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Read About How The FBI & DEA Got Into The Drug Trafficking Business For Profit And Then Got Caught - "Operation Swordfish" - Why Didn't You Hear About This On The Evening News Or In Your Local Paper? Because Since 1948 When The House Of Rothschild Used The CIA To Foment A Covert Takeover Of The U.S. Media Called Operation Mockingbird, The Media Has Been Controlled By The CIA & The Rest Of the Military Intelligence Complex - This Is Also Why The Mainstream Media In The United States Has Never Exposed The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting And Money Laundering Operation, The Fact That The 16TH Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified, Or Did A Story On The Two Dozen Americans Who Beat The IRS Tax Evasion Cases Against Them In Court, Because The Prosecution Could Not Show The Law Which The IRS Claims Authorizes It To Impose The Federal Income Tax On The American Workforce

  • Operation Swordfish - The Movie - It's Not Surprising That The Motion Picture Which Depicted The Real Operation Swordfish Was A Flop At The Box Office, Since The Intel Community Also Controls Much Of What Goes On In Hollywood - What Is Surprising Is That This Movie Got Made At All

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  • Were Simon Monjack & His Actress Wife Brittany Murphy Covertly Murdered By Way Of Electromagnetic Weaponry? When A Husband And Wife Both In Their Thirties Suddenly Die Within Months Of Each Other And Under Very Strange Circumstances, While Law Enforcement Conveniently Ignores The Fact That Any Actuarial Table Would Portray Such Deaths As An Anomaly, One Must Wonder Why The Police Didn't Investigate The Sudden Deaths Of Monjack And Murphy?

  • The Department Of (In)Justice Lets The FBI Off The Hook For Much Of Its Domestic Spying, Even Though The FBI Was Violating The 4TH Amendment & "Fabricating Documents" In Order To Justify Its Illegal Spying

  • America's Police Are Being Reduced To Little More Than Gestapo-Minded Death Squads, By The House Of Rothschild & Its Covert Control Over The U.S. Federal Government

  • An Amusing Anecdote Regarding The FBI's Sociopathic Gestapo Cranks & An American Citizen Of Color Whom They Racially Profiled - "The FBI Can Go F*%$# Themselves" Is An Excellent Illustration Of How Most Americans Feel About These Constitution Raping Perverts From Hell - The FBI & Its Agents Should Go F*%S# Themselves

  • Editor's Notation: The NSA's satellite deployed electronic attacks on this author continue. Since the 1990's this author has been subjected to myriad electronic attacks via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and directed energy weaponry deployed via NSA weaponized satellites, against my person.

    These weaponized satellites utilize many different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to perpetrate such attacks; attacks which are manifest in myriad ways, depending on the frequencies used by NSA operatives.

    Ultra low frequency waves are regularly used against this author, which results in an intense fatigue that many targets of this technology have referred to as being so debilitating, that they are often forced to rest for many hours of the day, simply because they don't have the energy to function normally while being subjugated to such electronic attacks.

    Of course the body politic in the United States, being secretly controlled by the House of Rothschild, will not acknowledge that these attacks are taking place; nor will they publicly acknowledge that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has weaponized outer space by equipping their satellite spy networks with directed energy weapons' technology; weaponry that can be used to both torture and murder American citizens.

    These elected officials will also not admit to the one world government which the Rothschilds are presenting establishing, based on Zionism.

    Those of us who write about these crimes are being demonized, dehumanized and subjected to the most egregious violations of our inherent rights as citizens of the United States, ever reported.

    America is now operating under a hive mentality due to the intense brainwashing being conducted against this nation, through the Zionist financed and controlled military-intelligence complex; one which promulgates their disinformation through the mainstream media in the United States.
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