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Dr. Ron Paul's Legislation To Force Congress To Audit The Federal Reserve System Banking Cartel - If He's Successful Will The FED Take Its Revenge?

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR 1207

Ron Paul Bill To Audit The Federal Reserve

Will HR 1207 Be Passed?

With 271 co-sponsors to this bill requiring the Federal Reserve System to be transparent in its operations (something which in this author's opinion will never happen even if this legislation is passed), HR 1207 has a real chance of becoming law.

However, given the inherent corruption within the Federal Reserve System itself, and its extremely powerful leadership which also controls much of our legislators, it will take far more than new legislation in which to clean up the Federal Reserve System.

As it stands, we have myriad laws which were created to protect our inherent rights as American citizens which are completely disregarded by the U.S. Industrial Military Intelligence Complex, as well as most of our own elected officials.

For instance, Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 of the United States Criminal Code expressly prohibit a federal employee from using their position to violate the Constitutional rights of an American citizen. However, agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA have been committing such egregious violations since their inceptions, yet their agents are almost never charged with such crimes.

And those whom they commit such crimes against are victimized not once, but many times, since they are denied their right to prosecute these agents and seek monetary damages against them in a United States Civil Court. This author and his Family have been the targets of such vicious crimes for years, perpetrated by the FBI, NSA and more recently Department Of Homeland Security. A situation in which our rights as American citizens have been completely disregarded by these Intel criminals, who are not only waging a very aggressive demonization campaign against this author, but also attempting to find a covert way in which to murder me, so that these agents are never indicted for committing these outrageous crimes.

As for the Federal Reserve Act and Congress' attempts in which to convince the American people that it is legitimate, the fact is that this Act was never properly ratified, and neither was the 16TH Amendment; which the Supreme Court also ruled did not give the Congress any new powers of taxation over the American people.
This situation was made quite obvious when a former tax investigator who began to doubt the IRS' legitimacy, flew to the 48 contiguous U.S. States and located documents which prove that most of these states never ratified the 16TH Amendment, and that the three quarters vote in which to make the 16TH Amendment into law was never met.

When the IRS found out about the former tax investigator's research (a man by the name of Bill Benson), it attempted to bribe him so that he would reveal exactly where he obtained his information, in an attempt in which to destroy it. However, Benson could not be bought off and instead compiled this information into a 17,000 page document which he entitled "The Law That Never Was." The title is accurate since the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified and was illegally passed into law.

What's worse is that while Benson has attempted to promulgate this information, a judge has taken part in this treasonous coverup by ruling that Benson must not circulate "The Law That Never Was."

Moreover, the fact that the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified has not stopped the Congress from allowing the Federal Reserve System to collect such a tax via the Internal Revenue Service - both of which are private corporations which have nothing to do with the United States Treasury, yet which have been used since the early 1900's in which to impose an unconstitutional tax on the wages of the American middle class.

This is class warfare being conducted by the super-rich in the United States in which to strip the American middle class of their wealth.

In reality, the Federal Reserve System as well as the IRS should both be abolished, since neither is part of the U.S. Federal Government, and as such do not exist Constitutionally.

The FBI should also be abolished, as should the rest of the Intelligence community, since the U.S. Constitution makes no provisions for an Intelligence community, and the Intel community within the United States has demonstrated time and again, that they are not protectors of the American people, but instead an egregious threat to our safety. To this day, the FBI is operating without the charter necessary for it to exist legally.

The Federal Reserve System Must Be Abolished

Since its treasonous creation in the early 1900's, the result of the House Of Rothschild's fomenting the covert overthrow of the U.S. Federal Government (by way of the leaders of the Zionist banking establishment in the United States - those who would become known as the Jekyll Island Seven), the Federal Reserve System has acted as nothing more than a tool of the wealthy in which to wage class warfare against the middle class in the United States.

This has been done via an unconstitutional graduated system of taxation which is not only based on Communism but taken directly from the Manifesto written by Karl Marx; one which has been used in which to redistribute the wealth in this country, by taking it from the middle class and giving it to the super rich class.

The tax charitable trusts were creations of but two of the many robber baron families: The Rockefeller's and the Carnegie's - both of whom developed this most clever tax dodge based on the work of one Fred Gates. Gates' concept has become a common doctrine of the affluent, since they are able to avoid paying taxes altogether, by creating charitable trusts in which they maintain control of their assets instead of giving a large portion of them to the federal government.

It is the matching gift programs that remain an adjunct of such trusts, and which enable non profit organizations like public radio and TV stations to become profitable, while convincing their listeners that they are not making a profit.

Another mass deception on the public.

Charitable Trusts - A Tax Dodge For The Wealthy

In the modern day, the merged fortunes of Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet and Microsoft's Bill Gates are one of the best examples of how the super rich maintain their fortunes through the creations of such trusts, while the Federal Government never sees a dime of this money.

The American middle class has no such luxury, since they must pay a percentage of their earnings to the federal government, and at death, their estates are taxed by this government, while the rich are able to entirely avoid such taxation.

This is a total injustice to the American middle class; like every other injustice that they are dealt by the ultra rich class, who uses its control over the media system in which to deceive those who remain the backbone of the United States.

Such deceptions are myriad in nature and used in which to wage this most often unrecognized yet very successful class warfare campaign against the American Proles.

For example, the Internal Revenue Service is currently offering amnesty to those as the IRS puts it, "sinners" who have avoided paying their taxes, when in reality it is the IRS who is in the commission of egregious criminality, by enforcing a system of taxation which the Supreme Court itself has ruled to be unconstitutional.

Those who've taken on the Federal Reserve System and its House of Rothschild leadership in the past, have always paid a heavy price for having done so. Men like John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Justice Martin V. Mahoney all lost their lives for waging a direct challenge to this money trust; JFK and Judge Mahoney by challenging the Federal Reserve System directly, and Abraham Lincoln by challenging the Rothschilds and by refusing to use one of their central banks in which to finance the Civil War.

Will Dr. Ron Paul be the Federal Reserve System's next victim?

The American middle class continue to be victimized by the privately held Federal Reserve System and its IRS bag man, both of whom have stolen trillions of dollars from us since 1914. This having been accomplished by way of a system of taxation which is directly based on Communism and in diametrical opposition to our Constitutional rule of law.

As for an official audit of the Federal Reserve System, one must ask what the Federal Reserve (which prints its fiat paper currency out of thin air) is doing with gold on its balance sheet?

Gold which the Federal Reserve began looting from the United States Treasury in the early 1900's.

For more on the Federal Reserve System's treasonous activities see:

Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System By Eustace Mullins
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