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The U.S. Intel Community Has Been Involved In Covert Programs Developed In Which To Find Remote Ways Of Controlling The Human Mind From Its Inception

Editor's Note: There are myriad forms of vicious psychological warfare that the FBI, NSA and DHS have subjected this author to over the past decade, in efforts to covertly murder my person. I cite them for the public's benefit because the Constitutional rule of law within the United States now exists in name only, and the Intelligence community has become more brazen than ever in its use of psychological warfare and classified weaponry on Americans, since the criminal passage of the treasonous and Nazi idealized Patriot Act.

These are the most serious crimes that these agencies are committing. And the blackmailing tactics which they continue to use on this author's Family members in order to prevent these people from telling the truth in regard to what the FBI, NSA and DHS have and continue to subject us to, are becoming more and more vicious by the day. The FBI and NSA simply have too much to lose if the Families of individuals targeted for this outrageous and criminal harassment corroborate our accounts of being targets of non consensual human experimentation. This as well as the organized stalking crimes which we are subjected to. So Intel continues to coerce them into lying, in order to maintain its criminal and treasonous operations.

Pathological lying is a prime component of the Intel community's psychological operations.

Moreover, these organizations are completely lawless in their operations and an abject disgrace to legitimate law enforcement. The only thing more outrageous than their crimes is that these agents have become so demented that they become angered when we defend our rights as American citizens, while exposing their crimes publicly.

When a group of Nazi minded thugs with badges is trying to murder you, you defend yourself as best you can. And when you are using the very Constitution in which to protect your inherent rights as an American that these agents are working towards decimating, it is these agents who are the ones who are operating criminally.

Furthermore, this author is not the one committing crimes here. It is these Intel agents who are doing so and attempting to demonize my person in order to justify these egregious civil rights violations, which include the NSA's use of computer to brain interface experimentation of this author, as well as hundreds of thousands of hours of illegal spying and myriad other crimes committed under the color of law.

Moreover, if the Intel community's crimes against this author were not so horrific, these agencies would not now be forced to wage such an aggressive smear campaign against my person, or any other TI whose rights they have violated so egregiously. It is these agents who are the criminals.

Of the myriad persons whom I have implicated in these attacks over the past decade, the local postman is also used in which to take part in these psyops. His job is to intentionally include the mail of other neighbors along with our mail; oftentimes these pieces of mail are supposed to include some type of psychological triggers. However, I long ago gave up on reading much into these triggers because in essence the only meaning they really have is to those using them to psychologically destroy their intended victims. This mailman intentionally sends us someone else's mail on average once to twice a week when Intel is utilizing him as part of their psyop campaign against this author. However, when this particular psyop is not being utilized we seldom if ever receive someone else's mail.

When I receive these pieces of mail, I simply deliver them to the intended party, which in turn neutralizes the psyop.

I have neutralized virtually every psychological operation that the FBI and NSA have waged against my person in such ways, which is why they are now forced to demonize this author in the most outrageous violations of the Bill of Rights in American History. These agents are operating in an authoritarian capacity, which has no place in the United States of America.

Moreover, everything that I have written in regard to these attacks is not only the truth, but if anything, I have understated just how vicious and criminal Intel's assaults on my Family and person have been and continue to be.

The FBI in particular is a dinosaur in its Draconian operations, and will eventually become as extinct as that creature now is. However, not nearly soon enough for those of us who must endure the evil machinations of these torturous and murderous misanthropes on a daily basis.

These agents are the ones with real "black marks" against them, and will one day be forced to atone for their depraved criminality. As will the evil minions who act as provocateurs for these treasonous reprobates. It is their crimes which continue to get worse on a daily basis, while those of us being targeted for such depravity simply document them in what has now become the ugliest and most depraved time in American History.

Mind Control Of The Masses Via Synthetic Telepathy

It is the greatest and most malevolent hidden evil the global middle class has ever been subjugated to, yet most haven't even a clue that both their physical privacy as well as that of their privacy of thought have been so hideously compromised.

Many are routinely spied upon from within the privacy of their own homes by federal government agencies which utilize advanced computer technology and satellites in which to violate the inherent right to privacy that every citizen within the United States is guaranteed under the 4TH Amendment.

Such privacy violations are in fact occurring against the global middle class, the result of the Illuminati and its agenda for a one world global dictatorship under the New World Order.

The intent of these megalomaniacal monsters is to covertly enslave the minds of the Proletariat so that they become more easily controlled by the ultra rich class of Illuminati; those who see themselves as a superior race of beings who have the right to experiment on men, women and children whom they deem to be inferior to themselves. Such thoughts can only be held by subhuman minds, regardless of their stratospheric financial status or intelligence quotients.

Some of the most evil of humankind have been said to have the highest of IQ's.

And those who have been unwittingly subjugated to living their lives as targets of non consensual human experimentation are indeed the most compelling examples of such victimization by this evil ultra class. Men, women and children who have been denied their inherent rights as citizens of this planet, and forced to give up their privacy, while being tortured and degraded in the most horrific of ways.

Such acts of predation by governments and their leadership are indicative of the hidden evil which controls our respective nations. The self-serving class of elitists who are in fact responsible for the tremendous pain and suffering which they inflict through unnecessary wars, non consensual human experimentation and a host of other terrible crimes which they perpetrate in which to ensure that they remain in their positions of power, regardless of how many millions they murder.

And how many billions they make destitute.

The Illuminati's global intelligentsia is an inherently and unnecessary evil which the masses have been brainwashed into believing must exist for their protection. However, the truth of the matter is that these agencies exist in order to maintain an unnatural condition of unrest and in which to propagate such global instability; a mass deception carried out through the global media in which to ensure that the Proletariat remains brainwashed into such acquiescence.

The following are just a few examples of this egregious and fraudulent crime against humanity.

Deliberate Creation of Multiple
Personality by Psychiatrists

By Colin A. Ross MD

Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists -A 10-Page Summary of Dr. Colin Ross' Article

Mind Controllers By Dr. Armen Victorian - A 10 Page Summary Of This Book

The CIA's Mind Control Experimentation/Torture Of Young Children

U.S. Intel's Electronic Predation In The Home

This author has experienced much of what TI Holly May describes in the following account which she posted on the Mind control Forums Website and which she has allowed to be reprinted. These covert electronic attacks along with adjunct crimes of mind control (such as the psychological warfare operation of organized stalking) have now completely overwhelmed the United States of America, as well as a myriad of other nations.

Those being targeted for such outrageous crimes against humanity are being denied their inherent rights as American citizens while the monsters behind these evil acts (including the House Of Rothschild's Zionist banking arm of the Illuminati which controls the global central bank counterfeiting operations emanating from London, England) remain protected and unaccountable for these crimes.

Mind Control Target Holly May

name: Holly May

can others place your information else where on the web: yes

in the event of your dead or missing in action. do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

location: ca

Received 02-08-2006

Tremendous invasion of privacy including surveillance into my home thru tv. They worked very very hard to have the problems sound like mental illness buy I am not mentally ill at all.

I've had frequency tampering with my bodily functions, such as going to the bathroom when they want me to. It seems they can see everything we do in our home and then they comment on it - people on TV comment on where I go etc. jay leno has used me for years - since about 1994 or 1995 for ideas for his jokes. He has watched me struggle constantly with money problems and health problems, laughing and ridiculing all the way. He should be sitting in a jail cell.

Too numerous to mention the problems. They back off for awhile. I don't know why. They constantly invade my privacy and comment on things that happen to me in the privacy of my own home and then at the same time put me down for not being married or in a relationship.

They try to get me to be either in a relationship or same sex relationship. They probably just want to watch and comment about it.

*They constantly cause me to avoid relationships because of the cruel and awful invasion of privacy and tampering with my bodily functions. They also seem to put people in my path to upset me. Or they stage people and put them in certain places at certain times to make me angry or exaggerate something.

I won't be watching tv anytime soon because bush upset me so much I took a sparkling cider bottle and broke the tv screen - just wish I'd done it while he was talking.

Of course I never gave my consent for them to excessively surveil me or watch me thru hidden camera or watch under the guise or pretense that I was just watching tv the old fashioned way - when and where no one could see you.

TV was designed with the capability for this vicious intrusive dishonest surveillance, you know. I don't know but someone told me and he knows.
*Editor's Note: Here Holly is referring to her being subjected to organized stalking - a terrible crime which this author and myriad others have been subjected to as a result of the complete breakdown of the Constitutional rule of law within the United States.

Lots of very cruel inhumane tactics by them. The strangest thing of all tho is that they watch me thru the tv set and let many in congress etc. see me too while making speeches etc.

Aren't some of the people in congress honest? I thought Hillary Clinton was. During the state of the union speech which I wish I hadn't watched, bush looked right at me as he said things like we will continue to kill and I believe he's responsible for terrible atrocities like human experimentation to degrade human beings.

Anyway during that speech when they focused on certain people, like Clinton, it seemed like she could see me. Another time Senator Kennedy turned his back on me while talking on Cspan. Senator doesn't know who his enemies really are.

I'm certainly not one of them. I feel for the fact that he was so set up at *Chappaquiddick. He's probably been fed lies about me.

*Editors Note: Holly is probably referring to *Charles Schlund's testimony in his lawsuit against George W. Bush in which he cites that he saw physical documentation that the late Senator Edward Kennedy was setup by the CIA for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, in efforts to demonize Kennedy with the public so that he would never be able to run for the Presidency. According to Schlund, both Kennedy and Kopechne were drugged prior to leaving the party which they attended earlier in the evening for the Boiler Room Girls, shortly before Kennedy's car was intentionally driven off the Chappaquiddick bridge by CIA operatives. Once again, Schlund has stated that this black operation was orchestrated by the CIA in which to destroy Ted Kennedy's political career. Their intent was not to murder Kennedy because it would have aroused too much suscipion, given the convenient timing in the murders of his two older brothers.

*Schlund remains a political prisoner being tortured by way of CIA cochlear implants which are controlled via remote means and used to torture him.
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