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The FBI And Its Intel Brethren Are Pathological Torturers And Murderers Who Represent The Lowest Form Of Life On This Planet

Editor's Note: Family members are attempting to purchase a new vehicle in order to take advantage of the federal government's purchase of older vehicles. This afternoon, this author's Family found an automobile at one dealership which was available, which could have been swapped with the dealership in which they are attempting to make their purchase. They got the information on this vehicle and sent it to the person whom they are negotiating with locally, only to be told a short time later, that this vehicle had been special ordered for someone else and was not available - exactly the opposite of what a Family member was told a short time earlier. It is my opinion that Intel interfered with the purchase of this vehicle, just as they interfere with virtually every aspect of our lives.

Moreover, the battery in this author's automobile had been fully charged a few weeks ago. The battery worked fine, however, two days later it was completely discharged. As a result I charged the battery again only to find that when I reconnected the battery, the interior light switch had been turned on. I did not turn this switch on which means that someone else broke into this car and did so.

As far as I know I have the only two sets of keys to this car, so it is more than likely that the NSA remotely opened the electronic door locks in which to allow someone to turn the light switch on, which resulted in the drained battery.

Targets of organized stalking often find that their automobiles are constantly being tampered with in such ways. The automobiles in this author's Family have been tampered with by such electronic remote means for many years, including opening the door locks while one of our automobiles was actually traveling at more than sixty miles per hour on the highway.

This is further criminal activity by these Intel psychopaths who are none too pleased that I am still alive and promulgating these crimes over the Internet. Moreover, Family members continue to be harassed by these Intel agencies in the most egregious ways ever documented, being forced to accept outrageous violations of their inherent rights; fearful that they too will become targeted as aggressively as this author has been for years. What I am documenting here are the most outrageous violations of the United States Constitution in American History.

The Intel community is in fact a diabolical entity that is incapable of operating legally, morally, ethically, or sanely. For more than six years now the * FBI/NSA and Homeland Security have conspired to deny this author and his Family our Constitutional rights, while these reprobates commit every crime imaginable against us.

*DHS joined in this conspiracy in 2003, however the FBI and NSA have conspired to commit myriad crimes against this author and his Family under the color of law since as early as 1980. As such, the Intel community must now lie and completely obfuscate their own criminality in an effort to avoid this treasonous scandal. However, what they have done to us continues to be propagated both nationally and internationally.

And until my death I will make certain that the ENTIRE TRUTH is made known to the public.

The COMPLETE STORY, which includes the illegal brain fingerprinting of the American population, and the use of many of us for what is nothing less than a modern day version of the CIA's diabolical MKultra mind control research - this time being covertly conducted by way of the NSA through its EMF Scanning Network.

Why would the Intel community spy on any person for decades without having legal authority in which to do so, while taking the added risk that the persons whose rights have been violated so egregiously might find out about this and then attempt to expose these outrageous crimes?

Non consensual human experimentation. The Intel community has to test computer to brain interface technology in a real world environment. So they choose to use American citizens as the equivalent of unwitting lab animals who are illegally tracked, catalogued, monitored and experimented on.

And this is happening here in the United States of America.

In my situation, the FBI is the catalyst in these attacks. A situation in which the FBI colluded with the NSA in which to illegal spy on my person for decades. A situation which has now gotten so far out of hand, that it is this author's opinion that the FBI and NSA will attempt to use some aspect of our elected leadership in which to obfuscate these crimes, while committing further violations of our rights. This is being done in order to protect criminals within the FBI and NSA so that they are able to avoid prosecution for the precedent setting crimes that they continue to commit against my Family and my person.

This spying also has many illegal applications including the theft of people's thoughts from right out of their own minds, via the NSA's computer to brain interfacing technology, which allows NSA operatives to remote neural monitor the brain states of any person in the United States. It is quite likely that the NSA has done the same at its Menwith Hill, England location. A situation in which the NSA may well have catalogued Great Britain's citizens by way of their own unique brain fingerprints.

The same may be true of all of Europe.

Of course these agents are furious now, because they are finally being exposed as the outright Nazi's that they are, and their crimes are far worse than the average American citizen can possibly fathom.

As such, there is not even a semblance of Constitutional law left in the treasonous attacks which they subjugate this author and his Family to. And the Intel community will eventually pay the price for such egregious crimes against us. These so called agents are making up their own rules as they go, which is totally unacceptable and anathema to the C0nstitutional rule of law in the United States.

It is quite clear that as such, Intel is attacking this author as aggressively as they can in order to prevent another scandal within these agencies which is well beyond any that the public has heard of to this point. Of course these agents have never confronted me directly by identifying themselves, since this has been an ongoing illegal operation for decades. And they can't exactly face me in a court of law either, since every aspect of what I have documented on this Website will be made available to a jury. Including the remote torture and attempted murder of my person by way of this Nazi garbage.

As I have said in the past, for many years now I have been a dead man walking, making certain to make the best use of my time in documenting these crimes as well as myriad others committed by the criminal cartels which control every aspect of this planet. I offer this Website as proof that these crimes are being done in which to destroy the global Proletariat, while further enriching the world's super-rich class; herein referred to as The Illuminati.

Intel's Psyops Against This Author Grow Even Worse

The FBI/NSA campaign in which to torture and murder this author as well as my Family has continued aggressively for more than six years. These agents are the most despicable examples of humanity to ever exist. Throughout its nefarious history, the Intel community has manipulated government officials (through the use of blackmail schemes), into ignoring the crimes committed by these criminal agents; those who have tortured and murdered millions of people around the world through the use of covert operations; operations which include the use of psychological warfare and over the past few decades satellite deployed directed energy weapons which have been used to both physically torture and in some cases murder those being targeted for such Orwellian crimes.

Oftentimes, these citizens will be targeted for vicious and inhumane psychological warfare programs which are used to drive the target into committing suicide. The Intel community is unrelenting is these operations and will continue to wage them until their targets are dead.

This is cold blooded murder.

This is the state of America under a tyrannical cabal which secretly controls this government. A situation in which there is no rule of law. A situation which has become much more severe since the 9-11 false flag operation orchestrated by the Zionist controlled Project For A New American Century, through the Bush #43 Administration. A treasonous crime overseen by the House Of Rothschild through the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System central bank in the United States.

Their intent is to destroy the American middle class by nullifying the U.S. Constitution, and with it any protections that the American Proletariat have.

I write this today because it appears that a Family member may now have a very serious heart condition brought on by way of such weaponry, as well as the stress which the FBI/NSA/DHS have placed our entire Family under for the past six years. Abject cruelty and inhumanity on par with anything that Hitler and his Nazi party were capable of.

There is to be no forgiveness for these minions of Satan, who masquerade as protectors of the American people, yet who are in fact nothing but despicable torturers and murderers who delight in their acts of depravity (which are far too numerous to mention here). These men and women are the lowest form of life on this planet. They are pathological liars, sexual predators, mind controlled psychopaths, who torture and murder at will and with absolutely no conscience for having done so.

They also use their positions as agents of the U.S. Federal Government in which to wage their own personal vendettas. The most serious of crimes committed under the color of law, which these agents should be but are almost never prosecuted for.

These agents of Satan, this hidden EVIL, also utilize electronic warfare programs through the National Security Agency in which to illegally track American citizens by way of their own unique bioelectric fields. Technology used to invade the minds of these subjects while utilizing them as nothing more than laboratory animals who are experimented on within their own domiciles, tortured and oftentimes covertly murdered by such means. This author has been tortured in such ways for nearly two decades, the result of being targeted by the FBI and NSA for DEW weaponry assaults and mind control experimentation.

As such, no American citizen is safe from this satellite predation.

Furthermore, It is my exposition of these outrageous crimes and how they can be committed against all Americans which has the Intel community both demonizing my person as well as conducting a furtive campaign in which to murder me.

A situation in which the Constitutional rule of law is completely absent.

In fact, there has never been such a devious circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law perpetrated against another American citizen, as the Intel community is presently waging against this author - one in which exculpatory information has been deliberately omitted by the FBI, NSA and DHS in regard to my person, in order to obfuscate the facts. This is a complete manipulation of the law being used by these Intel agencies in order to cover up their own outrageous crimes; crimes which include precedent setting illegal spying as well as the use of non consensual human experimentation on this author and his Family.

In committing such atrocities the FBI, NSA and the rest of their Intel minions use the NSA's computer to brain interface technology - remote neural monitoring of the human brain - in which to attack the minds of these people, while perpetrating these crimes with complete impunity.

The United States Congress is complicit in covering up this information while protecting these Intel criminals, so that they cannot be prosecuted. The mainstream media also aids and abets such abhorrent criminality while the allegations by those subjugated to this nightmare are completely ignored.

Those of us who attempt to promulgate this information on the treasonous crimes being committed by the Intel community are marginalized by the aforementioned. This while the Intel community subjects us to daily attacks of psychological operations in which we are also routinely targeted for physical attacks as well, by way of Directed Energy Weapons, which include the electronic rape of our persons.

Our Families are also made victims of many crimes, and prevented from speaking out against these monsters.

This is an abject rape of our Constitutional rights by the U.S. Federal Government and its Intelligence community; one which we will under no circumstances tolerate, and will if necessary fight to the death to expose. The exposition of such extremely UGLY hidden truths about the U.S. Intelligence community that they cannot afford having the public learn about.

Yet, which will be exposed regardless of Intel's attempts to maintain this treasonous cover up.

Such crimes against humanity are perpetrated by incarnated evil and those who are controlled by such evil incarnate. And incarnated evil is what is controlling the world government which overseas the leaders of every country on this planet in the modern day, including the United States Of America - the land of lies.

This is why there is no longer any Constitutional rule of law in the United States, and why there is a complete absence of the due process of law. For a duly appointed agent of the U.S. Federal Government to violate the inherent rights of another American citizen is easily one of the worst crimes that can ever be perpetrated. Moreover, to electronically torture the mind and body of such a target is the worst crime that these agents can commit against an American citizen, or citizen of another country.

Moreover, America is no longer the land of the free, but instead nothing but a facade of freedom which when carefully inspected, is quickly exposed as a tyrannical police state where the Constitutional rule of law is no longer existent.

In fact, given that the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights have become completely disregarded by this government, it is the duty of every American citizen to understand this and to fight in the defense of freedoms that are theirs not as a privilege, but instead, as the inherent right of every American citizen.

The alphabet agencies which compose the Intel community are the sworn enemy of the American Proletariat, since they are used by the super-rich in which to deny us such inherent rights.

The fight to avenge these injustices will wage on until these agents are held accountable for these treasonous crimes. They must be held accountable at any and all costs, because they are DANGEROUS to our society and must be prosecuted for these crimes. Moreover, if we fail to do so, the American people will never regain their Constitutional Republic, or the inherent freedoms which they are by law entitled to. And will instead become subjugated to a form of enslavement which will not only destroy their sovereignty, but also their ability to think creatively for themselves.

They will in fact become slaves to the world government's Orwellian status quo. Little more than mind controlled puppets who've been deluded into believing that they are free, when they are in fact prisoners of an insidious system of government whose ultimate agenda is to destroy them.

To learn more about how the NSA can violate your inherent rights as an American citizen read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency. It is my corroboration of the information contained within this lawsuit and the promulgation of it over the Internet which are the prime reasons why the NSA, FBI and DHS continue to demonize me while attempting to find a way in which to covertly murder my person.

Make no mistake about this - The FBI and NSA are seeking to find a plausible way in which to murder this author.

However, even after decades of the most outrageous entrapment schemes, the FBI cannot obtain a legitimate indictment in regard to this author and in complete desperation to cover up their own outrageous crimes - which include the covert attempted murder of my person - have now resorted to a mass demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment, while circumventing every aspect of the Constitutional rule of law.

These agents are CRIMINALS who should be PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. And they will not violate the rights of this author or his Family and get away with it.

These agents should also be forced to admit in a court of law that they regularly utilize the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in which to spy on American citizens, while violating in the most egregious of ways the privacy of such citizens.

These agents must also be forced to admit to their use of computer to brain interface in which to remote neurally monitor/manipulate the minds of such citizens as part of the NSA's electronic warfare operations.

These so called agents are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing -- domestic terrorists who conceal their crimes under the cover of National Security.

The U.S. Judiciary has managed to avoid hearing the following lawsuit against the NSA since 1991. A lawsuit which appeared on the Internet back in 1996 when published in the April/May 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine.

It is time that John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA was heard in a court of law.

And it is time that the American people learned for themselves about the domestic spy/terrorist organization that the NSA really is. An organization that has without their knowledge, electronically brain fingerprinted the American people, and is treating them as little more than heads of cattle. The FBI, CIA and other agencies of the Intel community are no better, since their domestic spying is in many ways just as egregious, and in complete violation of the Constitutional rule of law.

See John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA at the following Website:

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