Friday, November 06, 2009

As This Author Approaches 2,400 Consecutive Days Of Organized Stalking Harassment I Refer To A Post That I'd Written After 1,200 Days Of Attacks

FBI COINTELPRO Attack On The Socialist Worker's Party

1200 Miserable Days Of Organized Stalking

This week I reached 1200 days of the most vicious psychological harassment that anyone can imagine. Being spied on within the privacy of my own home; being subjected to psychotronic weapons and synthetic telepathy; gaslighting; defamation of character, dehumanization and demonization tactics by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. There is not even the semblance of any rule of law much less that of the United States Constitution.

I've documented in detail their crimes against my Family and self, and the complete devastation that they have caused all of us. I have also journaled in regard to being spied upon within the privacy of my own bathroom nearly 40 Thousand times, which has to be one of the worst violations of the 4Th Amendment in United States history, by what has to be one of the most depraved organizations of all time.

Moreover, over the past three and half years I have been subjected to the most vicious psychological torment by some of the nastiest and most inhumane people on the face of this planet. People who were completely manipulated by the FBI into taking part in the harassment of someone who has never done a thing to them.

This is just further proof of the complete and utter cancer that the FBI is and the way that it spreads through the community of a Target like a plague. These FBI agents are as nasty as people get -- they simply don't come any worse.

They have no regard for civil rights, are as thin skinned as what you will find on a hotdog, and as abusive as they are thin skinned. They adhere to no rules -- the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights are not something that they respect, but rather the basis for laws that they do their best to find ways around.

If the FBI is able to attack those that legitimate law enforcement cannot, it is only because such legitimate law enforcement must abide by the rules set forth by the US Constitution.

The FBI is what gets sent in when the government wants to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens and not get caught. This criminal activity defines the FBI and its agents. Moreover, their notorious history (COINTELPRO) for destroying the lives of innocent people is a testament to this, as they operate in abject violation to the Bill of Rights, while negating the Constitutional right to due process of law.

Moreover, when the FBI can collude with the NSA in which to spy on any American citizen for years on end, it is these organizations that are guilty of criminal and treasonous activity. Why would they need impunity from the Justice Department if these agents were not committing crimes? Why would they need those around a Target whom they are coercing to take part in harassing that Target, to LIE, if these Intel agents were doing things by the book? The only logical answer is that they would not.

So we can safely conclude that if the FBI has those around a Target lying to that Target and taking part in the harassment of said Target, that it is the FBI that is guilty of a criminal conspiracy in this case.

And no matter how much damage this organization does to the TI's reputation, nothing will change the fact that its agents have committed substantial crimes against said Target, subjected the Target's Family to psychological duress and great emotional pain, through the use of psywarfare and brainwashing tactics (done through the use of black propaganda and the use of psychological operations); and in the process, committed precedent setting violations of the U.S. Constitution against this Target and the Target's Family.

These are some very important facts that the FBI will conveniently omit in their representation of their actions against this author. However, this Target of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes has every intention of documenting to the very last detail, the extent of these violations and the attacks with extreme prejudice, perpetrated against my person in an attempt to destroy my sanity and sense of well being.

These attacks have been the characteristic trademark of the FBI for many years, and have been stepped up in the past three to ensure that this author would break down under the stress and commit suicide or an act for which I could be incarcerated; neither of which I have done.

Moreover, the mere fact that the FBI would ever attempt to justify spying on any American citizen for more than *Two Hundred Thousand consecutive hours would certainly not only set precedent in such a case, but have the American people concerning themselves in regard to what this type of extensive abuse of the 4TH Amendment would portend for them in the future.

*This type of spying is outrageous!

I charge the FBI with all of the aforementioned criminal activities and will be pursuing this matter in the future, in order to document the extreme ways in which this organization violates the due process of law within the United States; including its predatory pursuit of those whom it cannot go after legally.

These federal agents are nothing but hi-tech predators who routinely commit crimes under the color of law, while concealing them under the cover of law, using the term National Security in which to do so. The fact that they claim to be hunting down predators is absolutely laughable given the notorious history of predation that the FBI and its agents are known for. These government rat bastards don't respect the Bill of Rights anymore than they do the American middle class. Those whom they have been hired to deny their inherent rights under the United States Constitution.

They are a threat to the Civil Liberties of all Americans -- a cancer that if not eradicated, will most assuredly destroy the American people and the United States Of America. We've had it with the FBI and its Gestapo tactics!

The FBI must be abolished!
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