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Paranormal Agents At The NSA By Dr. David Wichenfield, PhD -- This Article Appears To Be A Clever Piece Of Disinformation


Synthetic Telepathy
An Artifical Form Of Telepathy

Given the NSA's use of computer to brain interface via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the following article - which for all intents and purposes - has been created to disseminate disinformation (by claiming that anyone who is targeted for synthetic telepathy - artificial mind reading by remote means must be implanted with some type of digital receiver), would likely have never appeared at all, had it not been for the lawsuit filed by John St. Clair Akwei against the NSA in 1991.

A lawsuit in which Akwei claims that the NSA does not need to implant a person in order to subject that person to synthetic telepathy, because the NSA uses its own proprietary technology in which to track that person by way of their own unique bioelectromagnetic field.

The author, one David Wichenfield, also cleverly states that this means of communicating through telepathy within the NSA took place around 1980; coincidentally, the same time that Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA states that the NSA began using its Signals Intelligence operations to deploy its computer to brain interface technology via satellite, in order to propagate its synthetic telepathy program on an unwitting American society.

There have been myriad articles written by so called "Intel insiders" since Akwei's lawsuit was filed (yet never actually heard in a courtroom), in efforts to discredit what will eventually turn out to be the most important lawsuit in American History.

John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency.

And one which proves that the NSA has brain fingerprinted the American people, and can track them by way of their body's own unique EMF signature.

Something this author has been stating for the past several years based on my own personal experiences as a target of the NSA's computer to brain interface experimentation.

Also notice the following diagram of the human brain, which describes the various portions of the brain, as well as which areas are responsible for certain physiological and psychological reactions. When the Pentagon invested in this research which was later incorporated into what is now known as the Dosimetry handbook (a document which has catalogued the specific frequencies which each portion the human brain operates at), it did so with the intent of electronically accessing our brains through the use of remote means (specifically satellites).

What possible use could such an organization have in developing such technology, except to remotely and electronically tap into our minds with the express intent of invading our privacy.

This author has experienced many different anomalies as the result of the NSA's use of such brain scanning technology of my person (via computer to brain interface and remote neural monitoring of the brain), the result of being a long-term target of the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence covert operations. Illegal satellite tracking and non consensual human experimentation perpetrated by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

(See Akwei VS NSA to learn more about this technology)

This is an arcane science which is unknown to most Americans, yet must become better understood by them, given their own vulnerability to such satellite predation by Intel agencies which include the National Security Agency, as well as other organizations which operate under the military- intelligence- industrial complex in the United States.

All of these agencies operate under the umbrella of the Illuminati's New World Order one world government. A government controlled by Zionists and whose intent is to turn the United States of America into a police state; one in which no citizen of the middle class (the Proletariat) will have any inherent rights. The direct result of the Illuminati's destruction of the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Since the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place, the American people have been tricked into spying on one another, while communities have been used to violate the inherent rights of other citizens. Such groups have become known as organized stalkers because they operate illegally and in large numbers. And they take part in psychological warfare operations which are used with the express intent of destroying the minds of those persons whom they target. This is nothing but mass brainwashing of the public by the Illuminati controlled shadow government in the United States. And this phenomenon is not limited to the United States by any means. In fact, the crime of organized stalking has been reported in myriad other countries; many of whose citizens are reporting the same egregious violations of basic human rights.

The truth of the matter is that the public is gradually wising up to the fact that our so called legislators are nothing but pawns of the Illuminati, and as such no longer represent the will of the people. In recent legislative meetings in regard to healthcare reform, legislators have been heckled, while being called liars. Comments such as we don't care what you think, and stop printing money (a direct reference the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting of currency) have been made by concerned citizens attending such meetings.

The American people have been slow to recognize the extent to which they have been deceived by this Illuminati controlled government. However, they are now gradually awakening to what's been done to them, and their anger at having been deceived so treasonously has become quite apparent.

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As for the NSA's use of STA's (Shadow Telepathic Agents), it is clear that the STA story is a cover for the fact that the American people have been brain fingerprinted by the NSA and can be electronically tracked without having been implanted with a digital chip.

Of still equal interest is what the NSA claims is the synthetic telepathic ability of certain NSA agents who have been trained to communicate by such artificial means; technology which is said to enable these men and women to remotely enter each other's minds during clandestine operations.

If this is actually true, there can be myriad reasons for these agents to do so.

However the fact is that they do so with each other's consent.

Those of us being targeted by way of the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology have not consented to having our thoughts remotely accessed. And we have certainly not agreed to being used as human experimental subjects for the NSA's computer to brain interface research.

Moreover, the fact that an Intel agency would be remotely accessing another person's thoughts without that person's knowledge or consent is indeed a horrifying prospect.

The following article is useful as an example of the type of disinformation that the NSA and other Intel agencies circulate for the express purpose of creating a red herring in which to mislead the public.

There is some some truth to the article, however this truth is used to disseminate a myriad of other lies. Moreover, the Intel community will only make such an investment in both time and money when they are seeking to cover up legitimate information which has been leaked to the public, and which may result in an investigation of some faction of the Intelligence community.

For instance, any lawsuit which would accuse the NSA of having illegally brain fingerprinted the U.S. population would certainly create a situation in which the NSA would need to circulate their own disinformation, such as that which is included in the following article.

Paranormal Agents At The NSA By Dr. David Wichenfield, PhD
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