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FBI Continues Interfering With This Author's Business Transactions & Promulgating Its Smear Campaign Against My Person

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The FBI & Plausible Deniability

For the past decade the FBI has routinely interfered with this author's business transactions, getting orders cancelled, intercepting packages and damaging goods that have been shipped to my person, or electronically interfering with my online purchases. The latest occurred yesterday, when I was called by a seller who claimed that the credit card CVV number that I had listed on a purchase order was incorrect.

I gave the person the number again, only to later receive an E-mail stating that they could not process the order. There was no problem with the credit card being used and this is simply another example of how the FBI uses the Patriot Act in which to interfere with the lives of those whom it cannot legally prosecute.

The FBI commits these crimes with plausible deniability, knowing that because the Bureau's agents have never identified themselves to this author, that they can deny having anything to do with this subterfuge. However, when one documents such interference occurring every time they attempt to conduct business, the element of an Intel orchestrated criminal conspiracy against that person can no longer be ignored.


Under the Patriot Act, the FBI will also force any American citizen to aid and abet its criminal activities regarding the Bureau's violations of the Constitutionally protected rights of another American citizen. Even the books that you take out from the library are no longer private from the prying eyes of this Americanized Gestapo, given that the your local library must furnish this information to the FBI.

Moreover, once the Bureau uses these people in the commission of such crimes, the FBI can then intimidate them into cooperating in the future, while using the fact that they once committed crimes against a targeted citizen as an additional form of blackmail used to control these people; this, even though it was the FBI who coerced these people into taking part in these crimes in the first place, while denying them their Constitutionally protected rights - the definitive sign of the police state which now defines the Zionist dictatorship which furtively controls the United States Federal Government. Criminal acts which many of these people would clearly have avoided taking part in, if they had not been coerced by the FBI to participate in them.

Moreover, the FBI is using the Patriot Act in order to criminalize an entire society of citizens who for the most part have no criminal records, and would have preferred not to get involved with the FBI and its Gestapo tactics. Further "evidence" that these people are being coerced into surrendering their civil rights because of the fraudulent war on terror, and under the guise of spying on "terrorists" who in reality have no connection to terrorist groups, have no criminal records, and who are being denied their inherent rights as American citizens.

The Constitutional rule of law continues to be absent in such attacks on these men, women and children.

And now the FBI is trying to justify illegal satellite surveillance of Americans which can last for years on end - and without a court order! This is absolutely unbelievable!

In post 9-11 New World Order America, the FBI's goon squads also spend their days perpetrating psyop mind games on its many intended victims, while it attempts to fabricate evidence in order to entrap people, like the many innocent Muslims who are the latest group of Americans on the FBI's COINTELPRO hit list.

These "plastic" agents have absolutely no regard for the rule of law in this country. They spy domestically without any concern for the 4TH Amendment rights of American citizens; they blackmail those close to a person whom they are targeting in efforts to force them into taking part in the psychological harassment of those men and women being targeted for the FBI's criminal and unconstitutional activities.

These agents are liars, torturers and murderers. They are being paid to destroy the United States Constitution under this bullshit war on terror which has been a complete deception of the American people since long before the WTC Towers were imploded by dynamite charges (secretly planted in these building long before 9-11-2001). They are arrogant self-centered, megalomaniacal reprobates who willfully torture and murder those whom they target, as long as they can do so with plausible deniability. They are absolute anathema to any type of legitimate and Constitutional law enforcement.

Moreover, there is no limit to their evil machinations. And these so called federal police will use their intimidation tactics in which to blackmail any elected official who stands up to their criminal activities. This is why most of our politicians will never take the FBI on in any meaningful situation, since they themselves don't want to end up targeted for a COINTELPRO sting.

Even many former agents of the FBI who've reported criminal activities within the Bureau, have been subjected to the destruction of their careers and reputations. So the FBI will not hesitate to destroy the life of an *elected official or private citizen, should they attempt to expose some criminal aspect of the FBI.

*As we've seen in the instances of myriad politicians, including former New Jersey Senator, Robert Torricelli, whose career the FBI destroyed as punishment for his demand that a formal investigation into the CIA take place regarding the agency's failure to prevent the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks.

The FBI Honey Trapper/The Bureau's Entrapment Schemes

Many targets of COINTELPRO have at one time or another been setup by the FBI in a honey trapper scheme. This usually occurs when the FBI has the targeted person under illegal satellite surveillance, while videotaping that person. If the target is a male, he will be approached by a female provocateur who feigns interest in him, only to become reproachful if the target returns the interest.

This is done to make the target appear as the aggressor, while the FBI edits out the portion of the video in which the honey trapper approached the targeted person. Imagine a video which depends on such editing in which to carry out such a despicable fraud, and you can begin to understand how deceptive the FBI's agents are.

The FBI will also utilize children as part of such an entrapment scheme. The targeted person, whether he or she is a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin will be approached by a child who is a family relative. The child will then suddenly move away from the target, even though the target has done nothing to harm the child. The FBI will then edit out the portion of the tape which shows how the child approached the targeted person, and only show the portion where the child is moving away from the target. This is typical of the type of deception that FBI agents are capable of of perpetrating.

What is even more despicable is that these agents will find some means in which to coerce the Family members of a target to use their children in such entrapment schemes. The children will be told to misbehave so that when the targeted person tells them to stop behaving badly, the TI will be portrayed in a negative way.

The children of complete strangers can also be used in such ways, which has been documented by many other targets of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation.

Many targets of organized stalking have documented that those who take part in this terrible crime use their own children as part of the street theater they orchestrate in waging psychological warfare on these victims. One TI reported that when walking on the street he witnessed an adult shoving a young child. He crossed the street to confront the man only to find a short time later that the man and the child were smiling at one another and looking at the TI as though they had fooled him. Typical of the myriad types of street theater that individuals targeted for organized stalking take part in.

The lies being told by the FBI in regard to many of these TI's are absolutely vicious and done out of complete spite because the Bureau has failed to entrap these people in any type of criminal activity. So they are now being subjected to the FBI's psychological warfare operations in efforts to drive them to a state of mental instability and violence.

Not only are these federal agents liars and criminals, they are also outright frauds in the ways in which they attempt to portray themselves as legitimate law enforcement, while violating virtually every aspect of the Constitutional rule of law.

These agents are hate mongers who orchestrate the types of vigilantism that they claim to prosecute. They have no use for the United States Bill of Rights, because the Bill of Rights protects the civil liberties of American citizens, and agencies like the FBI were created to destroy such civil liberties.

The fact that the FBI has never maintained a legal charter in which to begin its operations is only further proof of just how criminal this Gestapo remains.

Moreover, the FBI's agents continue to attack this author's Family through their use of coercion, while using this author's community as nothing but a Gestapo minded vigilante squad. The TI community has reported being subjected to the same criminalization of the once law abiding communities that they reside in. Once innocent people, have now become totally and irrevocably corrupted by the FBI and its Zionist leadership. A leadership which through its fraudulent banking practices has destroyed the financial solvency of the United States middle class, and uses pawns like the FBI in which to cover up its own criminal activities, while attacking those who attempt to expose this treasonous deception on the American working class.

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