Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sudden Illness Of A Family Member & Required Hospitalization On Sunday Night Strikes Again

Sunday Nights & DEW Weaponry Strikes - AGAIN!

For nearly a decade there's been a strange anomaly with Family members in which they are taken ill and require hospitalization on Sunday Nights. In the past this has occurred with one Family member more than five times, and today, occurred with another Family member, who passed out while sailing on the Family sailboat. This Family member is now in the emergency room at a local hospital under observation for a heart abnormality.

However, this author does not believe that this latest situation occur ed as a result of normal causes, but instead that some type of directed energy weapons are involved.

The fact that a Family member has once again ended up in the emergency room of a hospital on a Sunday night, only serves to further my belief that my Family as well as my person are all illegally brain tapped by the NSA, and unwittingly subjected to the same types of DEW weaponry attacks that I have been targeted for since the mid 1990's.

This person also fell under mysterious circumstances a few years after Intel's targeting of my person went from covert to overt, and broke both their shoulder and kneecap; something I believe was caused as a result of DEW weaponry.

If this Family member should become more seriously ill, or even die in the near future, I will conclude that they were murdered by the NSA as part of the COINTELPRO which the FBI and NSA have been waging against this author for nearly three decades.

I truly do not believe that this Family member was sickened as the result of natural causes, but instead as the result of being stricken by some type of DEW technology. I was told a short while ago that this Family member had experienced some nausea shortly before they passed out, which could well be the result of being irradiated by DEW weaponry.

I have experienced this nausea for years when a particular type of frequency is directed at my person. When ULF (ultra low frequency waves) are directed at my person the fatigue becomes instantaneous, and forces me to lay down to recover. Myriad other people targeted for this technology have reported similar experiences in regard to their use as guinea pigs in this non consensual human experimentation. This is just one in a myriad of experiences that I have had as a target of the NSA's non consensual human experimentation.

The most frustrating part in all this is that these attacks happen on a regular basis, yet because they are done via the infrared spectrum, those who perpetrate these outrageous crimes do so with complete anonymity and impunity. As such, they believe themselves to be above the law, as they can commit these crimes at anytime that they care to, and because all Americans have been illegally brain fingerprinted into the NSA's database, any citizen in this country can be targeted for these attacks without their knowledge.

The fact that another Family member has again ended up in the hospital on a Sunday night only furthers my belief that Intel is also attacking certain members of my Family with satellite deployed electronic warfare. Consider the odds of two Family members both being sickened on a Sunday night more than six times over the past decade, and you have a very strange anomaly. Why Sundays?

What I also found strange was that when I was on the phone with another Family member in regard to the other member who is now hospitalized, this person said hello to a man who he claimed is a fellow boater at the same yacht club. The Family member called this person Derrick, which I found interesting, since Derrick Robinson from the Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance Group has been complaining about the same situation regarding people being sickened or even murdered by way of DEW weaponry as punishment to him for doing something that they disapprove of. Such punishments can be deployed by way of satellite simply because Derrick chooses the wrong clothes to wear or foods to eat.

This is indicative of the Nazi mindedness of those who operate covertly within the U.S. Intelligence community, and their belief that they are above the law. Any agent caught using this technology on an American citizen while violating that citizen's civil rights should be given a life sentence.

As my regular readers know, I am always being gaslighted as the result of the psychological operations the Intel community subjects me to on a daily basis, so this entire situation could have been staged. However, in my opinion, this Family member being taken ill suddenly is not part of the gaslighting operation, and therefore legitimate. Yet, the person whom I have been told is named Derrick, may well have been part of a gaslighting scenario, done as an association with Derrick Robinson of FFCHS.

Any person who is targeted for such non consensual human experimentation is subjugated to a life of such bizarreness. And we are also aware that there are virtually no coincidences in regard to what we are subjected to. As such, there may well have been a plan made by those within Intel who attack me, to harm this Family member well in advance. To understand the robotic mentality of those who operate within Intel is to be horrified at how coldblooded and calculating these monsters are.

And there is no longer any question that they are attempting to murder me, while waging a public demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment to that end, while fabricating information, omitting exculpatory information, and deliberately misleading the public. There needs to be a full investigation into the U.S Intelligence community's illegal use of their spy satellite networks in which to expose the technology being used by these New World Order reprobates, in which to covertly torture and murder myriad citizens of both the United States and other countries.

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