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Gun Permits In New York State Rise Dramatically As Concerns Regarding Unemployment & Higher Crime Rates Become A Reality

The Second Amendment Being Put To The Test

New York State is perhaps the most difficult one in which to obtain a firearms permit. The State has a large population (particularly in the five Boroughs which house most of New York's residents).

This has in the past stymied the efforts of many New Yorkers who'd had an interest in owning a firearm of some kind, whether it be a rifle or hand gun. However, in light of the ever worsening economy in the United States and the highest unemployment rate in more than a quarter of a century, New Yorkers are rightfully becoming concerned about their safety, in the face of a population that has fallen on hard times, and which will no doubt experience a significantly higher rate of crime in the foreseeable future.

As the job market continues to implode there will also be less money to support law enforcement, which will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in the number of police officers presently working.

Overall crime statistics will show a significant increase in a variety of crimes including those of a vi0lent nature.

As this author has stated myriad times in the past, Americans should be purchasing firearms while they are able to, since based on my own extensive research into the U.S. Federal Government, we are already dealing with a state of undeclared martial law; the result of the false flag operation on 9-11-2001.

A situation which is only going to grow worse in the future, with a failing economy and a population which will find itself experiencing the hardest economic times seen in this country since the Great Depression.

Our elected officials are in a no win situation, since they refuse to address the real problems responsible for this economic devastation; especially the privately held Federal Reserve System, whose circulation of fiat money for the past seventy odd years remains the primary cause of the economic collapse in the United States at the present time.

You cannot continue to print money based on nothing of intrinsic value, without eventually destroying even the perceived value of such currency, which has now occurred here in the United States. Yet, through its legitimized counterfeiting and money laundering operations, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve System has managed to accomplish.

And their recent poor choices for the so called financial bailout of this country are only cause for further concern, leading us to believe that these elected officials are merely throwing darts at a board in which to come up with their latest solutions.

For example, the TARP program which the Congress initiated in which to "bailout" our economy never worked. And their latest brainstorm in which to reinvigorate the economy - the cash for clunkers program - is a fine example of the saying robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Of course it is successful on the surface. If you offer someone something worth thousands of dollars for a few hundred dollars investment, people will crawl out of the woodwork in which to avail themselves of such a deal.
Moreover, how efficiently can a government be running when it is willing to pay you up to $4500 for your vehicle, when your vehicle is only worth $250?

Is it any wonder why this government is hemorrhaging money? They have become desperate to find solutions which remain little more than bandaids being used to cover up a near fatal wound.

The U.S. economy and the American people are not just victims of bad leadership. They are victims of an inherently corrupted infrastructure controlled by the central banking system in this country, which takes its orders from the London banking cartel.

Corrupted leadership who will not admit to the real problems in this country; nor will they make any legitimate attempts in which to correct them.

Given this, and what is certain to become the most violent society that we have seen in recent history, it simply makes sense to own at least one firearm in which to protect yourself and your loved ones. The coming times are going to be extremely difficult on the middle class, while the wealthy elite beef up their own security and attempt to further isolate themselves from a situation which (as the result of their own abject greed for power and wealth) is entirely of their own making.

At this juncture in our history, only a complete fool would not see that we as a nation are headed for disaster. A disaster which, had our leadership not betrayed us, could have been completely avoided. And the media system in this country is totally complicit in aiding and abetting this abject deception.

So let them hate us for telling the truth. All truth seekers have been despised throughout history for promulgating unpopular truths about their own governments and societies, only to be seen as prophets sometimes hundreds of years after their deaths.

History has taught us that the inherent truths in all situations are usually understood only by a minority. And the same can be said for the present situation here in the United States, where it is such a minority who defends these truths, and at the hands of the masses; some of whom through their own ignorance and others through their own complicity, obscure such truths for their own questionable agendas.

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