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The Federal Reserve System's Zionist Con Job On The American Working Class (Middle Class Americans)

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If you try your hand at doing what the Federal Reserve System does everyday, by printing your own money, you will be arrested by the FBI for counterfeiting. However, the Zionists who control the Federal Reserve System through banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, make up their own rules while remaining completely above the Constitutional rule of law.

As for the hypocrisy in all of this, contact the FBI or the Department Of Justice with documented proof that the Federal Reserve System is counterfeiting and laundering money (a fact which these organizations are already well aware of as is the United States Congress), and you will be the one who ends up under attack, or planted "six" feet underground.

For those citizens who have been deceived into believing that FBI agents don't regularly commit murder, they are unaware of how this very well funded crime syndicate operates. And the FBI, like the rest of its alphabet cohorts, will do anything their Zionist leadership instructs them to do, in order to maintain this precedent setting fleecing and class warfare conducted against the American middle class.

Most FBI agents don't question their orders - they simply follow them with a robotic like obedience. And the few agents who actually do question or refuse to comply with crimes they are instructed to commit, often find themselves being harassed by the FBI's counterintelligence operatives; those agents whose job is destroy every aspect of their being.

The Zionist leaders of the Federal Reserve System will tell the public that every dollar they print is based on a gold certificate, which is true.

However, these gold certificates are as worthless as the fiat paper which the Federal Reserve prints, because most of the gold which was once housed in the U.S. Treasury was long ago stolen by the Federal Reserve System and sent to Europe, while the rest was housed in the Federal Reserve's own vaults under its New York branch.

If these gold certificates were worth anything, you would be able to use them as legal tender because they would be based on real gold. However, in 1933 (as the direct result of the Federal Reserve System's engineering of the Great Depression) there was a run on the banks in the United States which would have allowed all of the Americans seeking gold to remove their gold from these banks.

What most Americans in the modern day don't realize is that the Federal Reserve had looted this gold from the United States Treasury in 1913, and as such, there was no longer enough gold in the U.S. Treasury in which to pay all of the American people.

So the Federal Reserve's solution for covering up this treasonous crime, was to perpetrate yet another by making it illegal for Americans to use gold as legal tender.

This group of Zionist international bankers (the Illuminati crime syndicate) then forced Americans to surrender their gold in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes. Once again, the Federal Reserve used our elected officials to pass treasonous legislation which made it a crime to use real money as legal tender, and forced us to use their fiat money instead. A crime which has been taking place since 1933.

And now the American middle class is all but financially bankrupted as the direct result of this outrageous crime against their country, since it is their gold which has been stolen from them, and their government completely overrun by a shadow military dictatorship operating under the guise of a democracy.

There is irrefutable proof that the Federal Reserve central bank is in control of the United States Federal Government, and that the Federal Reserve System is controlled by the House Of Rothschild international banking cartel in London, England. This is the real head of the Illuminati's global crime syndicate which controls our government and elected officials, as well as those of myriad other countries taken over by the Rothschild's Zionist criminal banking syndicate; this is done by establishing central banks in these countries, and then fomenting wars between them in order force their governments into becoming indebted to these central banks.

Once this occurs, the House of Rothschild then uses these central banks to secretly overthrow the legitimate governments of these countries.

What is amazing is that it has taken the Internet, and authors like Eustace Mullins and G. Edward Griffin (as well as the filmakers like the late Aaron Russo) to educate the public in regard to the real purpose of these central banks. Just as John St. Clair Akwei, this author, and several others are now educating the public in regard to the NSA's EMF scanning network and brain fingerprinting of the American middle class, while using many of us for remote forms of non consensual human experimentation.

In time, we will win this battle against Zionism and their Satanic agenda. However, for the time being, this cold war rages on, and with an ever increasing intensity to take our country back from these evil interlopers.

"The Federal Reserve can create a million dollars, then lend it to the US Government (at exorbitant interest rates) for a total cost of around $230.00!"

-- Beware Of The Mark Author Ray Novosel

What Novosel is referring to in his statement is the cost of the ink and paper which the Federal Reserve System uses to COUNTERFEIT its fake money before it lends (meaning LAUNDERS) it to the U.S. Treasury at usury interest rates which (are unconstitutional) the American middle class must then pay back in the form of an unconstitutional federal income tax. A tax which these Zionists have used to enslave the American middle class.

Eustace Mullins' The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve - The Best Expose On The Federal Reserve System Ever Written
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