Monday, July 13, 2009

Update On Family Member Hospitalized Yesterday - DEW Weapons Likely Caused This Situation

Suspicion That DEW Weapons Caused Fainting Spell

As of today, the Family member who was hospitalized last evening after becoming unconscious earlier in the afternoon has had several tests taken including a Doppler of the carotid arteries, echo cardiogram and brain scan. It would appear that all tests are negative, only confirming my suspicion that this Family member may well have been subjected to some form of Directed Energy Weaponry as the cause of their fainting spell yesterday afternoon.

As for the Intel community's attempts in which to attack this author and his Family, there is no rule of law in what they have done in the past, or continue to do now. As such, I do not acknowledge these agencies as anything more than well financed criminal syndicates whom I know for certain have been circulating myriad lies in regard to this author, while attempting to cover up the most precedent setting violations of the Constitutional rule law in American History.

And the more I document this government's crimes on this blog, the more insidious these falsehoods become, as the Intel community uses its coercive tactics in which to prevent those who could corroborate my information from doing so.

However, in spite of these abominations to our rights as American citizens, no matter what these agencies attempt to do from hereon in, or whom they utilize in these treasonous attacks, they have defined themselves as the most abject of criminals, whose rape of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will eventually serve to bring about their own dissolution.

As for the FBI/NSA collusion to deny us our inherent rights as American citizens, these agents will also reap what they have sown, regardless of what angles (and there have been many in the past) they decide to play in the future. And they will also suffer the consequences for the myriad and vicious lies which they have told in regard to this author, while denying their use of computer to brain interface in which to use my person for non consensual human experimentation. There is no rule of law in what these Intel criminals have perpetrated here, and as such they must be held accountable regardless of the cost. Furthermore, their demonization campaign is indicative of the Intel community's having failed to ensnare someone whose rights they have violated, and must be seen for exactly what it is; a preemptive strike in which to demonize those whom they have committed the most egregious crimes against.

However, their smokes screen is wearing thin, and will eventually disappear altogether so that the American people themselves can learn first hand of the treasonous crimes which these Intel agencies are committing against them, including the illegal brain fingerprinting of Americans via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network.

If ever there were evidence of the New World Order's existence, or their intent to create an open global dictatorship, the NSA's EMF Scanning network is it.

If the NSA truly believes that any person whom they have committed such outrageous violations against, would actually allow them to get away with these crimes, then it is these agents who are delusional.

Computer to Brain interface and the Remote Neural Monitoring/Manipulation of a person's brain are EVIL.

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