Sunday, December 13, 2009

The United States Of America - A Zionist Controlled Military Dictatorship Operating Under The Guise Of A Democratic Republic

FBI Surveillance & The 4TH Amendment

Newly Declassified Files Reveal Massive FBI Datamining Project - Further Proof That The FBI Is Nothing But A Domestic Spy Being Used By The Zionist Controlled Dictatorship That Now Secretly Controls The United States

Hate Blogger Who Threatened To Murder Judge Is A Paid FBI Provocateur

The Troubling Case Of The Fort Dix Five - More Evidence Of FBI Entrapment Schemes & Wrongful Prosecution To Support The Bush Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror

FCC Warrantless Home Searches Alarm Privacy Experts - Another Aspect Of The Patriot Act Which Is Being Used To Destroy Your 4TH Amendment Rights - The FCC Now Claims To Have The Right To Enter Your Home Without A Warrant To Check On Any Wireless Device You Own - Your Use Of Cell Phone, Baby Monitor or Computer Router Would Qualify For This Outrageous Intrusion Of Your Privacy!

The North American Union Act - The Planned Merger Of The United States, Canada & Mexico - Why Don't Most Americans Know About This Zionist Plan To Destroy The United States & Merge Its Land With Mexico & Canada?

USA - A Military Dictatorship

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