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New Jersey Man Says FBI Agents Threatened To Kill Him - Cites The FBI's Violation Of His Constitutional Rights In Recent Lawsuit

Editor's Note: Home tamperings continue - Intel oftentimes coerces those associated with TI's to take part in either damaging the property of the TI, or in some way tampering with it. For example, several years ago after this author had changed the oil on his motorcycle, a significant amount of oil was found underneath the vehicle. However, when the oil level was checked it was found to be perfectly fine. The provocateur had simply taken a quart of new oil and poured some of it under the motorcycle in order to make it appear as though the vehicle was leaking oil, when the vehicle itself was perfectly fine.

This is a form of gas lighting that is typical of what other targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes are subjected to on a daily basis, while our own families are subjugated to similar forms of harassment if they fail to comply with the dictates of these notorious government thugs.

It is this implied threat which prevents the family members of a TI from exposing the federal agencies involved in these crimes, and in being forced to oftentimes take part in them.

Federal thugs, who have succeeded under the Draconian Patriot Act in turning every community in the United States into a group of spies who inform on one another; citizens who have been deceived into trusting the very government organizations which were accomplices in the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001; organizations which since that time have been responsible for the destruction of the United States Constitution, under this 9-11 false flag operation.

As for this author's experience with such gas lighting tactics, the latest in such tamperings occured with the water closet on a toilet bowel in this author's home. The tampering was quite simple - a water freshening tablet placed in the water closet was placed next to the plastic covering which opens to allow water into the toilet bowel. It's placement was done carefully so that this plastic cover appeared to close completely, yet not entirely. This clever positioning of this "tablet" kept the water closet from refilling, which forced the water entering the closet to run continuously, because the water closet was not filling up to the level in which it would have been mechanically turned off.

These are not the machinations of a family member, but instead of a depraved group of misanthropic criminals who pass themselves off as federal agents. Sick and evil minded miscreants who enjoy torturing others to the point of driving them to the commission of suicide. Agents who are pathological liars, torturers and murderers, and of a toxic mindset which has characterized the Illuminati controlled global intelligentsia since its inception; including the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS.

Wanted: The San Francisco FBI For Murder - Source: The San Francisco FBI Terrorist Website

Color Of Law Violations - These Are Serious Crimes Which The FBI Claims To Prosecute - However The FBI Exists To Commit Such Crimes Committed Under The Color Of Law Which Is Why Its Agents Are Never Prosecuted For Such Outrageous Violations Of The Bill Of Rights

NJ man sues FBI over his detention in Ethiopia

TRENTON, N.J. — A New Jersey man detained for months in Ethiopia on allegations of supporting Islamic militants is suing the FBI agents involved in his interrogations.

Amir Mohamed Meshal, of Tinton Falls, claims his constitutional rights were violated by the U.S. government.

Meshal was held nearly four months in Ethiopia, where U.S. agents carried out interrogations in the hunt for al-Qaida in the Horn of Africa.

In his lawsuit, Meshal says he was questioned by FBI agents more than 30 times. He says they threatened to torture, death, and that he was never allowed to talk to an attorney or contact his family.

He returned to New Jersey in May 2007.

A message left for the State Department on Tuesday was not immediately returned.

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New Jersey Man Files Lawsuit Against Two FBI Agents Whom He States Threatened To Murder Him
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