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San Franciscan Citizen Jeff Williamson's Website Documenting The FBI's Attempted Murder Of Himself Under Its COINTELPRO Operations

  • "Crossing the Rubicon" By Michael Ruppert - Ruppert Is A Former San Francisco Police Officer Who First Made Headlines After Accusing Wall Street Of Being Used To Launder Drug Money When The Former Driving Force Behind Wall Street (Cheap Oil) Became Far More Expensive After The OPEC Embargo Of 1973 - Ruppert Went On To Found The Popular Conspiracy Website "From The Wilderness.com" Which At One Time Had A Readership In The Tens Of Thousands - Ruppert Was Poisoned A Few Years Ago And Nearly Died, Hampering His Publishing Ability - Why Would Someone Go To The Trouble Of Poisoning Mike Ruppert Unless He Was Telling The Truth?

  • Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Found Guilty On Only One Of 24 Counts The FBI Claimed He Was Guilty Of - This Author Has Previously Stated That Blagojevich's Trial Might Have Ended In A Hung Jury Because The FBI's Evidence Against Him Was So Flaky - Even A Federal Jury Thought So Refusing To Agree On 23 Of The 24 Charges Against Him -- The Only Charge Blagojevich Was Found Guilty Of Was Lying To The FBI, Kind Of Ironic Given All Of The Lies The FBI Tells The American People

  • The Organized Stalking Fireworks Continue!

    Editor's Note 1: After this author posts the following article on the San Francisco FBI's criminality yesterday evening, early this morning (Wednesday, August 18Th, 2010) at approximately 3:20AM Eastern Standard Time, someone sets off several firecrackers in this author's neighborhood, in front of the home next door - which is under construction. The pyrotechnic devices appear to be something like a Roman Candle, which lights up the sky when they are launched.

    * This is extemely dangerous this time of year given that this has been an extraordinarily hot summer, and the woodlands are very dry. If one of these pyrotechnic devices had started a brush fire, it could have ended up engulfing thousands of acres of prime Long Island real estate.

    This is indicative of the criminally insane mindset of those who orchestrate and perpetrate the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking. Moreover, there is a new house under construction next door to this author's with a great deal of lumber stacked in its front yard, which would have gone up like a tinder box if a brush fire had been started. The entire neighborhood could have been destroyed.

    A further illustration of just how dangerous organized stalkers are to our communities and the evil mindset which they propagate through such machinations.

    When this author takes my morning walk I find several pieces of paper which are left in the road in front of my home. They are pieces of paper torn from these pyrotechnic devices before they are actually ignited, and left in the road for this author to find. TNT, WAR & EXCLUSIVE printed in red are found on the remains of these pyrotechnic devices, while the rest of the paper is discarded. Note that the paper has no smell of explosive and is not charred.

    At the same time, a *motion sensitive spotlight which is on the side of this author's home is electronically triggered to turn on and off several times. It is clear that this early morning pyrotechnic's display is meant to intimidate this author - which it fails to do.

    Moreover, such criminal activity only serves to have me wondering who is directly responsible (the FBI & NSA are indirectly responsible), and strengthens my resolve to continue to document the crimes which the Intel community is committing against my Family, person and myriad other American citizens under the Draconian Patriot Act.

    * The millions of regular readers who access this Website are familiar with the NSA's remote neural monitoring of this author via the wireless computer to brain interface the NSA conducts against my person via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    It is also likely that many of these readers have read through John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which implicates the NSA in electronically brain fingerprinting the American people. How can any American citizen ignore such compelling testimony, which documents the NSA's secret destruction of our inherent right to privacy under the Bill of Rights 4Th Amendment, as well as our right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment?

    Clearly, the NSA and its government conspirators are growing more concerned that the American people are now reading AKWEI VS NSA for themselves and beginning to understand that the NSA is being used to destroy the Constitutional right to privacy that all American citizens are by law entitled to, through its use of the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    * According to several Internet traffic monitoring sites:

    9-11TheMotherOfAllBlackOperations.blogspot.com has received nearly 60 million unique readers since this author began publishing the material on this Website back in June of 2006 and now receives more than 21 million page views per day.

    These readers are also familiar with the myriad forms of electronic harassment which the NSA causes this author as part of the decades' long FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy in which to both deny me my inherent rights as an American citizen, while using my person for non consensual human experimentation.

    The NSA regularly triggers the motion sensitive spotlights around this author's home, as part of its treasonous electronic psychological warfare campaign against my person.

    Interestingly enough, none of this author's neighbors comes out of their homes after the firecracker incident, even though the firecrackers are quite loud. No neighbor even turns on a porch light out of curiosity, meaning that they may have been told that this act of intimidation was going to take place in advance.

    A short time after the firecrackers are set off, two police cars show up in this author's neighborhood (about 3:30AM) and stay for about 15 minutes, then leave.

    Now as I write this post another car leaves my neighborhood at 4AM, a full 37 minutes after the firecrackers were set off. The person (or persons) in this car is no doubt taking part in the organized stalking of this author, and likely set off the firecrackers, then quietly snuck out the neighborhood after the cops left.

    This is typical of the cowardly way in which organized stalkers function.

    However, this author does find it of interest that both police cars ended up parked in front of this author's home while the officers in the cars conversed for a few minutes, then left my neighborhood.

    The question is: was this a well orchestrated piece of street theatre, or just a few miscreants looking to terrorize this author?

    In all likelihood, the fact that the motion sensitive spotlight on the side of my home was remotely turned on and off concomitantly with the fireworks display, indicates that this was a well planned event - especially when considering that none of this author's neighbors bothered to turn on their outside lights.

    The fact that it also occurs after this author posts the following article, which mentions the names of several FBI agents within the San Francisco office of the FBI accused of attempting to murder another COINTELPRO target by the name of Jeff Williamson, is clearly not a coincidence.

    In this author's opinion, this display was yet another adjunct to the state sponsored terrorism which both my Family and person have been subjected to for the past decade; there are now thousands of American citizens reporting similar situations taking place within their own communities, stating their belief that the U.S. Intelligence community is the likely culprit in these attacks.

    There's no longer any doubt in this author's mind that they are correct, and that both the NSA and FBI are indirectly responsible for this morning's firework's display in this author's neighborhood.

    Editor's Note 2: This author documents yet another of the myriad complaints regarding the FBI now being posted on the Internet. There are complaints about the FBI's anti-American activities being alleged from American citizens across the United States.

    From all of these complaints it's become quite apparent that the FBI is operating completely outside the Constitutional rule of law, using gestapo tactics in which to entrap people whom the FBI cannot arrest legally, as well as utilizing vicious smear campaigns in which to demonize those whom the FBI's COINTELPRO operations have failed against.

    This while the FBI also employs the use of diabolical forms of psychological warfare in which to drive the FBI's victims to commit suicide. Something this author can attest to from my first hand experiences as a long-term target of an FBI/NSA conspiracy in which to both violate my Constitutional rights, as well as to use my person as a target of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation -- via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    As such, both the FBI and NSA have become a terminal cancer on the American people and must be abolished. Especially since both organizations are nothing but domestic spies who use covert forms of terrorism in which to torture and murder their victims.

    The following information has been excerpted from COINTELPRO Target Jeff Williamson's Website, which documents his experiences with the FBI's national crime syndicate.

    Jeff Williamson's Website On The FBI










    FBI TERRORIST San Francisco
    450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th. Floor
    San Francisco, California 94102-9523
    (415) 553-7400




    18 USC section § 241. Conspiracy against rights

    18 USC section § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

    18 USC section § 1091. Genocide

    18 USC section § 1505. Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

    18 U.S.C. section 246.

    Deprivation of relief benefits-- Whoever directly or indirectly deprives, attempts to deprive, or threatens to deprive any person of any employment, position, work, compensation, or other benefit provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of Congress appropriating funds for work relief or relief purposes, on account of political affiliation, race, color, sex, religion, or national origin, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.


  • California State Law Violations

  • More On FBI COINTELPRO Target Jeff Williamson's Ordeal


    IN ADDITION THE SAN FRANCISCO FBI under the direction of Chief Agent Arthur Balizan has used dangerous weapons on DJ BLAZE and continue to threaten and attempt to use these weapons with intent to cause serious bodily injury and torture to cause permanent mental impairment with dangerous FBI Cointelpro techniques which amounts to attempted murder knowing the consequences of the repeated use of these weapons. This has been reported to the US Attorney Kevin Ryan and Asst US ATT Mike Francis who are knowingly and willfully allowing these crimes to be committed.

    Also the FBI policy and practice of other Dangerous Cointelpro techniques have been used on me. See the laws above for the punishment of these federal crimes. THESE FEDERAL CRIMES CARRY LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE OR THE DEATH PENALTY. There has been Obstruction of Justice in Denver, Colorado by the Director of the FBI Robert Swan Mueller III, the Denver FBI, US Attorney Bill Leone, and Federal Judges covering up the criminal civil rights violations against me that have occurred across the United States.

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  • Also See Michael Boren Williams' Terrifying Accounts Of Being Arrested By The FBI On Trumped Up Charges While The FBI Destroyed Williams' Relationship With His Wife & Young Children - Williams' Crime? Exposing President George Herbert Walker Bush's Connections With The CIA & Its Drug Trafficking Operations During The 1988 Presidential Campaign
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