Thursday, October 22, 2009

The FBI Creates A Fake New York Terror Plot In Order To Keep The 'War On Terror' In The Headlines

Educate Yourself Regarding The Swine Flu Vaccine Biological Weapon

FBI Attempts To Entrap Internet Users In Child Pornography Stings By Targeting Their IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses - Yet Another In Myriad FBI Entrapment Schemes

FBI creates fake New York terror plot, keeping the 'war on terror' in the headlines

"A tired rehash of the same tired stuff. President Obama is coming to town so I guess they (the FBI) wanted to give him a gift."

-- Attorney Ron Kuby

Regarding The FBI's "Newest" Fabricated Terrorist

"The FBI's Baloney Sandwich: A bit of truth on top, a bit of truth on the bottom and a myriad of lies in between"

- James F. Marino/COINTELPRO Target

The FBI's Murderous Culture & Its Links To The Attacks On 9-11-2001

Bad Experiment - One Victim's Story As A Target Of Organized Stalking And Non Consensual Experimentation

The FBI Referred To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As "An Evil Abnormal Beast" - However It was J. Edgar Hoover Who Was "An Evil Abnormal Beast"

The New World Order is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a fact publically acknowledged as an official agenda by governments and world leaders. The following web pages will show you exactly what the New World Order is, who it involves, and what it means. The New World Order has been described in many ways, ranging from the most serious and disturbing explanations to the most bizzarre and unbelieveable conspiracy theories. We will show you the truth about the mysterious New World Order

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