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ACLU Dubs The FBI Part Of "Public Enemy Number One Of The Security-Industrial Complex" - The ACLU Should Dub U.S. Media An Enabler Of This Complex

"Like a vampire rising from its grave each night to feed on the privacy rights of Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving forward with programs that drain the life blood from our constitutional liberties.

From the wholesale use of informants and provocateurs to stifle political dissent, to Wi-Fi hacking and viral computer spyware to follow our every move, the FBI has turned massive data-mining of personal information into a growth industry. In the process they are building the surveillance state long been dreamed of by American securocrats."

Source: What Really Happened Website/Posted By Poorrichard

"Scum At The Top" FBI Agents Taking Souvenirs From 9-11 Sites

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations: Confirmed FBI Cover-Up Of Flight 253 Attack -- The FBI Also Covered Up The U.S. Navy's Accidental Shooting Down Of TWA Flight 800 In 1996 & Concocted A Complete Fabrication Which To This Day The U.S. Media Reports As Being Legitimate - The "Faulty Fuel Tank" Red Herring

  • U.S. Federal Government Tested Chem Trails "Dirty Rain" As A Biological Agent Since 1994!

  • Drugging or Torture of 9-11 Suspects Breaks Constitution, Law, and Treaties - FBI Considered Torture And Druggings Of 9-11 Suspects

    "Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that...the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence."

    -Final Report of the Church Committee

    The New FBI COINTELPRO Goes Hi Tech

    The FBI's criminal tactics have become far worse since the attacks on 9-11-2001 then they have ever been before. This is an organization whose agents routinely break the law without getting caught. However, on the occasions when the FBI gets caught committing serious crimes regarding an American citizen's Constitutional rights, the FBI will not admit to committing such crimes, but instead wage a smear campaign in which to demonize the person whom they have committed such outrageous crimes against.

    This is especially true if the FBI has been colluding with other Intel agencies such as the NSA, in which to subject a citizen to non consensual human experimentation as the FBI and NSA have done with this author.

    What's even worse is that the FBI is now spending billions of dollars in cutting edge spy technologies which are only going to serve as an adjunct to the police state mentality propagated by our elected officials. Those who do not represent the will of the American middle class, but instead, the Zionist collective which controls the U.S. Federal Government through the Federal Reserve System's global counterfeiting/money laundering operation.

    Moreover, when the FBI's own crimes become outrageous enough that it must demonize those whom it has committed these crimes against, the FBI's penchant for exaggeration becomes as unparallelled as its complete disregard for the Constitutional rule of law. These agents consider it their prerogative to violate the civil rights of any American citizen, while using intimidation tactics in which to frighten off any persons who might be able testify against the FBI and on behalf of such persons in a court of law. Moreover, the only real difference between the FBI and organized crime is that the Bureau has access to far more disposable income, and never holds its agents accountable for the crimes they commit - no matter how horrible - unless those agents become a threat to the FBI's criminal enterprise. Even organized crime families will take appropriate action against members who deliberately violate some code which these families enforce.

    As for those people who believe that the FBI does not murder American citizens, these people are extremely naive as to the FBI's modern day COINTELPRO operations. A multi billion dollar a year criminal enterprise without any legitimate oversight from the United States Congress or the Department of Justice. So is it any wonder why the FBI operates by the seat of its pants and without any concern for the crimes which they commit?

    These agents know that they are never going to be made accountable for such crimes and they depend on such unaccountability which encourages the vigilante attitude of complete lawlessness that has always characterized the FBI. The FBI is also presently attempting to find a plausible way in which to murder this author, and has been attempting to have this blog deleted for the past three and a half years because my allegations against the Bureau are not only true, but illustrative of the most egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment in American History. The FBI is simply making up their own rules and attempting to justify crimes against the Constitutional rule of law that are so outrageous that they can never be tolerated.

    Another in myriad instances of the FBI's abject arrogance.

    Moreover, there has never been an American citizen who has a more compelling lawsuit against the FBI then this author, which is why the FBI continues to wage its smear campaign against my person, while intentionally avoiding any situation in which these FBI agents would be forced to answer a myriad of incriminating questions which they have no intention of answering. The agents involved in these attacks are criminals who must be indicted.


    The FBI's Dirty Tricks Characterize The Despicable Nature Of Most Of Its Agents -- Operation Lightening Strike - The FBI's Attack On certain NASA employees

    Nothing Vague About FBI Abuse - Here Are The Dossiers

    FBI Covers Up Murders Committed By FBI Agents

    "Since the events of 9/11, the Bureau has become part of public enemy number one or what the ACLU has lately dubbed: 'the Security-Industrial Complex."

    - Steven Kotler Website

    Goodbye FBI: Why an ace counterterrorism agent left the bureau for an unlikely place—the ACLU

    CIA Psychological Operations Handbook

    Psyops Are Part Of Guerrilla Warfare & In Post 9-11 America Used By The Intel Community Against American Citizens Via Intel's Nationwide Organized Stalking Network.

    Organized Stalkers Are Used To Deploy These Covert Operations So That The Intel Community Can Deny Any Involvement - This Is Similar To How The Intel Community Uses The Private Sector In Which To Circumvent Laws Which Prevent Intel From Violating Your Civil Rights.

    An Excellent Example Of This Is The National Security Agency's Use Of The Kinnecome Group In Which To Domestically Spy On American Citizens Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite Scanning Network. This Enables The NSA To Avoid Any Impropriety Under Its Directive 18 Guidelines, Since It Contracts With Kinnecome Group To Do This Spying For The NSA. The NSA's First Significant Domestic Spying Began As A Result Of The UKUSA Treaty; A Situation In Which British Intelligence Spied On The American People While The NSA Spied On Great Britain, And The Two Spies Then Exchanged Their Information -- Also See AKWEI VS NSA To Learn More about the NSA's Unconstitutional Domestic Spy Programs.

    The following CIA handbook describes how the CIA used psychological warfare in which to overthrow the Sandinista controlled Nicaraguan government. In this case, the CIA's propaganda contained the type of rhetoric which the Zionist controlled U.S. Federal Government has been promulgating for nearly a century. Specifically, how *Democracy is the best form of government (a lie since Democracy is a poor form of government where the majority rules the minority) and should be used to replace whatever form of government the CIA is looking to covertly overthrow.

    CIA Psychological Operations Handbook

    This type of propaganda has been used by the Intel community in order to destroy legitimate democracies, while replacing them with CIA controlled puppet governments like those presently operating in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Under the Bush Administration (which was controlled by the Zionist group formerly known as The Project For A New American Century), the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have been subjugated to the theft of their natural resources under the pretense of setting up a democracy in these countries. The Bush Administration's legislation to privatize Iraq's natural resources so that the profits from these resources can be sent outside of Iraq (The Hydrocarbon Law) is further proof of this.

    And while most people would claim that Afghanistan has little to offer in regard to natural resources, the country does border on the Caspian Basin, which is one of the richest deposits of crude oil and natural gas reserves on this planet. Moreover, the Bush Administration under the direction of the Project For A New American Century, attempted to break a Taliban contract with Argentina which would have enabled Argentina to construct an oil pipeline from the Caspian Basin through Northern Afghanistan.

    This would have been extremely lucrative for Argentina and the Taliban, since together, they would have controlled this pipeline and become a formidable competitor to the Anglo American oil cartel known as the "Four Sisters."

    And anyone who believes that the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System had nothing to do with orchestrating the attacks on 9-11-2001 (via their connections with the Zionist members of the now defunct Project For A New American Century), must read Richard W. Behan's monograph entitled "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror," since this book is well researched, and discusses many unknown aspects of the Bush Administration's negotiations with the Taliban just prior to the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

    After the Bush Administration failed to negotiate with the Taliban, the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 conveniently took place, giving the Bush Administration a plausible excuse for waging war on Afghanistan.

    The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex has been undermining legitimate governments and replacing them with such puppet dictatorships which operate under the guise of a democracy, for the past century. This while few Americans even understand the duplicitous nature of these organizations. The Intel community is engaging in a massive fraud at the direction of the Zionist leadership in the United States, and at the expense of the American people and the rest of the global middle class, who are now facing life under a global dictatorship overseen by the Zionist international banking/counterfeiting/money laundering cartel.

    The global money trust, who in fact manufacture debt, and then creatively utilize this debt in which to loot the treasuries of the respective countries in which they setup their criminal central banks, while destroying the legitimate governments of these countries and placing their citizens into a state of enslavement.

    *The United States, despite this government's claims to be a Democratic republic, continues to operate as an oligarchy, in which a relatively small group of people control the entire nation through a system of credit which is used to manipulate the country's economy.

    The United States also claims to be a capitalistic society, however, capitalism implies that the average person is free to create their own means of earning a living, which in the monopolistic realm of corporate America is nearly impossible. The average American worker is a slave to the corporate elite, earning a pittance in comparison to those who control the company that he/she works for.

    This disparity has grown far worse over the past few decades, with the Zionist controlled Wall Street financial establishment oftentimes setting unrealistic goals for the corporate world, while forcing America's business leaders into making short-term decisions based on quick profits, which nearly always harm companies in the long-run. Oftentimes, this backwards thinking results in the loss of thousands of jobs for the employees of such companies, while the leadership which failed to enhance these companies bailout with millions of dollars in golden parachutes, even though they've harmed the very companies which they were entrusted with. This is called survival of the least fit, and it has become a characteristic of the leadership in corporate America.

    In her fictional novel "Atlas Shrugged," the late author Ayn Rand referred to such leadership as "looters' because they created nothing, and instead parasited themselves off of those who did. The Federal Reserve System is perhaps the best example of Rand's concept of "looting" since this global parasite has looted the United States Treasury, while undermining the Constitutional rule of law in the United States. Both of which have seriously harmed the American middle class, who are now barely surviving. Nathan Mayer Rothschild would have been deliriously overjoyed in seeing how his 18TH Century plot in which to destroy the United States of America has been succesfully carried out by one of his own Communist central banks - the Federal Reserve System - and at the direction of its London connection - the House Of Rothschild.

    The Zionist War On Terror Deception

    Any American citizen who has been paying attention to how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq remain drawn out with no legitmate accomplishments, a likely trillon plus dollar war debt, the abject attack on the United States Constitution, and a political system that refuses to tell them the truth in regard to the attacks on 9-11 being a false flag operation (something millions of American bloggers now acknowledge), must already understand that this war on terror deception is being used to destroy the United States Constitution and any protections they have along with it. Hitler did the same thing with Germany's Weinmar Constitution after he was elected chancellor of Germany in a rigged election, by keeping the Constitution around in name only, while he built his Third Reich into the global power that it became.

    Had it not been for the United States and Russia defeating Hitler and the Third Reich during World War II, the Third Reich would have long ago taken over this entire planet, being directly influenced by the Zionist international banking cartel.

    Instead, the Zionist banking cartel itself has managed to take over the planet, by using its Communist central banks to foment wars between countries which then borrowed fiat currency from these banks, in which to fight these wars, and then became indebted to these banks through the usury interest rates which they charge for lending currency which the country's themselves could have printed interest free.

    In post 9-11 America the American people are being deceived by a modern day version of the Third Reich, in which federal agencies such as the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Department Of Homeland Security have become the new version of the Third Reich (in essense the Fourth Reich), and are being used to spy domestically while developing the most advanced spy technology ever created; in order to destroy any privacy and protections that we once had under our Constitution.

    And since we can be electronically tracked by our body's own electromagnetic field, the concept of privacy remains nothing more than illusion now.

    Moreover, there is no longer any question that what we have operating within the United States is a military/intelligence dictatorship which is funded by the Zionist international banking establishment under the Federal Reserve System; a government which is operating under the guise of a democracy, but is in fact one arm of an immense global dictatorship which is being used to quietly enslave the American middle class.

    A government that would electronically brain fingerprint its own population through an intelligence agency like the NSA can hardly be referred to as a democracy.

    Consequently, and as dangerous as these people are, the most abject and pending danger to the American proletariat is in failing to speak out in regard to this treasonous deception, and in refusing to defend our Constitution and our country from these Zionist interlopers.

    Our founding fathers did not create America so that the House Of Rothschild could take it away from us, which is exactly what they are attempting to do through this bogus war on terror.

    The war isn't on terror, but instead being conducted by the terrorists against the American middle class.

    And only an information revolution will end this betrayal and enable the American citizenry to restore our Constitutional Republic. Short of that, the entire global middle class will be taken back in time to a status of serfdom, where genocidal policy will be used to murder most this planet's population. Our silence is nothing but an endorsement of this treasonous cabal. Simply stated: it's time for the American middle class to speak up in defense of their inherent rights as citizens of this country. They can no longer remain silent without losing their freedom.
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