Saturday, October 03, 2009

Americans Should Avoid Taking The Swine Flu Vaccine -- The New World Order & Its Intent To Depopulate This Planet Through Acts Of Covert Genocide

Media Propaganda Regarding Swine Flu Vaccine

The War On Terror is a very clever and diabolical piece of propaganda that is being used to destroy the American middle class and our Bill Of Rights. The Illuminati have created myriad such campaigns against the American people since they first began their covert agenda in which to take this country over (and to use it for their own criminal means), more than two centuries ago.

The latest in such black propaganda campaigns is the Illuminati's use of the mainstream media in the United States to convince the American people that they must be inoculated with the latest swine flu vaccine. However, and thanks in large part to the World Wide Web, millions of people are concerned that this flu vaccine may be dangerous to them and are abstaining from taking it.

A very smart move based on their own innate instincts for self preservation.

As such, the media have now created yet another fear scenario in which they are telling the American people that the flu vaccine will be in short supply, and that as such they must receive their inoculations as soon as possible.

This is nothing but a scare tactic being used to frighten people who are already concerned about the flu vaccine's safety, in order to play on their fears in efforts to trick them into getting this dangerous biological weapon.

And when this latest deception fails as I am certain it will, the U.S. Federal Government will then attempt to mandate that the American people get this bioweapon; one which is being sold to the public under the guise of a flu vaccine. The government will not allow children to attend school without first being inoculated, making it nearly impossible for parents to protect their children. And what will likely follow is that employees will not be allowed to enter the workplace without first being inoculated.

A citizenry held hostage by a government which will in essence blackmail them into becoming infected with a biological weapon; a government which will have played a role in yet another mass genocide.

This is a very frightening scenario, indicative of the police state which the United States has now become.

The objective is to protect this nation's citizens - not to harm them.

So what does this say about a government which would force its citizens to become inoculated with something which may well kill many of them?

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