Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Who Controls The U.S. Media? The House Of Rothschild Through The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  • "The CIA Controls The U.S. Media" -- The CIA Has Done So Since 1948 Under A Secret Project Used To Infiltrate The U.S. Media & To Utilize It To Circulate The CIA's Own Propaganda -- This Is Why The Blogosphere Has Become Such A Powerful Tool Of Information & Why the Obama Administration Wants To Take Control Of The Internet With Its Attempt To Have The Orwellian Internet Kill Switch Bill Legislation Passed - The CIA Controlled U.S. Media Can No Longer Compete With The Blogosphere So They Now Seek To Destroy The Blogosphere As A Legitimate Venue for Alternative Journalism Through The Passage Of Such Deceptive Legislation --Their Objective Is To Destroy Free Expression On The Internet & Along With It The First Amendment

  • More On The CIA's Control Of The U.S. Media & Why Americans Are Turning Off Their TV And Radio News & Tuning Into The Blogosphere

  • The Internet Kill Switch Bill Will Be Used To Destroy The Blogosphere As A Legitimate Venue For Free Expression - This Bill Will Allow For The Most Egregious Form Of Censorship In Human History
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