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The True Story Of Chronic Lyme Disease "Under Our Skin" Wins Several Film Awards For 2009 - Lyme Patients Blacklisted By The Insurance Industry

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This author has been afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease since contracting this U.S. Government biological weapon in 1993. Chronic Lyme Disease remains the most controversial illness of the Twentieth Century, due to its covert origins, the devastation which it has caused in millions of people's lives, the myriad deaths which have resulted from it, and the outrageous *government conspiracy in which to keep the public from ever learning the truth about Lyme Disease's biological warfare roots. In 1997, out of respect for the millions of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients afflicted with this biological weapon, I created the Lyme Disease Quilt Page. I later created a second Website for the Lyme Quilt Page with updated graphics created by a friend, which the FBI deliberately had taken down, because the site was on the same server as other Webpages which described the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on my Family and person.

However, the time that I spent in creating the Lyme Disease Quilt Page has helped myriad chronically ill Lyme Disease patients to connect over the Internet, a number of whom had been suffering for years before being properly diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease.

The following statement makes all the thousands of hours which this author spent in the creation of the Lyme Disease Quilt Page worthwhile. I only wish that the FBI had not deleted the second Website for this page, which was far more comprehensive than the following one, and included at least one hundred additional accounts by Lyme patients of their experiences with this terrible biological weapon.

Testimonial Regarding The Lyme Disease Quilt Page

"The Lyme Disease Quilt Page is a compilation of stories about Lyme disease patients. It was on this webpage that I read about so many of the symptoms that I was experiencing, too. These stories led me in the right direction to get the help I needed to combat the infection in my body. I cherish and appreciate this webpage and the people whose stories are posted there, for without them, I may not have found the help I needed. Thank you. Tina J. Garcia"

Lyme Disease Quilt Page

Plum Island-Lyme Disease & Paperclip - A Deadly Triangle By Patricia Doyle

The LymeBlog - The Largest Lyme Disease Network On The Internet - An Information Hub For Chronic Lyme Disease Sufferers From All Over The World

*For decades, the United States Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health have perpetrated a criminal conspiracy in which to intentionally under report the numbers of cases of Lyme Disease each year, or the fact that Lyme Disease is a government manufactured biological weapon.

Beginning in the mid 1980's, a similar government cover up ensued in regard to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in which the work of one Dr. Elaine Defreitas (a brilliant young scientist formerly of the Wistar Institute) appears to have been intentionally sabotaged by scientists operating within the NIH and CDC. The fact that such government smokescreens have been promulgated as red herrings in which to defraud the public should not be at all surprising, since both CFIDS & Lyme Disease were created as bioweapons; neurosystemic diseases which devastate the human body while gradually destroying it. And there are many other such bioweapons which are related to the aforesaid.

"Under Our Skin Main Website" - The Truth About Chronic Lyme Disease

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