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When An Intel Psychological Operation Fails To Destroy The Mind Of Its Intended Target The Operation Becomes Directed At An Unwitting Public

When The Psychological Operation Turns Part 2

For the past six years this author has been the subject of one of the most aggressive psychological warfare operations in American History. However, when the Intel agencies involved in these psyops found themselves being placed under the proverbial microscope, and their psychological warfare protocols being heavily scrutinized within the public domain, their next move was to brainwash the public in what is turning out to be one the most illegal, unethical, immoral and downright insane psyops ever created. A psyop in which the public becomes conditioned through the media - print and broadcasting - to associate *a targeted subject with myriad triggers which can range from words and phrases to objects.

*In this case this author.

This is a psychological operation at its most intense level, in which the Intel community finds themselves churning out new triggers as fast as they can come up with them. Such a psyop is designed with the express purpose of demonizing and dehumanizing a target in order to inflame public sentiment. This occurs when the Intel community cannot gain an indictment on the subject, yet has spent a tremendous amount of time and money attempting to entrap the target. The situation only becomes more complex when the targeted person has also been the subject of some type of non consensual human experimentation.

In regard to this author, mind control research is the form of non consensual human experimentation that I have been subjected to by the NSA for a long duration of time.

What I find of most interest here is the complete lack of legality in regard to how the Intel community operates in such situations. There is absolutely no semblance of due process of law, no respect for the Bill of Rights, and a conspiracy designed not only to denigrate the person being targeted, but also to obscure the treasonous crimes which the Intel community is in the commission of; crimes which include torture and attempted murder.

What is most disturbing here is that instead of protecting the rights of all American citizens, the United States Congress and the Department Of Justice ignore the Intel community's egregious violations of civil liberties, while oftentimes aiding and abetting them in these crimes.

The fact that not one elected official has been able to help a single person within the community of citizens (TI's) whose rights have been so wantonly disregarded, is only further evidence of the complete collapse of the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.

The Police have been replaced by squads of mercenaries who take a paycheck for actually violating the United States Constitution.

Moreover, many TI's subjected to these atrocities continue to find themselves not only demonized and dehumanized by the Intel community, but also subjected to daily forms of psychological operations. This author's Family is targeted via our TV programming for such psyops daily, which is why in 2005 I stopped watching TV on a regular basis, and since that time have only viewed it for brief periods in order to determine just how intense the manipulation of this programming remains.

This Intel manipulated programming continues to be replete with myriad psychological triggers which have become far more harmful to Family members than they are to this author, since I have learned over the past six years how to ignore these triggers, and merely cite them as a courtesy for those who are attempting to learn more about how these Intel psywarfare operations function.

These psychological triggers are designed with the express purpose of destroying the psyche - the mind and the spirit.

In understanding that I have beaten Intel at their own vicious mind game and documented a myriad of these covert (and highly illegal) operations so that the public can protect themselves from such dirty tactics, the Intel community has now sought to further violate my inherent rights as an American citizen. However, this is merely punitive action (like being sexually assaulted by way of the NSA's DEW weaponry or other types of DEW assaults - as many other TI's have documented) like so many of the other psychological and physical attacks that I have been subjected to by Intel since the mid 1990's.

Once again, we are talking about two different types of crimes being committed by Intel against this author. The first is by way of Directed Energy Weapons, and the second is by way of psychological warfare, in which the crime of organized stalking has since 2003 become a major component of these attacks.

Given Intel's complete disregard for my rights (the most precedent setting violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever documented by an American citizen), as well as those of my Family's, they can hardly be considered legitimate law enforcement. Especially when they assume a position as terrorist and promulgator of black propaganda, in order to cover up their own crimes.

If the FBI/DHS demonization campaign against this author is not a textbook illustration of the Intel community's propaganda machine working overtime, I don't know what is.

What I do know is that Intel would never have attempted to conduct such operations as publicly as they presently have, prior to the passage of the Fascist Patriot Act, when they committed these crimes far more furtively.

Especially when they cannot even answer six very simple questions:

Did the FBI & NSA have a warrant to spy on this author when they began to do so nearly three decades ago?

Have they violated this author's Constitutional protections under the U.S. Bill of Rights?

Have they routinely tortured this author with DEW weaponry as well as psychological warfare operations?

If this author has not committed any federal crimes, exactly how is that the FBI and NSA began to spy on him in the first place?

Have these agents committed serious crimes under the color of law in their "so called" investigation of this author?

Have these agents utilized the NSA's computer to brain interface technology in which to brainscan this author over an extended period of time, while subjecting my person to a modern day version of the CIA's MKultra operations? A situation in which these operatives have used the NSA's EMF Scanning Network in which to Remote Neural Monitor my brainwaves and thus implant their own information within my mind?

The aforementioned questions are only a few of a myriad which the Intel community would not answer to truthfully in a court of law, as pertains to their COINTELPRO attacks on this author. Should they answer truthfully to any of these questions, they could find themselves under indictment.

In fact, when I confront Family members with these very questions they cannot change the subject quickly enough, knowing full well that they have been used and abused by the FBI as part of the Bureau's COINTELPRO Sting against this author, and the Intel community's violations of both my rights as well as my Family's are outrageous. Intel's intense brainwashing of Family members remains obvious, since they are unable to discuss any topic without utilizing psychological warfare, which they are doing for their very own survival.

I cite this information simply to document just how egregious Intel's violations of our rights continue to be, and why the agents involved must at some point be indicted for these outrageous crimes which they continue to commit against us each day. Crimes which include the psychological torture of Family members and the physical and psychological torture of this author.

The psyops are themselves perhaps the greatest indictment of the Intel community's inability to operate legally. And the fact that they could never enter a courtroom without committing mass perjury in regard to the crimes that they have perpetrated against us forces them to completely alter the ground rules.

In other words, where the Intel community is concerned, there is no rule of law.

So exactly what does that make these agents when they are violating the rule of law instead of enforcing it?

As for the NSA's outrageous spying, we all have a reasonable expectation of privacy. And when you cannot sleep in your own bed or use your own bathroom without being illegally videotaped by the NSA, or having a thought which is electronically intercepted by its SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE Operations, it is indeed time for a new government.

The NSA's EMF Scanning Network

The NSA Tracks You By Your Brain's Fingerprint

This covert technology of the NSA's is turning out to be the greatest scandal in American History, and indicative of how the shadow government which controls the United States quietly brain fingerprinted the United States population several decades ago, so that they could utilize the NSA's EMF scanning network, a satellite based electronic network which is capable of using our unique bioelectronic signatures as a global position satellite tracking device.

Simply put, the NSA can track us by way of our own unique EMF fields using its EMF scanning dialup network. As such, it would appear that no U.S. citizen is immune from this egregious violation of their privacy; a violation of privacy so outrageous, that this technology must be exposed to the American people so that they may better understand just how vulnerable they are to the National Security Agency's satellite predation.

The NSA's EMF Scanning Network - How The NSA Illegally Tracks American Citizens By Way Of Their Own EMF Fields
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