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Merging The United States, Canada And Mexico Into One Country - The North American Union Will Represent One Arm Of The NWO's World Government

The North American Union & The Amero

While most Americans are just trying to survive the backlash of the sub prime mortgage debacle which sent Wall Street tumbling little more than a year ago, few have any idea of what is really taking place within the United States at this time.

In the last year of George W. Bush's Presidency, Bush held a secret meeting with the former Presidents of Canada and Mexico. The meeting involved what will eventually become the merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one country which will be called the North American Union. Like its European counterpart, the European Union, the North American Union will utilize an electronic form of currency known as the Amero, which will result in a cashless society here in America. The people in this country will be at the complete mercy of the Federal Reserve central bank, which will control this electronic currency.

Moreover, since this new monetary system will involve a cashless society, any citizen who criticises some aspect of this new Illuminati controlled totalitarian government can be denied their money, resulting in their inability to pay their monthly bills or to even purchase food or clothing.

These citizens will be denied their Constitutional protections under the United States Bill of Rights, and made into pariahs; treated as societal outcasts who will instead serve as a warning to other citizens to either accept such Orwellian dictates or suffer the same consequences.

In other words, a completely docile society of people who will no longer be able to form their own opinions or to live as individuals. A society which will operate under a collective hive mentality, while the Illuminati continue to manipulate them for their abjectly evil agenda.

Media Admits To The Dollar's Ultimate Demise

The American media has for all intents and purposes ignored the global call for the replacement of the dollar as the world's reserve currency up until now, because until now the Federal Reserve System has not been ready to initiate its new electronic currency system. This has been in the works for quite some time, and the reason for the Federal Reserve's intentional destruction of the U.S. Dollar.

Those who have researched the Illuminati and its control over the Zionist banking cartel which oversees the central banks around the world, understand that this latest downturn in the U.S. economy has been deliberately orchestrated by the Federal Reserve System, which is now using their banks in which to withhold credit from the American middle class, while loaning the wealthy ultraclass within the United States all of the money that they need in order to buy up what little of this country's infrastrastructure they don't already own or control.

The Federal Reserve System perpetrated the same heinous crime in the late 1920's by rapidly tightening credit which reduced the money supply and caused the stock market crash of 1929. Shortly thereafter, the wealthy in the United States were allowed to borrow all of the money they needed at bargain rates in which to purchase (at firesale prices) companies, property and other things which had intrinsic value, while the Federal Reserve prevented middle class Americans from being able to borrow money to save their homes and businesses.

What the Federal Reserve managed to accomplish here is what they do to the American middle class everyday - redistribute the wealth in this country by taking it from the middle class and giving it to the rich.

And as history once again repeats itself, the economic doldrums suffered by the American middle class, will again not be suffered by this ultra class, but instead, used as yet another form of class warfare in which to place the middle class into total poverty in the new millennium.

Moreover, with a global loss of confidence in the U.S. Dollar, those countries who've in the past supported our economy through the purchase of our debt, will look elsewhere to find a new currency in which to invest, which will cause a global panic and the dollar's collapse.

And all appearances to the contrary not withstanding, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve System has planned, since it will usher in a new form of electronic currency known as the Amero.

Moreover, the historic run on banks will not occur this time around as it did in the money panic of 1933, because the dollar itself will be worthless, and there is no longer enough gold in the United States Treasury in which to supply the American people with gold in lieu of the Federal Reserve Notes which the Federal Reserve claims are based on gold certificates.

The truth of the matter is that by 1933 the Federal Reserve System had looted so much of the American people's gold from the United States Treasury, that there was no longer enough gold to back all of the reserve notes being created by the Federal Reserve System during the 1930's. The result was that the American people were taken off the gold standard in 1933 leading to mass inflation and that by 1971, the Federal Reserve had stolen so much of the gold from Fort Knox, that even the United States Federal Government could not longer make its purchases based on gold. President Richard M. Nixon removed the U.S. Federal Government from the gold standard in 1971.

What this means is that the gold certificates which are presently being sold to the public are being sold without there actually being enough gold within the United States Treasury in which to support the sale of each certificate.

Thus, the sale of these certificates as legal instruments, as well as the Federal Reserve System's creation of its fiat Reserve Notes based on these gold certificates is completely fraudulent.

The collapse of the dollar will be the direct result of the Federal Reserve System's having taken the American people off the gold standard in 1933 and since that time printed currency which is based on nothing but worthless paper.

Even the *perception of value which the Federal Reserve System has instilled in its reserve notes no longer exists.

*The Federal Reserve has gotten eighty six years out of this perceived value of the Federal Reserve Note, and used this fiat money in which to buy up most of the United States. The greatest financial scheme in human history and one which most Americans have yet to even realize.

Federal Reserve Notes, unlike bank notes which are based on something of intrinsic value, represent nothing but debt. Which means that every time the Federal Reserve System prints a billion dollars worth of these notes, what they create is not money, but instead a billion dollars more debt which the American people must now pay for with interest, through an unconstitutional tax on their hard earned wages.

The American middle class has been taken to the proverbial cleaners by the House Of Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve System, and it is time that the Federal Reserve was forced to give back all that they have stolen from the American middle class over the past Century.

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