  • Editor's Note: In what continues to be a daily occurrence, the FBI's criminal thugs electronically tamper with yet another article that this author posts. This one describes myriad crimes that the FBI has committed in the past, including the types of crimes the FBI regularly perpetrates against this author and his Family.

    When the FBI commits crimes which become so outrageous that the agents responsible for them would have to perjure their entire testimony in a court of law, (while coercing fabricated witnesses into submitting fraudulent testimony - suborning of witness perjury), the FBI only has two choices: the first is to find a way of covertly murdering the person whom they are targeting, by either entrapping the target in a crime which they can be incarcerated for (and then murdered in a made to appear as suicide), or conducting a psychological warfare operation against the person in which to drive them to commit suicide.

    When the FBI fails in its attempts in which to murder the person in this way, their last recourse is to conduct a defamation campaign in order to demonize the person; something the FBI has done with myriad people in the past, and which has oftentimes resulted in the deaths of these persons by suicide.

    Some of the more famous persons whom the FBI has conducted such smear campaigns against include: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., activist Frank Wilkinson, actress Jean Seberg, The Black Panther Party, The Socialist Workers' Party, The Puerto Rican Independence Movement, ecoactivist Judi Bari, actor Charlie Chaplin and Conductor Leonard Bernstein.

    This author and many other Americans continue to be subjected to the same types of COINTELPRO smear campaigns as the aforementioned persons, while the FBI is allowed to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law, in efforts to cover up its own criminal activities. In doing so, the FBI is allowed to fabricate evidence as well as witnesses, by avoiding the cross examination which would occur in a court of law, challenging the FBI's allegations. The FBI's actions here are clearly treasonous, and an attempt in which to cover up the crimes it commits against Americans whom the Bureau targets for its COINTELPRO operations.

    The following post is an illustration of just how dangerous the FBI is and why it must be abolished! This is an organization that routinely lies to the public, murders men, women and young children, protects the Zionist shadow government which controls this nation through the House of Rothschilds' Communist central bank (the Federal Reserve System), and attacks any American citizen who attempts to enforce the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    The FBI is an agent of repression which must be abolished.

    So You Think The FBI's Protecting Your Children?

    Think Again!

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    After The FBI Burned Her To Death

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    Two FBI Agents Caught Spying On Teenage Girls Undressing

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    The FBI's Covert Murder Of AIM Activist Anna Mae Aquash & Smear Campaign Against AIM Activist John Trudell

    The FBI's Destruction Of Senator Robert Torricelli's Political Career As Punishment For Torricelli's Attempts To Have The Intelligence Community Investigated Regarding The Attacks On 9-11-2001

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    Congressman Ron Paul Says FBI Must Be Abolished

    Democracy Going Dark: The Electronic Police State - The FBI’s Multi-Billion Dollar “High-Tech Surveillance” Program -- Further Proof That The FBI Is Nothing But A Pawn Of London's House Of Rothschild's New World Order American Police State

    The FBInstigators Of Terrorism

    The following article was written in regard to how criminally the FBI was operating just months before the attacks on 9-11. Clearly, this was an organization that should have been abolished long before the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place. Even the U.S. Attorney General at the time, John Ashcroft, had stated that the FBI had lost the trust of the American people.

    *Interestingly enough, in 2004 Ashcroft ended up in the hospital when visited by Alberto Gonzalez, in what to this day remains a controversial meeting.

    Was Gonzalez Meeting With Ashcroft Legal?

    However, instead of being abolished, after 9-11 the FBI was given the most sweeping powers it has ever had, and as such, became nothing more than an Americanized version of the Nazi's Gestapo; forever looking to increase its annual budget, while operating as a well financed upper echelon crime syndicate, that routinely lies to the public, while aiding and abetting the very types of terrorist attacks that it is supposed to be exposing.

    For instance, where are the video tapes which the FBI seized from the Pentagon and its underlying areas on the morning of 9-11-2001? To this day the FBI has refused to release them to the public, because the FBI knows that the official 9-11 story is a treasonous LIE and that these tapes would prove this, by showing that a 757 never hit the Pentagon. In all likelihood, the FBI destroyed these tapes as soon as it stole them.

    The readers will also recall that the FBI has had a history of fabricating evidence and information that has served either its interests or the interests of some aspect of the criminal status quo in the United States.

    One of the FBI's most elaborate fabrications was the invention of the defective fuel tank on TWA Flight 800 in 1996, when in reality, this was nothing but a cover up to protect the United States Navy's accidental shooting down of Flight 800 during a training exercise off the coast of Long Island. To this day the media continues to promulgate this outrageous lie while the public remains largely ignorant of what really happened.

    This in light of public outrage regarding today's release of the sole Libyan terrorist who was convicted in the bombing of Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland in 1988. However, this bomber was likely little more than a scapegoat used in which to force Colonel Moammar Kadafi to end Libya's nuclear program - something the CIA had been attempting to accomplish for years.

    Moreover, many people believe that the CIA was in fact behind the bombing of Flight 103, and that the FBI helped to cover this up, while looking to disgrace Libya in the process.

    The bombing was successful in forcing Libya to end its nuclear program, allowing the CIA to reach its objective. Unfortunately, many innocent people paid for this covert act with their lives, when Flight 103 was blown out of the sky. And as usual, the CIA and FBI got away clean, while the mainstream U.S. Media was used to circulate this propaganda.

    According to the late investigative journalist, Steve Kangas, the CIA has furtively murdered more than six million people since it began its operations in 1947.

    Ironically enough, Kangas himself would eventually become another of the Agency's victims in a made to appear as suicide, while he was in the process of completing an extensive book on the CIA's drug trafficking operations. Journalist Gary Webb did not fare much better after doing an expose on the CIA and its illegal trafficking of drugs, when he too died under very mysterious circumstances. At first he suffered the typical COINTELPRO style attacks on his life, being fired from his job and later blackballed from his profession, as the CIA attempted to destroy his credibility.

    Webb's death was ultimately ruled a suicide, yet the fact that he had suffered from two gun shots to the back of his head made the official cause of death completely unbelieveable. Webb's investigation simply went too far for the CIA to tolerate and they got rid of him.

    FBI Meltdown: The Root Cause
    by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

    Attorney General John Ashcroft has told the FBI that it has lost the full trust of the American people. The reason: the Hanssen spy case and goof-ups on the Oklahoma bombing prosecution. The agency can and must change to become the "foremost law enforcement agency in the world."

    Did Stalin ever give a similar pep talk in the guise of a rebuke?

    "Comrades," he might have said, "I fear that the NKVD has lost the full trust of the people. Some rats in the organization have double-crossed me by spying for the US. Also, we have failed to put a criminal to death quickly enough. It’s no wonder that the workers and peasants say that they are frustrated with the current level of service. This much change! There must be a new NKVD!"

    If he did give such a speech, he would have missed the point. So has Ashcroft. The problem isn’t the particulars of how it carries out its mission, or the inevitable failure of a bureaucracy to manage itself. The problem is the mission itself, and the very existence of an agency which is, by its nature, despotic.

    To be sure, its failures are manifest, but its dangers even more so. When the FBI revealed that it is missing 449 weapons – including submachine guns, perhaps privatized by employees – we were reminded that this agency is armed to the teeth and stockpiling more. Where’s the anti-gun lobby when we need them? Why worry about private firearms when these people are licensed to kill, and to carry weapons citizens aren’t allowed to possess?

    Everyone in the FBI longs for the days when J. Edgar Hoover brought status and prestige to the operation. Under FDR and in the postwar period, it was seen as a nearly infallible guardian of the national interest. Thanks to these master sleuths, the nation was protected from nefarious criminals and political enemies of the left and right.

    Because of that reputation, young men aspired to a career in the FBI, in hopes of basking in the fame and glory that came with it. Maybe there was a time too when the Soviet or Nazi secret police enjoyed public credibility, and they too longed for those days once people discovered the truth. Far from being protectors, people learn, they are part of the problem, even an imminent threat to the citizenry.

    Contrary to Ashcroft, who has revealed himself to be a real company man, not one regular person in the country was hurt by Hanssen’s spying. Hanssen stands accused of revealing to the Russians that the US was digging an underground tunnel to their DC embassy. Oh, yes, and he may have also revealed the identities of Russians who were similarly duping their government. (Yawn.)

    This is Spy-versus-Spy stuff, a conflict between governments that has no bearing on anything else. If you work in the "intelligence community," it’s big news. There’s also a human interest story here: how did this bourgeois, Church-going family man come to do this? But the outcome has nothing to do with our lives otherwise.

    As for the Oklahoma fiasco, it was never clear whether the evidence withheld until the week before Tim McVeigh was scheduled to be poisoned might have impacted the verdict or sentence. The Justice Department said, hey, sorry we were tardy in delivering tens of thousands of documents, but these documents surely don’t reveal anything important. We were just supposed to take their word for it.

    But as the days went by, we learned that the documents dealt mainly with details that were in dispute: were there other people involved, for example. Were we dealing with incompetence here or cover up? There’s no good reason for not believing it was a cover up, unless you just a priori believe that the FBI never acts with malice.

    It’s certainly true the FBI has lost the public trust. A Gallup poll shows that people trust their local police twice as much as the FBI, as well they should. But the reason is not the spy case or incompetence. It is because people don’t like what the FBI does and do not like the way it does it. It’s the very heart of the FBI’s role in American life – not its foibles – that is objectionable.

    Nothing in the Constitution permits the federal government to have its own police force. But the FBI claims the right to intervene in any local criminal issue, trumping the rights of state and local law enforcement. And not for the good. The FBI played a notorious role in the Ruby Ridge murders, and in the destruction of the religious community in Waco, Texas. It violates civil liberties as it helps prosecute the drug war, and generally acts as an arm of the wildly unpopular central government.

    These revelations were a disaster for the FBI. Ashcroft only vaguely mentioned "earlier tragedies in Texas and Idaho" without actually assigning blame to the government. The problem is that the FBI has no customer base to whom it is responsible. Its high status with Congressional budget committees is due entirely to its history and traditional reputation. It is that reputation that allows such a completely unaccountable agency to exist at all. The FBI has guarded it with ferocity.

    The Ashcroft speech appeared to be a serious upbraiding, but in fact it was designed for public consumption. Though he never mentioned the agency’s abuse of power, we are led to believe that this problem is being addressed. We are encouraged to believe that the rogue agency has been reined in.

    This is nonsense. The problem of the FBI is not a failure of the current management. It is a failure of power itself. The federal government should not have a police force. Such a thing is incompatible with freedom, just as the NKVD and the Gestapo are contrary to freedom. The FBI should be not be reinvented or reformed, but abolished. The day it becomes the "foremost law enforcement agency in the world" is the day all our liberties are gone.

    July 20, 2001

    Copyright © 2001 LewRockwell.com


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    Files Detail Years of Spying on Bernstein
    Published: Friday, July 29, 1994

    For more than three decades starting in the 1940's, the Federal Bureau of Investigation obsessively documented the activities of Leonard Bernstein, especially his associations with groups listed as subversive or communist, and, in the 1960's, his support for the civil rights and antiwar movements, newly released files show.

    The F.B.I. never established that Mr. Bernstein, who died in 1990, was a member of the Communist Party. Indeed, he vehemently denied it under oath in 1953, and soon after that, the bureau acknowledged finding no communist ties.

    But Mr. Bernstein remained an enthusiastic, if sometime indiscriminate, supporter of what he considered to be good causes, and the F.B.I. continued to accumulate reports on his travel and performances and his efforts against the Vietnam War and on behalf of civil rights and, in one well-known episode, the radical Black Panther Party.

    The file shows that on one occasion, after Mr. Bernstein held a controversial fund raiser for the Black Panthers at his Park Avenue apartment in 1970, the F.B.I. went beyond intelligence-gathering and schemed to undermine him with damaging news leaks.

    The F.B.I. documents, 666 pages of reports on Mr. Bernstein, were made available yesterday in Los Angeles by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, which had obtained them from the bureau under the Freedom of Information Act. Portions of the reports have been blacked out or deleted by the Government, and the civil liberties group says it will sue to get the deleted material as well as the files that were not released.

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    Files Detail Years Of FBI Spying On Composer Leonard Bernstein
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