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Aisha Goodison's Lawsuit Against FBI For Pain & Suffering Including A Brain Hemorrhage Suffered - Was This Hemorrhage Induced By DEW Weaponry?

Another 9-11 First Responder Dies Of Cancer He Contracted At Ground Zero & The U.S. Federal Government Does Nothing To Help These Victims Of The 9-11 False Flag Operation

FBI Attack On Aisha Goodison

Recording Artist Aisha Goodison's Lawsuit Against The FBI - An FBI COINTELPRO Can Destroy The Life Of Anyone - These Gestapo Agents Are Merciless Monsters As Aisha Goodison Documents In Her Lawsuit Against The FBI

Aisha Goodison Accuses Actress Madonna Of Copyright Infringement & Is Suddenly Targeted By The Miami FBI For COINTELPRO

Recording Artist Aisha Goodison Sues The FBI For Cruelty

"The Plaintiff seeks two things 1.) The release of files and records under the Freedom Of Information Act and 2.) $850,000 in punitive and compensatory damages against the Defendants and all other remedies the court deems fit, due to massive, gross negligence, harassment, abuse and inhumane indifference from the FBI, under Robert S. Mueller’s instructions, which nearly claimed her life, while destroying her health, assets and finances, with the Defendants’ conduct being a proximate cause of the subsequent life threatening, unprecedented, stress-induced brain hemorrhage Aisha suffered, somewhat similar to the aneurysms Vice President Joe Biden suffered."

  • Aisha Goodison Website

  • The FBI's vicious and psychopathic agents can certainly cause all of the aforesaid problems which Aisha mentions, much of which this author and his Family have also experienced for years.

    Moreover, since the mid 1990's the FBI has maintained access to the types of satellite deployed electromagnetic weaponry (DEW Weaponry) which can be used to torture and murder people via remote means, as well as cause a myriad of adverse physical conditions, including a cerebral hemorrhage.

    A Texas man by the name of Jesus Mendoza and his family have been targeted for years for electronic harassment by the federal government which uses classified technology on the Mendoza family. Consequently, Mr. Mendoza has filed three lawsuits against the U.S. Federal Government asking them to cease and desist from these electronic warfare attacks. However, the first two lawsuits were dismissed. As of this time the third may still be pending. During his own investigation, Mendoza also acquired testimony from an FBI agent which proves that the FBI not only has access to directed energy weapons, but is also authorized to use them on American citizens. This is further evidence that the FBI has essentially become nothing more than a domestic spy and covert terrorist of the New World Order, operating unconstitutionally and under the Illuminati's NWO Zionist leadership.

    "I also have included in my lawsuit a sworn statement from an FBI agent who verified that he was ordered to use electronic weaponry on innocent citizens as a part of a government program."

    - Jesus Mendoza, Target Of FBI Electronic Harassment

    Jesus Mendoza Interview With Greg Syzmanski

    Did the FBI illegally deploy DEW weaponry on Aisha as part of the COINTELPRO type of harassment campaign which she describes in the lawsuit which she filed against the Bureau in 2009? And if so, did the FBI use this weaponry in which to cause Aisha to have the cerebral hemorrhage which she describes in her federal lawsuit?

    As for taking these agents to court for such outrageous cruelty and violations of our inherent rights as Americans, let's also remember the direct quote from the late eco activist, Judi Bari (the FBI was complicit in the bombing of Judi's car), in regard to the FBI agents whom she deposed during her lawsuit against the FBI:

    "These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

    Judi won a posthumous lawsuit against the FBI for $4.4 million dollars. Perhaps the jury also realized that these agents should have been on trial for the attempted murder of Judi Bari, and awarded her such a substantial sum in order to discourage the Gestapo-minded behavior of the FBI. Unfortunately, if that was the jury's intent, they failed in their efforts, because the FBI is just as nasty, and criminal, and unconstitutional as they have ever been.

    Moreover, it is this author's opinion that Judi Bari may well have been targeted for directed energy weaponry, and that the FBI's use of such weapons was done with the intent of causing Judi the cancer which eventually took her life. When the murder attempt on Judi failed and she decided to sue the FBI, the Bureau did everything possible in which to prevent Judi's lawsuit against them from going forward.

    Would they have gone so far as to attempt to murder her a second time; however this time in a more plausibly deniable way?

    In 1990, when Judi's car was blown up, the FBI did not "officially" have access to DEW weaponry. However, by the mid 1990's they did, and it was about this time (and during her lawsuit against the FBI) that Judi developed the cancer which would ultimately kill her. Perhaps in their shortsightedness, the FBI did not believe that Judi's lawsuit would continue without her, however, her Family and friends were so outraged by the FBI's viciousness that they saw Judi's lawsuit against the FBI to its conclusion.

    And beat the FBI on its own turf - a U.S. federal courtroom.

    One must wonder how many people the FBI has murdered via such DEW technology? And if recording artist Aisha may have also been the target of a DEW attack which nearly took her life.

    - Judi Bari - EarthFirst!

    Excerpted From The Following Website:

    Recording Artist Aisha Sues FBI For Causing Physical And Emotional Damage To Her Person - An FBI COINTELPRO Can Destroy The Life Of Anyone - These Agents Are Merciless Monsters
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