Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Person Documents The FBI's Gestapo Tactics While Offering Further Evidence That The FBI Is Spying On Everyone On The Internet

  • Student Finds Tracking Device On His Car - FBI Demands It Back - Another Instance Of The FBI's Squad Of Demons Getting Caught Spying Illegally & Demanding That Their Spying Device Be Returned - Further Proof That It's The FBI's Constitution Raping Agents Of Satan Who Are Living In Fantasy Land

  • Another American Vilifies The FBI

    The following post regarding the FBI's illegal placement of a wireless tracking device on the car of an unsuspecting student, was sourced from the AboveTopSecret.com Website:

    "A mechanic found it and showed it to him. This guy did nothing wrong. Saying "he was up to something" is baseless paranoia. Baseless paranoia is why the FBI put the bug on his car in the first place.

    There are plenty of real threats the FBI should be investigating. How about the international banking cartels and how they have destroyed the country. How about how our congress is in the pockets of mega corporations and foreign countries? How about how 9-11 was clearly done with internal help? What about the dancing Israelis on 9-11? What about all the corruption in the SEC?

    No, no, no, none of that matters. Let's put a tracker on a 20 year old American student's car and keep track of his employment history and favorite restaurants. The FBI is garbage. And the few actual good FBI agents who go after the real terrorists end up like John P. O'Neill."

    --Above Top Secret.com Website
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