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Revisting The Days Right After The Attacks On 9-11-2001 -- The Predatory FBI Has Only Grown More Criminal & Arrogant Since That Time

NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice Surfaces In January 2009 To Talk About Bush Administration Using NSA To Spy - However, He Never Discusses The "Bombshell" That He Claimed To Have To Tell The American People Back In 2006. Is This "Bombshell" The NSA's EMF Scanning Network? Tice Also States That The FBI Has Been Spying On Him Since He First Went Public In 2005 Which Is Certainly Why He Has Not Discussed This "Bombshell."

Top FBI Lawyer Helped Destroy TWA Flight 800

The PNAC Controlled White House & 9-11

The following article is not only illustrative of the FBI's arrogance, but of how the American media was at the time, and continues to be used as a source of disinformation, in an attempt to prevent Americans from learning that it was high ranking members of their own government who orchestrated the attacks on 9-11-2001.

Once one has realized that the attacks on 9-11 were in fact an inside job propagated by the Zionist controlled Project For A New American Century, which took control of the Bush Administration shortly after George W. Bush entered the White House in 2000, the enormity of this conspiracy to destroy the United States of America and her people becomes far less nebulous.

The 9-11 Truth Movement has grown so rapidly over the past several years, that the hierarchies within the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence-media complex have been forced to infiltrate this movement in an attempt to redirect it away from the reality of who was responsible for 9-11; why they did what they did; and what they gained from this precedent setting and treasonous act of betrayal.

Most Americans now realize that our elected officials (although most probably had no idea in advance that 9-11 was an inside job) have maintained a code of silence in regard to the facts pertaining to these attacks. And that these officials will in fact be used to discredit those citizens who attempt to promulgate information in support of these attacks having been perpetrated by factions deep within the federal government.

What becomes all the more alarming here is that the White House itself during George W. Bush's eight year tenure, was in fact home to many members of the Project For A New American Century, including former Vice President Richard Cheney. Keep in mind here that while acting as V.P. of the executive branch of the U.S. Federal Government, Cheney also oversaw the legislative branch of this Government.

Cheney was also a Project For A New American Century member, who as Vice President of the United States was in a position to see to it that PNAC's interests were represented by the White House. Including its interest in having the American company Unocal build an oil pipeline in Northern Afghanistan which would run from the Caspian Sea to Asia.

So it should be of no surprise that when the PNAC controlled Bush Administration failed to intimidate the Taliban into breaking the contract they had with Argentina's Bridas Corporation (in which to build this pipeline), that the Bush Administration required a plausible means in which to attack Afghanistan.

"Accept Our Offer Of A Carpet Of Gold Or We Will Bury You Under A Carpet Of Bombs"

- U.S. State Department Employee Christina Rocca To The Taliban

The attacks orchestrated by PNAC and which took place on 9-11-2001, offered the Bush Administration the plausible excuse necessary in which to wage war on Afghanistan. This entire war has been based on a myriad of treasonous lies and in the interests of those who wanted to obtain access to the undeveloped oil and natural gas reserves which Afghanistan has had access to via the Caspian Basin since the Soviet Union was dissolved in the late 1980's.

This while fomenting another illegal war in Iraq in which to help themselves to the Iraqi's rich oil reserves.

So is it any wonder why the Iranians are now getting nervous given such rapid U.S. imperial expansion over the Middle East? Especially when the Zionists who control the hierarchy of Israel's government are intent on using the United States to take over the Middle East for their own criminal agenda. And these illegal wars continue to rage on in efforts to keep the Draconian Patriot Act in effect (legislation which was actually written during the Clinton Administration), while gradually eroding the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.

Civil revolutions have begun over far less than what the PNAC controlled White House got away with under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their treasonous minions.

London Times
November 03, 2001

FBI arrogance and secrecy
dismays US

NOBODY has yet been charged over the attacks on America. FBI chiefs talk about the agents they have on the case, the doors they have knocked down, the thousand and more suspects they have arrested, but they do not explain why they have failed to catch anyone responsible.

Troubled by these failures, President Bush is to make a televised statement next week on what is being done to protect America from another atrocity. Mayors, congressional leaders and a growing number of Americans clearly feel in need of reassurance about what the FBI and CIA are up to.

The failure of their investigation is doubly alarming. The dearth of intelligence suggests that the agencies knew next to nothing about the Muslim extremists in their midst before September 11 so it hardly surprising that they can not swiftly bring them to justice. The bigger worry is the popular belief that Osama bin Laden’s network is still in place and free to carry out more attacks in America.

This is why Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defence Secretary, interrupted speculation over what American jets would bomb next to warn: “Our priority is the war against the terrorists at home.”

On that front the feeling is that America is losing.

By killing themselves, the 19 hijackers deliberately sought to frustrate the investigation by laying false trails and ensuring there would be no survivors to betray their terrorist controllers.

The main suspect in US custody — a former London student, Zacarias Moussaoui, 33 — is accused of being “the 20th hijacker” but he has refused to say a word since he cheered television pictures in prison of the jets hitting the twin towers. The Frenchman had been picked up by immigration authorities in August but the FBI refused to let its field agents search his laptop computer which contained clues as to the September 11 mission.

Scotland Yard officers complain that from the start of this manhunt the FBI have been secretive and chaotic. Scotland Yard was sent over 400 names to investigate but the list was littered with mistakes and the FBI did not make it clear why those people were wanted. The most important arrest here was Lotfi Raissi, 27, an Algerian pilot. When the anti-terrorist branch was sent to get him, it was not told that he had trained the four suicide pilots how to fly.

So far Mr Raissi has been charged only with failing to disclose on his pilot’s licence application that he had undergone knee surgery and that he had been convicted of stealing a bag.

Robert Mueller, the FBI Director, has acknowledged that his agency needs overhauling. “We clearly have to be more proactive and more prevention-orientated,” he said.

Mr Mueller says that one in three of his agents is tracking terrorism tips but he will not say how agents are divided between the anthrax and September 11 investigations. There is exasperation that scientists still cannot prove if the same strain of anthrax has been used and that the FBI do not know who posted the mail.

What angers local authorities is that the FBI will not ask for help. Martin O’ Malley, Mayor of Baltimore, said: “The FBI have 7,000 people on the job. We’ve got 650,000 if only they would call.” Police chiefs complain the FBI refuses to share basic information.

There was consternation among European security agencies last week when the FBI announced that it had exhausted most of its leads and was convinced that the key to al-Qaeda’s operations lay in Germany. But arrests made in Britain, France, Belgium, Spain and Germany showed that in almost every case these cells knew nothing about the September 11 hijacks.

President Bush gave the impression of feverish activity when he announced America’s most wanted terrorist suspects, headed by bin Laden, last month. This flourish concealed, however, the absence of FBI clues as to the whereabouts of the fugitives.

When Condoleezza Rice, the National Security Adviser, was asked yesterday why President Bush wanted to talk about “homeland security”, she replied: “He thinks it’s vitally important to make certain that the American people are kept informed about the nature of the threats that we face and the progress of our response.” What the opinion polls show is that the vast majority of Americans are scared about what bin Laden’s men in America will do next.


The Project For A New American Century Existed Officially From 1997 - 2006. However, we can be certain that many of its former members are still involved in their treasonous activites against the United States and her people.

Persons associated with the PNAC
Project directors
[as listed on the PNAC website:]

William Kristol, Co-founder and Chairman[1]
Robert Kagan, Co-founder[1]
Bruce P. Jackson[1]
Mark Gerson[1]
Randy Scheunemann[1]

Project staff

Ellen Bork, Deputy Director[1]
Gary Schmitt, Senior Fellow[1][50]
Thomas Donnelly, Senior Fellow[1]
Reuel Marc Gerecht, Senior Fellow[1]
Mitch Jackson, Senior Fellow
Timothy Lehmann, Assistant Director[1]
Michael Goldfarb, Research Associate[1]

Former directors and staff

Daniel McKivergan, Deputy Director[51]
[edit] Signatories to Statement of Principles
Elliott Abrams[5]
Gary Bauer[5]
William J. Bennett[5]
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush[5]
Richard B. Cheney[5]
Eliot A. Cohen[5]
Midge Decter[5]
Paula Dobriansky[5]
Steve Forbes[5]
Aaron Friedberg[5]
Francis Fukuyama[5]
Frank Gaffney[5]
Fred C. Ikle[5]
Donald Kagan[5]
Zalmay Khalilzad[5]
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby[5]
Norman Podhoretz[5]
J. Danforth Quayle[5]
Peter W. Rodman[5]
Stephen P. Rosen[5]
Henry S. Rowen[5]
Donald Rumsfeld[5]
Vin Weber[5]
George Weigel[5]
Paul Wolfowitz[5]

Signatories or contributors to other significant letters or reports[14]

Elliott Abrams[8][10]
Kenneth Adelman[52]
Richard V. Allen[18]
Richard L. Armitage[10]
Gary Bauer[18][52]
Jeffrey Bell[18][52]
William J. Bennett[8][10][18][52]
Jeffrey Bergner[8][10][18]
John R. Bolton[8][10]
Ellen Bork[52]
Rudy Boschwitz[18]
Linda Chavez[52]
Eliot Cohen[13][18][52]
Seth Cropsey[18]
Midge Decter[18][52]
Paula Dobriansky[8][10]
Thomas Donnelly[13][18][52]
Nicholas Eberstadt,[18][52][53]
Hillel Fradkin[18][52][54]
Aaron Friedberg[18]
Francis Fukuyama[8][10][18]
Frank Gaffney[18][52]
Jeffrey Gedmin[18][52]
Reuel Marc Gerecht[18][52]
Charles Hill[18][52]
Bruce P. Jackson[18][52]
Eli S. Jacobs[18]
Michael Joyce[18]
Donald Kagan[13][18][52]
Robert Kagan[8][10][13][18][52]
Zalmay Khalilzad[8][10]
Jeane Kirkpatrick[18]
Charles Krauthammer[18]
William Kristol[8][10][13][18]
John Lehman[18][52]
I. Lewis Libby[13]
Tod Lindberg[52][55]
Rich Lowry[52]
Clifford May[18][52]
John McCain[56]
Joshua Muravchik[52]
Michael O'Hanlon [57][58]
Martin Peretz[18][52]
Richard Perle[8][10][18][52]
Daniel Pipes[52]
Norman Podhoretz[18][52]
Peter W. Rodman[8][10][18]
Stephen P. Rosen[13][18][52]
Donald Rumsfeld[8][10]
Randy Scheunemann[18][52]
Gary Schmitt[13][18][50][52]
William Schneider, Jr.[8][10][18][52]
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Paul Wolfowitz[8][10][13]
R. James Woolsey[8][10][52]
Dov Zakheim[13][60]
Robert B. Zoellick[8][10]
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