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It Truly Is Time To Abolish The Treasonous FBI

The following article makes many accurate statements in regard to the FBI's incompetence, however it opines that the FBI failed to stop the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, when there is evidence that the FBI was a party to this bombing.

Former FBI Informant, Emam Salam, Accuses The FBI Of Complicity In The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center

The article also claims that the NSA and DIA can "take up" the slack if the FBI is abolished, when in fact the NSA and DIA (as well as the entire Intelligence community) are an even greater threat to the American people than the FBI. And based on the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, my new readers can learn for themselves how dangerous the NSA is to both their physical privacy as well as their privacy of mind.

AKWEI VS NSA is a lawsuit which the U.S. Courts have refused to hear. And if you have not read this lawsuit, after having done so, you will understand why, since it shows the NSA for the domestic spy and covert terrorist which it has always been. An organization which has brain fingerprinted the entire U.S. population without their knowledge or consent, and as such, who can track any American by way of their own unique bioelectric resonance via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Those of us who have promulgated this information (especially those who have been illegally targetted by the NSA for such egregious violations of our inherent rights as American citizens) are being subjected to vicious slander campaigns by the Intelligence community. However, in spite of this, our message is getting out and the American people are beginning to realize that the U.S. Intelligence community has misrepresented itself to them, and is far more "harmful" to their freedoms than they might imagine.

This is a message that must continue to be promulgated for the good of the American people and the United States of America.

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Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Monday, 9-Aug-2004 20:43:13 Dear Friends, Patriots and long-suffering sovereign Citizens of these States united:


The Bureau of Investigation was founded in 1908, and located within the Justice Department.

Its functions were few and restricted. The man who changed this Bureau into the all-encompassing, meddling-in-everything and supremely arrogant Federal Bureau of Investigation was one J. Edgar Hoover. The man who enabled Hoover's folly to grow and prosper was one Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In the parlance of the street, "the Bureau" made its bones by chasing down bank robbers in the depression years of the 1930s. As has been exhaustively researched by Mark Riebling, in his excellent book ~ Wedge ~ from 1994, it is clear that while Hoover enjoyed his dictatorial rule over the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ), he accumulated substantial dossiers of information on all manner of Citizens, including the famous, the infamous and those elected to Congress or otherwise active in politics. Along the way, Hoover's Famous But Incompetent bureaucracy clashed repeatedly with every attempt by federal authorities to set up additional agencies or units which might be involved in counter-intelligence, prior to the outbreak of the War for Greater Serbia, Part Two, the war itself, and the messy and bloody aftermath. In the 1950s the FBI used its powers to establish itself as being the premier 'anti-communist investigating unit,' despite the fact that the House Un-American Activities Committee was doing very good work in that regard.

From 1950 to 1962 the FBI was doggedly determined to find communist activists in the United States and to prosecute any who might be in violation of certain federal laws. In the years following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the FBI turned to scrutinizing the growing anti-war movement, and used all manner of tactics to insinuate itself in the various groups and ad hoc committees which came to oppose the UNDECLARED WAR against the North Vietnamese government and its Viet Cong subsidiaries in South Vietnam. Many authoritative research efforts have since uncovered the unsavory nature of how Hoover's fiefdom operated in that time. So, too, the Civil Rights movement which took root in the early 1950s, and became an important and powerful social movement in the 1960s, was targetted by the FBI on the suspicion that communists and fellow travellers had taken control of it. The same questionable tactics used on the anti-war movement were inflicted on the legitimate aspirations of African-Americans, regardless of whether they were moderate Christians or flaming radicals.


The rise of "perestroika" in the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall -- meaning the dissolution of the communist dictatorship in East Germany -- was followed by the collapse of communist or Marxist governments in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. Even isolated Bulgaria found itself reforming and jettisoning Soviet economic doctrine.

With the menace of European-based communist governments dissolving, in the early 1990s, the FBI was tasked to take notice of certain middle-eastern radicals, Muslims, or radical proponents of Islam in the Wahabbi mode, supported by the oil wealth of Saudi society. In particular, the FBI was tasked to find radical Muslim immigrants who had entered the United States legally -- mostly legally -- and who had clustered around a blind Egyptian imam who was active in Brooklyn, N.Y. and in New Jersey. Their efforts in this regard were sporadic, confused, and ultimately ineffective. Despite having some very good and legitimate sources inside the loosely organized Muslim groups who followed the blind Sheik, the FBI was unable to predict or prevent the plot to set off an ANFO truck bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center, in February of 1993.

Six people, including a pregnant woman, were killed, and a thousand + persons sickened with the oily black smoke and soot of the ANFO explosion. The twin towers were contaminated with the noxious smoke and it is only the grace of God and the effective rescue work of New York City police and firefighters, and Port Authority officers, that thousands were not asphixiated on that cold day. This should have been a wake-up call to the Famous But Incompetent ones, but it wasn't.

Progressing through the next seven and one-half years, the FBI slowly gathered additional information on the activities of Muslim radicals who were apparently now aligned with the 17th son of the contractor and builder, Mohammed bin Laden. Despite the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency and other groups had a very intimate, working knowledge of the Muslim world's support for the Afghan resistance, the long-standing hostility between the FBI and the CIA was not lessened to any substantial degree. As documented by Riebling in Wedge, creation of a Counter-Terrorism Center staffed by both CIA and FBI personnel, and personally directed at its origins by William Casey, was also not a corrective measure to this hostility.

The recent revelations by Sibel Edmonds of the near-complete incompetence of the Language Division of the FBI in working through translations of thousands of documents and audio recordings, provided by Bureau agents both before and after the massacres of September 11th, 2001, are extremely distressing. The overall attitude of the bureaucrats who were and are still in charge at the FBI was incomprehensible: what mattered to them was not the production of accurate and timely translations of documents, tapes and intercepts generated in Turkic dialects and the Arabic language. What mattered was 'gold-bricking' during the production of these translations, working slower than necessary -- not for extreme accuracy -- but for the purpose of building and supporting demands for bigger budgets and more hiring in the next cycle of FBI funding.

The revelation by Sibel Edmonds -- repeated for the country on CBS News' "Sixty Minutes" on August 8th, 2004 -- that FBI supervisors charged with receiving and routing her translations of documents and tapes provided by field agents, did not process them at all, but rather they erased some of them so the work had to be done over, is sickening. Worse than sickening, it is proof positive that Bureau managers in charge of translations were willing to engage in sedition and outright Treason against these United States, in order to feather their own budgetary nests. Erasing the work of a contractor translator skilled in Turkic dialects and Arabic, in the weeks and months following the Act of War which was September 11th, cannot be construed otherwise.

It is actively aiding and abetting the enemy which had been identified by the FBI itself, as being Al Qaeda, by constricting the flow of vital information and by OBSTRUCTING the contracted work of a skilled translator. Every employee of the Bureau who took part in the slow-down, the obstruction, and the destruction of work product provided by these translators, after 9/11, should be suspended from the FBI and brought up on charges of sedition, misprision of felonies, and where appropriate, Treason.


Here on this forum, I have written extensively about the lack of constitutionality in the conduct of the warfighting in Afghanistan, "the War on Terror," and the deployment of forces against Iraq both before and following the invasion of that country. The fact that a resolution was handed out does not excuse the moral turpitude of sending the armed forces out to war without a Declaration of War, or without Letters of Marque & Reprisal. Passed by the Congress and signed by the President.

Yet it is clear that the events of September 11th, the massacres and the attack on the Pentagon, were Acts of War. We can argue that the Al Qaeda is a chimera, a hoary ghost army of frustrated Arab and Turkic-speaking knuckleheads with no real center, we can argue that it is made up of our old friends from the Afghan insurgency which toppled the Soviet Red Army. We can study the research of V.K. Durham and trace the origins of the Al Qaeda's funding to the Ekkers of Tehachapi and Las Vegas. We can argue and dispute that endlessly. But the fact remains, that in the days and weeks following the collapse of the two towers in New York City, the FBI said that the Al Qaeda was the enemy and they acted as if the Al Qaeda was the enemy.

Therefore, if they themselves were thinking that they were in a "war-fighting mode" then the disgraceful actions taken by FBI officials in the language division require nothing less than the fullest investigation and prosecution. Every single employee or agent of the FBI who contributed to the 'gold-bricking,' slow-downs and destruction of translated documents should be smoked out and exposed, suspended from duty and indicted as mentioned above. Not just a few contractors who went along with what they were told to do, working slower than slow, but every single person involved in what is blatantly sedition and Treason.


These facts have been known for a good long while. Mr. Inside Washington, Senator John Forbes Kerry, had ought to know the relevant facts of this scandal, this treachery and Treason. If he doesn't, then the question arises of why should any Citizen cast a ballot for his Electors this year ??

These facts have been known for a good long while. Mr. Outside Washington, President George W. Bush, has the responsibility and the authority to oversee the Department of Justice and the FBI. If these matters have not been brought to his attention in a compelling and attention-commanding way, someone on his staff or in the offices of Ashcroft & company, ought to be fired. Not suspended or transferred to some other federal dumping ground for incompetent bureaucrats ( the FAA comes to mind ), but fired. Cashiered. Walked out the door with the security boys nipping at their heels. That hasn't happened, either.

If George W. Bush cannot find the courage to shake the Famous But Incompetent tree and knock down all the rotten apples, then he has no business standing for re-election, and the Citizens of these States united should not give their votes to the Republican Electors, this autumn. The President has never fully explained why Saudi princes, businessmen and their British, Philippino, Egyptian and Sudanese employees were collected in the days following September 11th, and flown out of the country. But the 'gold-bricking' and slow-downs and treasonable felonies at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are worse by far even than that questionable set of activities.

The FBI failed to predict the bombing attack against the World Trade Center in 1993, despite having penetrated the plotters. The FBI failed to resolve the Waco/Mount Carmel stand-off with the Branch Davidians, resulting in the fiery deaths of innocent women and children, and the destruction of evidence of whatever did happen in the original bungled raid by the BATF. The FBI has been shown to be ineffective in its scientific analysis of what really happened in Oklahoma City in 1995, when the A.P. Murrah building was destroyed by a Tesla weapon strike and by explosives secreted within the building or held there in storage, illegally.

The FBI has failed utterly to get results in the mysterious murder case of Suzanne Jovin, Yale College 1999, who was killed with seventeen savage blows of a knife only a few hours after submitting a research paper on Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda. The FBI has been proven to be more interested in drinking the best coffee than in finding the best leads to the Al Qaeda cells now operating inside the United States. The FBI has seldom, if ever, taken real measures to trace, track and find any of the hundreds and thousands of missing girls and women, who've disappeared in the last twelve years.

The FBI has failed. It's an expensive operation. It cannot police or discipine itself, as the Sibel Edmonds' story of the bungled translations proves. Beginning with Hoover in World War II ( i.e., the War for Greater Serbia, part two ), and continuing with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, the FBI has been sent hither and yon -- overseas -- to do investigations, when it should be sticking close to home and following leads here !!!

The FBI cannot be reformed. It cannot be disciplined. It cannot be counted as being reliable any more. It cannot be trusted in this new age of faith-based radicalism and in this global civil war, instigated by those who have gold or who want gold, and those who seek to keep the whole world addicted to oil and petroleum products. The FBI cannot be counted among federal governmental groups, agencies, those who are loyal to this country, this union of republican sovereign States, anymore.

The fact that most FBI agents and employees are not seditious ingrates, incompetents, or treasonable felons is irrelevant: the leadership and the managerial ranks are rife with foul treachery and disgraceful feather-bedding. It's too late to fix this system, too late to retrofit the management: suspend the worst offenders and investigate the seditions, the Treasons and the planned incompetence of the language division and then move quickly to fire the entire upper tier of the Famous But Incompetent management structure.

File the indictments now. Find the traitors, now. Fire them immediately upon their convictions for sedition, misprision of felonies and Treason.

The National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency and the skilled investigators who populate the State agencies tasked with cooperating with Homeland Security can take up the slack between now and the installation of a new Congress in 2005. The FBI is simply beyond redemption. The best people who are still working there can be picked up by other agencies, while the rest should get busy printing their resumes'.

Scrap the entire Bureau, which incidentally has no charter and has never had a charter, and start over with a new set of plans, including a charter with defined limits and a flexible structure.

Richard C. Green
Yale College, 1987
Executive Editor of Rumor Mill News
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