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Targets Of Organized Stalking & Non Consensual Human Experimentation Have A Long List Of Complaints Illustrating Egregious Violations Of Their Rights

The following is an extended list of experiences and symptoms reported by people who are being targeted for some form of nonconsensual human experimentation (oftentimes covert mind control research), as well as the psychological warfare crime of organized stalking.

Source: Downcastmysoul Webblog

July 8, 2009 at 1:08 pm (Some symptoms of being a targetted individual, Why are people so rude to me?)

If in doubt, or you are in physical distress that is severe, please see a medical doctor. Think twice about running to a psychiatrist or listing “mental” symptoms to your medical doctor. Even Christian Evangelists are now running to the pills (they use “meds” at “Christian” treatment centers) so don’t even confess to your pastor, priest, or rabbi your mental anguish unless you are sure they won’t refer you to a shrink or start questioning your mental health to your family and friends.

I. Some symptoms of Organized Stalking

Do people seem rude everywhere you go?

Are people nice “at first” then grow “nasty” (this one is for TURNer since it’s a play on words isn’t it?) after several interactions?

Are you getting poor service by Contractors and Mechanics? Is your car constantly breaking down? Is your computer slow and/or full of viruses?
Are you getting rude service on the phone?

Are you missing mail? Is mail late? Have you been penalized for late bills? Is the mail you get torn perpendicularly across the envelope flap to “show” you your mail is being “watched”? Are your packages damaged/stomped?

Are people on the street making repeated odd gestures around you? Are they touching their nose or ears or pointing back at you with their thumb? Are you being “pointed out” by strangers in public?

Are people muttering insults at you as you go by? Are strangers giving you hateful dirty looks?

Are you losing friends and not making many new ones?

Are your new friends odd and seem to have an agenda? Are they overly bossy and inquisitive?

Are you recently separated, divorced, or broken up with a significant other?
Do strangers act hateful around you?

Do strangers try to start arguments with you in public places? Has it gotten so bad the police have been called? Were the cops automatically on the instigators side and not willing to listen to you?

Do cars shine bright lights on you when you go out at night or shine their brights/spotlights in your windows at night? Are you followed in traffic? Do slow people get ahead of you and then others press in behind you as well as on the sides if on the highway?

Is your boss unwilling to promote you? Is your formerly friendly boss now suspicious of you and “rides your ass” at work? Are your professors/teachers grading you “down” for work you would have gotten a higher grade for in the past, ignore your comments in class, and act rude out of class?

Is your family acting strangely? Are they treating you differently? Are you being left out of family functions? Do you feel marginalized in your family when you were important to them before? Are you all of a sudden the “black sheep”?

Have you been pressed to see a psychiatrist even though you have no symptoms of mental illness?

Do people from work or your ex’s friends seem to just “show up” in places you go to when they didn’t before?

18. Do you find odd paraphernalia left on the ground for you when on foot? It could be a single piece of trash, coins, anything that is repeated endlessly and designed to create an emotional reaction.

II. Some symptoms of Electronic Harassment

Are you getting sharp sting-like pains for no reason?

Do you get severe itching especially at night with no diagnosis of a skin condition?

Do you have pains in the heart area with no sign of heart disease?

Do you have unexplained headaches that are not part of a physical condition?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sleep too much?

Are you always tired even when you don’t exert yourself?

Have you had a sudden onset of a severe chronic condition such as diabetes, cancer, MS, or lupus when you were previously healthy and these conditions do not run in your family?

Has your physical appearance seemed to deteriorate rapidly?

Have you been aging at a more rapid pace than usual?

Do you have strange dreams? Are they almost always negative? (some psych meds can cause vivid dreams so take that into account)

Do you have strange pains in certain areas of the body especially at home and especially in certain rooms?

Do you suddenly have “dizziness” that won’t go away and no physical cause for it?

Are you weaker now on one side when you weren’t before and there is no physical cause for it?

Do you have a fast heartbeat even when resting?

Do you have constant “colds” or infections that run on for months?

Do you have “accidents” at home and away? Do you fall while walking, bump into things, cut yourself, and there is no physical cause for this?

Do you have dental problems/pain where your teeth were healthy before?

Do you have sexual stimulation more than usual and at inappropriate times designed to make you feel guilty and dirty?

III. Some symptoms of Mind Control

Have you started hearing “voices” that emanate inside your head, from the wall, or a point in the air around you that no one else hears? Are they voices of people you know like co-workers, family, friends, or even people who have died?

Have you been having thoughts in your head that seem intrusive and that aren’t yours? Do these thoughts begin with “I” and come at the worst possible times?
Are weird coicidences happening in your life where it seems you are prophetic, or do weird combinations of numbers/dates keep popping up? Do strangers refer to things in public that you have never told anyone?

Do you see “visions” with your eyes closed that are disturbing or negative?
Do you seem to be “haunted” by dead family or friends in dreams, by voices in the head, or the appearance of look a like actors in public?

Do you have trouble concentrating on things that were easy to learn before?
Do you have some memory loss/ having trouble finding words/forgetting things at times?

Are you having trouble learning hard concepts you were able to grasp before? Are you having trouble concentrating on in depth reading material you enjoyed before?
Are you suddenly clumsy in public and bump into people and things? Do you now have social ineptness you never had before?

Do you find you are forced to say or mutter things are not on your mind to say that are inappropriate and or disturbing in public?

Do you have trouble being articulate? Do you stammer when you didn’t before? Do you scramble words in a sentence? Do you sound dumber in person than when you write?

Do you feel your mind is being read and this is being confirmed by Voice to Skull and the actions of people in public? (this symptom is hardest to prove but very real for those who have it.)

Do you have conversations/arguments with the voices when no one else is around? Do they want to “talk” even when you don’t?

These are some symptoms of being a ti. Some mimic physical, mental and psychological disorders, so see a doctor if in doubt but be slow to run to a psychiatrist unless you wish to be doped for life on mind numbing drugs.

Please see a post I wrote back in February 2008 for some odd instances that happened to me in the beginning that didn’t seem so odd at the time but taken together add up to a disturbing whole
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