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Russell Tice - Neutralized By The Zionist Controlled U.S. Intelligence Community With Extreme Prejudice Never Got To Tell Americans His Shocking Info

  • An Article On A Form Of Wireless Computer To Brain Interface That Requires Brain Implants - The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence Operations Take This A Gigantic Step Further; Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Without Brain Implants - A Technology That A Former NSA Insider Says The NSA Has Been Using For Decades To Spy On American Citizens

  • Blacks Were Targeted By The CIA's Cocaine Trade - Further Proof Of The House Of Rothschilds' Genocidal Policy To Destroy Those Ethnic Races Whom The Rothschilds Believe To Be Inferior To Their Own

  • The FBI Gets Caught Spying On American Reporters & Citizens Without First Obtaining A Court Order - More On Why Americans Will Never Be Able To Trust The FBI Again & Why They Should Be Demanding That The U.S. Congress Abolish The FBI - It Shouldn't Be Difficult Since The FBI's Never Had A Legislative Charter To Begin With

  • Saturday, August 7, 2010 FBI AGENTS CAUGHT CHEATING ON TESTS AND FABRICATING “TERRORISM EMERGENCIES” -- More Evidence That The FBI Is A Complete Fraud That Hires Garbage

  • The FBI's Criminal Syndicate

    "Given this author's own experiences with the FBI's outrageous slander campaigns, coercive tactics and psychological warfare operations, as well as the FBI's long history of manufacturing evidence, while committing perjury and suborning of witness perjury (coercing the FBI's manufactured witnesses into lying under oath) in American courtrooms, the FBI's logo of Fidelity, Bravery & Integrity is a complete and utter joke.

    A far more appropriate logo for the FBI should be a large picture of Pinocchio in the midst of telling one of his great whoppers with the caption Fascism, Bureacracy & Intimidation. Since intimidation, a complete disregard for the U.S. Constitutional rule of law, and a pathological deception of the American people truly are the FBI's raison d'être. Moreover, as this author has witnessed firsthand, FBI agents will say and do anything to defend their own criminality, including furtively committing the crimes of torture and murder."

    - James F. Marino

    "These guys are professional liars who've raised selected memory loss to an art form."

    - Judi Bari

    Regarding FBI Agents She Witnessed Committing Perjury

    "Edmonds stated her FBI supervisor told her to let work pile up in terrorism cases, thus enabling them to go into Congress stating they are swamped, understaffed and need millions more in federal funding, out of taxpayer money, on a yearly basis, when their ever increasing budget is up for review.

    "And the public wonders why terrorists keep gaining illegal access to U.S. shores to inflict unconscionable harm on innocent citizens. It is because of the FBI's criminal negligence and corrupt agenda.

    "Millions in FBI funding paid for by the U.S. taxpayers, has gone missing, as it was stolen in some cases and misappropriated in others, wasted on luxurious frivolities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's high flying management. If they want to spend like that, they need to go work on Wall Street. Leave the crime solving to people who actually care."

    Former FBI Translator
    - Sibel Edmonds

    Now Being Demonized By The FBI

    "Swearingen provides an insider's view of the COINTELPRO program of suppression of political dissidents, but also tells us that the program continues to this day under another name, apparently without a paper trail.

    "He paints a picture of an agency riddled with corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency, composed of men who may have once been patriots, but who have been reduced to common criminals, whose crime fighting activities are limited at best and largely for show, with political repression being the primary mission.

    "The activities of FBI agents and their "informers" include warrantless break-ins, theft, fraud, kidnapping, perjury, fabrication of evidence, suborning of witness perjury, and murder. The targets were political dissidents: anyone FBI agents didn't like."

    Former FBI Agent M. Wesley Swearingen

    "FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose" 1994

  • The FBI Steals A $300,000 Invention From A Brilliant Electronic's Designer Who Threatens To Sue The FBI, Then Turns Up Missing After Telling Friends That He Believed That The FBI Was Going To Murder Him -- Did FBI Agents Murder John Iverson? Iverson's Been Missing Since The Early 1990's As Is The Person Who Was Said To Have Kidnapped Him - Sounds Alot Like An FBI Confabulation Used To Cover Up What Really Happened To John Iverson

  • Sooner Or Later The FBI Will Be Abolished

    Where's NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice?

    Editor's Note: Back in early 2006 this author *sends the American Civil Liberties Union an E-mail containing a hyperlink to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, stating my concerns that the NSA is using wireless computer to brain interface technology in which to destroy the American people's right to privacy under the 4Th Amendment and right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment.

    A short time later the ACLU files a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request with the U.S. Intelligence community (specifically with the NSA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon and Department Of Homeland Security) attempting to learn what advanced brainscanning technologies the Intel community is using on *terrorists.

    Keep in mind that under the Bush 43 Administration, virtually anyone in the United States who criticizes the shadow government which operates under the facade of the U.S. Federal Government can now be labeled as a terrorist - even a child.

    *Shortly after sending this E-mail, the Angelfire account that this author used to maintain a Website on the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on my person is suddenly deleted, with Angelfire stating that the Website is in violation of Angelfire's terms of service. However, no legitimate reason is ever given for deleting the Website which had been up for at least a year.

    To this author's knowledge the ACLU has never received a response from any of the aforementioned organizations. A short time later, former NSA agent and government whistleblower Russell Tice states that he has a bomb shell to drop on the American people regarding crimes the NSA is committing.

    However, Tice reports that he is immediately setup by the FBI and stalked day and night in efforts to prevent him from telling the public what he knows, and from testifying before the United States Congress with his information.

    Since that time, Russ Tice has clearly been blacklisted for his attempts to expose crimes the NSA is committing under the cover of the National Security Act.

    The ACLU's FOIA request does not specifically mention wireless computer to brain interface brainscanning technology (something which is discussed in great detail in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA), however based on this author's knowledge, there are people at the ACLU who are familiar with Akwei's lawsuit, and his allegations that the NSA utilizes wireless computer to brain interface technology to spy on the American public, as well as to conduct unconstitutional wireless computer to brain interface (remote neural monitoring) interrogations of American citizens who've never even been arrested or Mirandized.

    A clear violation of the Bill of Rights 6Th Amendment to due process of law.

    It would appear that those within the U.S. Intelligence community who support such treasonous spying, are concerned about the ACLU's attempts in which to obtain the following FOIA request, for if the Intel community actually admits to such spying, they would also admit that this technology has been used to destroy the American people's protections under the United States Bill of Rights.

    In fact these agents are so concerned that it appears that they have created their own Website vilifying the ACLU for criticizing this technology. Common sense would indicate that the U.S. Intel community is now concerned that they have lost the secrecy of this technology and are going to try to justify its use.

    However, any organization that would create and deploy technology which destroys the inherent rights of the citizens of the United States is not only in the commission of a crime of treason, but also of a crime against humanity.

    Especially when one considers how the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network can be used to *implant computer generated information into the mind of an unsuspecting subject of this technology, while quite possibly completely altering the person's state of mind.

    * This author has been subjected to such non consensual experimentation in which computer generated information is electronically implanted within my mind. This has occured for decades, including computer generated simulations which are used for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation and brainwave entrainment.

    ACLU FOIA Request Regarding U.S. Intelligence Community's Use Of Advanced Brainscanning Technologies

    Website Which Attacks ACLU For Criticising Government Use Of Advanced Brainscanning Technologies -- In All Likelihood, This Website Is The Brainchild Of Intel Agents Who Endorse The Use Of This Orwellian Technology; Technology Which The Intel Community Is Likely Using On Many Of The ACLU's Own Lawyers

    Where's NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice?

    Was former NSA agent Russell Tice going to blow the whistle on the National Security Agency's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people back in 2006, when the FBI threatened him?

    Tice reported that he'd had a bombshell to drop on the American people in regard to something the NSA was doing that the agency had no authority to be doing - something treasonous.

    Spying that went well beyond the electronic domestic eavesdropping the NSA was perpetrating under the Bush 43 Administration.

    Tice was quoted as saying "this is an angle that you've never thought of."

    In this author's opinion Russ Tice was referring to the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting and brainscanning of American citizens through the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations.

    A domestic spy program first mentioned by former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei in his 1990's lawsuit against the NSA. A lawsuit whose contents can be found at the following Website: Akwei VS NSA

    Did The FBI Get To Tice?

    For the most part, since 2006 Russell Tice has been largely silent since reporting that he was being stalked by the FBI and intimidated into not reporting to Congress the secretive information that he had claimed to have on the NSA.

    However, Tice did speak with Democracy Now journalist, Amy Goodman, just long enough to leave Americans with the impression that the NSA's hierarchy is running the agency like a military- intelligence dictatorship, with agents who spoke out against crimes being committed within the organization being demoted, demoralized and subjected to the loss of their security clearances, yet kept in the employ of the NSA, so that the agency's hierarchy could keep an eye on them all day long.

    Several FBI whistleblowers have said that a similar situation exists within the hierarchy of as they put it "the FBI's own criminal structure."

    One of such whistleblowers, former FBI linguist Sibel Edmonds, has stated that the FBI is operating with a criminal agenda, and openly accused the FBI's "high flying management" of not only misappropriating funds but also stealing them.

    In this author's opinion Russ Tice was going to expose what John St. Clair Akwei was trying to expose regarding the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network, in a lawsuit which is so damaging to the NSA, that the U.S. Courts have refused to hear it for the past two decades.

    It would appear from the testimony of myriad government whistleblowers, that the U.S. Intelligence community is criminal from its hierarchy on down, and that an honest agent simply can no longer survive in such a criminal atmosphere.

    Many former Intel agents seem to agree, since they have taken it upon themselves to blow the whistle on a vast array of criminal activities which are occuring within the U.S. Federal Government; specifically its military intelligence complex.

    And this also explains the large number of former agents who have formed a coalition to expose the myriad of crimes occurring with the U.S. Federal Government - and especially within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

    One must now wonder how long it will take U.S. Intel to infiltrate this patriotic coalition in efforts to either destroy it, or take control of it. An act which typifies the FBI's history of COINTELPRO black operations.

    It is as the direct result of such government duplicity that it's become imperative for all Americans to read Akwei VS NSA for themselves, since it's the American middle class which must restore the American Constitutional Republic, while driving the House of Rothschild out of the United States for once and for all.

  • 2006 American Chronicle Article Inquiring If Russell Tice Was Referring To The NSA's Signals Intelligence Operations & Its Treasonous Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People Through The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA - Isn't It Time That You Read A Lawsuit That The U.S. Courts Have Refused To Hear? And That Former NSA Agent Russell Tice May Well Have Been Attempting To Corroborate When He Was Prevented From Doing So By The FBI.

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