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Editor's Notation: This author is presently being subjected to a DEW weaponry attack being used to cause dizziness. Moreover, the other day while plowing the snow from my driveway, I slipped while backing the snow thrower down the driveway. However, the violence with which I was thrown to the ground (which resulted in injuring my hip) was beyond anything I have ever experienced in regard to falling in the past.

And while it is possible that the fall was not related to DEW weapons, I must still record this situation given *Intel's furtive intent to murder my person, and the fact that I am electronically targeted 24 hours per day for illegal NSA satellite surveillance. Had I hit my head and ended up dead (or in a vegetative state), the "accident" would have served Intel's intent in which to murder my person with plausible deniability.

*The FBI also continues to intimidate this author's Family into taking part in the psychological warfare operation that the Bureau has been aggressively waging against this author for most of this decade. As such, Family members are brainwashed and refuse to listen to the facts regarding this situation, since they are no longer acting of their own free will, and are terrified of what further criminal actions the FBI will perpetrate against them. These Family members not only take part in the FBI's vicious psychological warfare operations against this author, but also refuse to admit to doing so, out of fear that the FBI will subject them to the same despicable operations if they fail to submit to the FBI's Gestapo-minded directives.

This author also remains concerned for the safety of my Family which is why I document every aspect of the COINTELPRO crimes which the FBI continues to subject us to. These accounts serve as a written record of the FBI's crimes, so that there can be no question that if foul play against this author or a member of my Family takes place, that either the FBI or its provocateurs will be the likely suspects in such criminal acts. The NSA's use of DEW technology against this author is also of great concern here, since this technology has been used to remotely torture my person for years, and in this author's opinion has also been deployed against other Family members without their knowledge.

In fact, the FBI's crimes have become totally outrageous as has their criminal propaganda smear campaign against this author, which is being used for the express purpose of obscuring the fact that for the past thirty years, these federal agents have egregiously violated this author's civil rights (as well as my Family's), by committing a myriad of crimes under the color of law; crimes which these agents could be indicted and sent to prison for. Moreover, the fact that the Department Of Justice has allowed these agents to get away with these crimes is illustrative of how the DOJ aids and abets the FBI's criminality. A situation which has resulted in a federal agency whose agents are never held accountable for their crimes, even when they torture and murder their victims. Even former federal agents have spoken publicly in regard to the FBI's torture and murder of American citizens.

These agents will not commit such acts unless they are certain that they can do so with the type of anonymity that using electromagnetic weapons (DEW) affords them. Moreover, there is no longer any doubt that spy satellite networks like NSA Echelon are being used to covertly perpetrate such murders, while those who do so maintain their anonymity. The perfect crime, since no one can prove that these agents are involved in the torture and murder of their unsuspecting victims, while using various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to commit such heinous crimes.

Intel will also seize on anything in which to cause further distress to this author and his Family. Holidays offer the added bonus of giving gifts which are not sent with any beneficence, but instead, for the sole purpose of acting as psychological triggers intended to function as an adjunct to the rest of the ongoing psychological operations conducted by these criminal agencies during the rest of the year.

And as I have stated in the past, this author's Family is not operating under their own free will, but instead being controlled and undermined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and through the criminal COINTELPRO operation that this treasonous organization has been carrying out against this author for decades.

Once again, there is no rule of law here, since the Intel community does not want to admit to the mind control experimentation which they have subjected this author to for so many years. So they now promulgate a vicious smear campaign (however covertly done it may be) in efforts to demonize and dehumanize my person in order to discredit my testimony as a target of government sanctioned mind control experimentation.

The American courts clearly want nothing to do with cases that involve some faction of this government's use of classified technology, since these courts are not equipped to deal with such cases, given that this technology has been created in secret, and in which to circumvent the United States Constitution.

Such denial of Constitutional rights to any American citizen by some government agency is a blatant act of treason.

And the use of any citizen for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation is only a further and egregious abuse of such inherent rights.

Thus, the United States Judicial system will refuse to hear any case which involves a government agency's use of classified technology. The best evidence of this is John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

This is without a doubt the most damaging lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government ever filed, since it alleges that the National Security Agency can electrically target and track the unique bioelectromagnetic field which surrounds the human body, and use this field as a tracking device.

And such lawsuits continue to be conveniently dismissed as being frivolous, simply because they are extremely damaging to the Intelligence community's use of classified technology in which to destroy the protections guaranteed to all American citizens under the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

John Akwei's lawsuit was filed in a Washington D.C. Federal Court in 1991, and has never been heard, simply because no judge wants their career destroyed by the Intel community for helping to expose this outrageous and treasonous violation of the American people's right to a physical sense of privacy. Moreover, a nation of citizens who have been illegally electronically brain fingerprinted by a federal spy agency that has no authority within its charter to spy domestically, is indicative of a gigantic and treasonous conspiracy in which to secretly destroy the United States Constitution. Zionism is at the forefront of this outrageous conspiracy being waged against the American middle class.

Furthermore, no government which claims to be democratic in its ideology would ever admit to such an outrageous violation of privacy, since in doing so, that government would also be admitting to its true function as a dictatorship.

And once such a government was exposed for being a dictatorship, it would not be long before the citizens denied their rights under that government, rose up against it to take back their country.

So those of us who have been illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation and Intel satellite predation (tracked by way of the electromagnetic frequencies surrounding our own bodies), can testify in open court to the fact that we have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency, and subjected to mind control experimentation within the so called privacy of our own homes.

We are targets of a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA, and there is no question that the U.S. Intel community wants us dead. Moreover, if an agency like the FBI would intentionally burn men, women and young children alive as they did to the Branch Davidian's in their Church back in 1993, these agents will have no compunction about murdering American citizens whom they have furtively subjected to remote forms of mind control experimentation under classified electronic warfare programs such as those being conducted through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Hence, the continued electronic harassment of those of us who have cited the NSA or some other government agency, as the source of the electronic warfare being conducted against our persons continues, while our elected representatives refuse to speak out in regard to this technology, out of fear that they will find themselves being attacked by those within this shadow government using the same weaponized technology.

And subjected to the same vicious slander campaigns that Intel is presently waging against us.

Moreover, these agencies are slandering those of us who are telling the public this ugly truth. And they are using coercion against Family members and others with whom we communicate, in order to prevent the American people from learning that they have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency.

We are subjected to some aspect of psychological warfare 24 hours a day, each and everyday in efforts to drive us to the commission of suicide or a crime for which we can be incarcerated. Incarceration would only serve as a further means in which to murder us, since once out of the public eye, Intel can murder us while claiming that we committed suicide.

And Family members who are being coerced into denying that this is happening are suffering vicious psychological abuse by these Intel agents, who are committing these crimes under the color of law, yet denying that they are doing so.

Given this outragesous deception, every adult in the United States should read John St Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

Akwei has told us the truth about the military/intelligence dictatorship which secretly controls the United States of America. And we can either acknowledge this horrible truth, or we can live in a state of denial until the Zionist controlled one world government rounds us up and sends us off to extermination camps, like the Nazi's and Zionist Jews did to the Jewish population during World War II.

In the United States of America, the middle class is being economically dismantled by the Federal Reserve System, and will lose everything they have if they do not recognize what they are being subjected to, who is responsible for it, and what the evil agenda of Zionism is.

*Zionism has been responsible for the creation of every oppressive government in existence over the past few centuries, including Nazism, Fascism, and Communism. So it should be no surprise that the American people are now being subjected to a Communistic form of health care under a president who is clearly controlled by a secret cabal of Zionist leadership.

Americans have been subjugated to a form of enslavement through a Communist central bank since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Bank was illegally brought into existence. The latest health care system takes us one step closer to a total Communist police state.

Moreover, Zionism is responsible for the destruction of the United States of America, and the subjugation of serfdom to the American middle class. And Americans must recognize this and act in concert with one another in order to take our nation back from this duplicitous and evil group of scoundrels.

Beginning with the abolition of the Federal Reserve System and its systematic creation of debt, which the American people continue to be enslaved by. The national debt is presently at more than 12 Trillion dollars. However, this is a debt which has been created based on counterfeited currency, which means that the debt is based on fraud, and thus there is no legal means in which to force the American people to pay it back.

However, even if this debt were the result of legitimate lending of currency, the Zionist bankers in London, England would never have any intention of collecting the entire debt, since they want the American people to be indebted to them. This is why these Zionist bankers foment wars in the first place - to take solvent nations and to force them into borrowing fiat money so that the nations then go into debt which they cannot repay.

Once this occurs, these nations will not be able to free themselves from the hold which these Zionist central banks have on them, until they wage war on the central banks themselves.

A situation in which the American middle class (who bear the burden of most of this debt) presently finds itself with the Federal Reserve System - a central bank which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a system. The deception by these international bankers is unparalleled. And they will use the IRS or FBI to destroy the lives of any persons who challenge the Federal Reserve's autonomy, just as the alphabet community will be used to slander and destroy the lives of any person who exposes a federal government agency which is subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation.

This mounting debt enables the super rich ultra class which is inhabited by Zionists, to wage class warfare on the middle class by keeping them in debt. This debt acts as a secret form of slavery, since if you don't pay back the interest on the debt itself via the federal tax on your income, the Internal Revenue Service will be used to place you under arrest and seize your property.

Yet, your average American citizen has been brainwashed into believing that he is a bad American if he does not pay a tax on his income. An income which the United States Supreme Court long ago ruled was private property and not subject to taxation of any kind. A tax which does not go to support the United States Federal Government, but instead, the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System, which is rumored to collect more than 150 billion dollars each year in what is nothing more than a legitimized counterfeiting/money laundering operation; one which is being used to bankrupt America's middle class.

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