Thursday, November 12, 2009

CNN's Lou Dobbs Shocks The Network's Viewers By Abruptly Quitting His Post At CNN

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Lou Dobbs - A Unique Voice In Today's Media

Since his transition from one of the nation's top business journalists to a conspiracy theorist with strong opinions on everything from immigration reform to the destruction of the United States and creation of the North American Union (a merging of the United States, Canada and Mexico into one faction of the Zionist controlled global dictatorship - a treasonous act which Dobbs has openly criticized), Lou Dobbs has made many enemies. Only last month, Dobbs' rural upstate New York farmhouse was struck by a bullet in what appears to have been a warning for the controversial CNN broadcaster to tone down his opinions.

(Fortunately neither Dobbs nor any of his Family were harmed). However, this terrorist attack on his person and Family may well be the real reason for this long-term CNN broadcaster's abrupt departure from CNN.

Moreover, while his reports have been far more subdued than those within the alternative journalist community who speak openly in regard to the Illuminati and its intent for a New World Order open dictatorship, at least Mr. Dobbs has made a conscientious effort to use his journalistic skills in which to awaken the slumbering American middle class to what is about to befall them .

In reality, the alternative media on the Internet has done a far better job of exposing the Illuminati and its New World Order agenda, simply because those who work within the global "professional media" are controlled by the Zionist leadership who oversee this powerful tool of disinformation. A propaganda machine which, a far greater number of Americans than ever before, have now shunned.

Those Americans who understand that journalists who use their positions in which to openly challenge this effective system of disinformation, will be subjected to the loss of their employment and blackballed from the media industry.

All for having attempted to write about the reality of this planet's most successful and powerful criminal syndicate. One which has gone virtually unchallenged for more than a Century, simply because your average American citizen has never heard of the Illuminati, much less understood the outrageous crimes that this ultra rich class of white collar criminals have furtively perpetrated against the global middle class.

Perhaps the best example of such Illuminati deception within the United States is their privately held Federal Reserve System central bank, which counterfeits its currency, then lends it to the U.S. Federal Government at usury interest rates, which the American middle class is then forced to pay back via a federal tax on their earnings. Of course Mr. Dobbs has (to this author's knowledge) never discussed this aspect of the Federal Reserve System on his program, which would most certainly have resulted in his immediate dismissal from CNN. However, Dobbs is still far more honest and patriotic than your average broadcaster, and deserves to be recognized as such.

So kudos to Lou Dobbs for his attempts to enlighten the public, and wishing him well in his quest to promulgate those topics which the Illuminati would like to silence him for. However, if he resurfaces on the Fox News Network (some rumors have been floated stating that this may occur), then Mr. Dobbs will continue to circulate the type of "fringe" information that he has in the past, without ever being able to openly discuss the core issues of the Illuminati or its tyrannical agenda for a global dictatorship.

However, even such "fringe information" is better than nothing at all.

Lou Dobbs To Depart Cable News Network
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