Monday, October 18, 2010

The U.S. Courts Have Allowed The New World Order's Death Squads (Formerly The Police) To Declare It Open Season On The U.S. Population

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  • You Have The Right To Remain Terrified

    Of The Police

    If you go to the Internet and type in police brutality, shot by the police, or any of the myriad permutations of the phrase murdered by the police, you will find a frighteningly large number of news reports which highlight stories in which police officers were involved in shootings which not only resulted in the deaths of American citizens, but which were (in most cases) also completely unnecessary.

    The fairly recent shooting and murder by the police of a man named Erik Scott, has become another example of how today's cops are being taught to shoot first and ask questions later.

    The circumstances regarding Erik Scott's death involve another situation in which eyewitnesses have stated that the shooting victim was complying with police orders when they were shot.

    In the case of Eric Scott, eyewitnesses have stated that Scott was given virtually no time in which to respond to police requests to unholster the firearm which he was carrying, when he was shot to death.

    The police claim that Erik Scott had the gun in his hand and that this is why they were so quick to shoot him. However, eyewitnesses to the Scott shooting claim that Mr. Scott's gun was holstered and that he was merely complying with the police order to remove his holster, when they opened fire killing him.

    The real outrage began after a jury ruled in favor of the police, in spite of compelling testimony which should have resulted in indictments being brought against the officers involved in the shooting.

    This past week a Pace University student who was also a person of color, was shot to death by police, in what appears to be another case of racial profiling. The sad fact of the matter is that most African American males are so terrified of being beaten by police, that they flee when they see the police coming towards them.

  • Pace University Football Player, Danroy Henry, Shot To Death By Police

  • The Courts Will Nearly Always Side With Police

    Whether the American people like it or not; whether they will even admit to it or not; the truth is that the U.S. Courts have a long history of siding with the police, and conveniently ignoring any exculpatory information which places law enforcement in a bad light.

    Moreover, in federal cases, the Department Of Justice also has a long and sordid history of turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, no matter how outrageous the Bureau's crimes are.

    From the myriad reports of police brutality in America since the passage of the Patriot Act, it would now appear that if you are an average American citizen (who comprises the American middle class), you can expect that the police may be used to act not as impartial handmaidens of the law, but instead to function as judge, jury and quite possibly even the executioner in your murder.

    And based on many cases of such police brutality recorded over the past few years alone, you may get the stuffing beat out of you for simply riding your bicycle on the sidewalk, jaywalking, being pulled over for a traffic infraction, or any of the myriad reasons in which you might have a confrontation with the police.

    If you are a person of color and being racially profiled by the police, your chances of being subjected to such vicious assaults increases exponentially.

    Moreover, if you are carrying a firearm (even if you are doing so legally and complying with the orders of the police) you run a substantially higher risk of being shot and killed by the police, as we've seen in the execution of several citizens, including Erik Scott.

    Such a blatant disregard for human life by law enforcement, is yet another example of how police are being brainwashed into carrying out such executions, while being taught to secretly hate a public whom they are officially charged with protecting.

    It's a bad scene which continues to grow worse with each passing year, as the blood of more American citizens is being shed, and by those who don't deserve to wear badges, much less carry firearms.

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