Saturday, January 23, 2010

FBI - Bombing People, Torturing Citizens Through Psychological Warfare, Spying On Americans In Their Homes, Raping The U.S. Constitution

Adolph Hitler Was An Illegitimate Grandson Of Nathan Mayer Rothschild & Great Grandson Of Mayer Amschel Rothschild - Who Like His Ancestors Left A Legacy Of Global Torture, Murder & Pathological Deception - While Hitler Remains Labeled As A Nazi, He Was First & Foremost, A Zionist

Legislating Repression -- The Federal Crime Bill and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act by C. Stone Brown -- Why The U.S. Federal Government Perpetrated The 1995 Murrah Building Bombing & Then Used The FBI To Cover This Treasonous Act Up

Why Former FBI Agent Richard Taus Was Setup On Pedophile Charges In Order To Silence Him - This Is What The Rare Good FBI Agent Must Deal With When The FBI's Criminal Hierarchy Seeks To Cover Up Federal Crimes Instead Of Prosecuting Them - Richard Taus Is An Innocent Man Wrongfully Imprisoned By The U.S. Federal Government In Order To Cover Up His Investigation Regarding Treasonous Crimes Which Took Place Within The Bush 41 White House & National Security Agency

Zionism & The Third Reich

The FBI Gestapo Controlled By Zionists

The FBI Respects No Person & No Law

FBI Agents Are Hired To Violate The U.S. Constitution.

They Are The Worst Kind Of Criminals.

Those With Badges & Impunity

To Commit Crimes Under The Color Of Law.

In Collusion With The NSA The FBI Has Endorsed

The Treasonous Electronic Brain Fingerprinting

Of The American People While Setting The Most Egregious

Precedent In Violating Our 4TH Amendment Rights

In The History Of The United States Of America.

FBI Agents Are The Sworn Enemy Of Freedom As Their

Despicable History Has Shown Us.

Their Allegiance Is To The Zionist's Evil Incarnate

FBI/CIA Worthless PIGS? by A. Shemonia

FBI Attempts To Murder One Of Its Own Agents Who Then Exposes The FBI For The Zionist Crime Syndicate That It Is


The FBI's Murder Of The Branch Davidians - Was This Murder Planned In Advance?

FBI Bomb School & Other Atrocities By Judi Bari

Recording Star Aisha Goodison Sues The FBI For Nearly Killing Her During A COINTELPRO Operation

The Zionist Controlled New World Order's Planned Genocide Of Haiti - Geophysical Manipulation Of The Weather & The Destruction Of An Entire Country -- The Zionist's Genocidal Policy

FBI Agent Indicted After Having Affair With Suspect's Wife - Another Sleazy FBI Agent Violating The Constitutional Rule Of Law

Once Again, FBI Caught Breaking The Law In Gathering Phone Call Info; But Real Issue Is Why Telcos Let Them? - More Evidence That The FBI Is Using The Patriot Act To Circumvent The Constitutional Protections Of The American People And That It Exploits Terrorism To Intimidate American Companies Into Aiding And Abeting The FBI's Violations Of Our Constitutional Rights

Dr. Len Horowitz Files Pandemic Charges With FBI Regarding The Swine Flu Hoax - Given The Zionist Control Of The FBI & Zionism's Genocidal Plot To Destroy Most Of This Planet's Population Through Such Genocidal Attacks, The FBI Will Do Nothing About Dr. Horowitz' Charges

The FBI's Pathological Deceptions -- FBI Agents Provocateur - A Cancer On Humanity

Pennsylvania Walmart Sued For Videotaping Employees & Customers In Bathroom - The FBI & NSAs' Employee-Cum-Pigs Use Millimeter Wave Camera Equipped Spy Satellites In Which To Spy On American Citizens In The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms & Bathrooms. So Why Are These Agencies Not Being Sued For Such Depraved Behavior? Because These So Called Agents Are Under The Same Criminal Zionist Leadership That Burned The United States Constitution In 1913 After The House Of Rothschild's Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank Became The Defacto Government Of This Country, While Taking Over Our "Three" Branches Of Government
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