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American Medical Association's Demonization Of Vitamin B17 And The Needless Deaths Of Millions Of Americans From Cancers Which Could've Been Cured

The U.S. Drug Trust & Its Demonization Of Laetrile

Millions of people continue to die from cancer each year due to the ineffective and prohibitively expensive slash, poison and burn protocols mandated by the Drug Trust in the United States and Europe. The fact that decades ago, Laetrile therapy proved to be a far more effective treatment in curing many forms of cancer, and that the Drug Trust monopoly here in the United States decided in the interest of monetary profit, to bury this evidence so that its pharmaceutical holdings would continue to flourish, is the equivalent of genocide.

In this propaganda campaign in which to demonize Laetrile, the Drug Trust labeled it "quack medicine" when in fact the surgery, chemo therapy and radiation treatments which the Drug Trust cleans up on financially each year is the real quackery, with a shockingly low cure rate; a protocol which not only uses the patient as a guinea pig, but also subjects them to torture and oftentimes terrible disfigurement before they actually die equally horrible deaths!

In the United States natural cures such as Laetrile Therapy (Vitamin B17) cannot be patented so no monies can be earned from them. Only man-made cures can be patented and profitted from.

And when a large group of cancer patients were cured by taking Laetrile treatments, they formed a committee known as the Laetrilists in which to promulgate the success of Laetrile Treatment. This committee became a threat to the medical status quo for cancer treatments propagated by the Rockefeller controlled American Medical Association, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society and Federal Drug Administration.

It was the Laetrilist's attempts in which to alert the general public to the success that Laetrile was having in the treatment of cancer patients that so terrified this Rockerfeller controlled Drug Trust, that this movement became the primary reason for the Drug Trust's conspiracy in which to demonize Laetrile therapy, since it offers a far better alternative to those suffering with cancer than the Drug Trust's very lucrative and deadly slash, poison and burn protocol.

What most Americans are unaware of is that in the 1970's Memorial Sloan Kettering conducted research on Laetrile and found it to be far more therapeutic than their standard chemo therapy and radiation protocol in the treatment of cancer. However, once the Rockefeller controlled board of directors of Sloan Kettering learned of this, they buried this research, and set out to propagate a campaign in which to demonize Laetrile with the public.

From that point on Laetrile therapy and even the Vitamin from which it was derived (Vitamin B17) were banned from the United States, leaving those who wanted such treatments forced to go to other countries in which to obtain them. This disgrace in the country which has long been touted as the land of the free, yet on closer inspection is a consummate fraud, controlled by the Illuminati through the House of Rothschild's London banking cartel.

Excerpt from G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer"

"It is hard to hear this unbroken record of deception in the cloak of science, but the grandaddy of them of all occurred a few years later at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. For five years, between 1972 and 1977, Laetrile was meticulously tested at Sloan-Kettering under the direction of Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura. As the senior laboratory researcher there, with over 60 years experience, Dr. Sugiura had earned the highest respect for his knowledge and integrity. In a science laboratory, where truth is sought to the exclusion of all else, he would have been the perfect man for this test.

"For the purposes of Sloan-Kettering, however, he was the worst possible choice. Sugiura broke his experiments down into a serious of tests using different types of laboratory animals and different tumors: some transplanted and some naturally occurring. At the conclusion of his experiment, he reported five results: (1) Laetrile stopped metastasis (the spreading of cancer) in mice, (2) it improved their general health, (3) it inhibited the growth of small tumors, (4) it provided relief from pain, and (5) it acted as a cancer prevention.

"The official report stated:

'The results clearly show that Amygdalin (Laetrile) significantly inhibits the appearance of lung metastasis, in mice bearing spontaneous mammary tumors and increases significantly the inhibition of growth of the primary tumors... Laetrile also seemed to prevent slightly the appearance of new tumors... The improvement of health and appearance of the treated animals in comparison to controls is always a common observation... Dr. Sugiura has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents.'

"The reader is advised to go back and read the last section again for, as we shall see, just a few months later, spokesmen for Sloan-Kettering were flatly denying that there was any evidence that Laetrile had any value.

"To fully appreciate what happened next, a little background is in order. The board of directors at Sloan-Kettering is virtually controlled by corporate executives representing the financial interest of pharmaceutical companies. Most of that control is held by the Rockefeller dynasty and their cartel partners.

"At the time of the Sugiura tests, there were three Rockefellers sitting on the board (James, Laurence, and William) plus more than a dozen men whose companies were within the Rockefeller financial orbit.

"The history of how the Rockefellers became involved in the pharmaceutical industry is contained in Part II of of this book. But, to appreciate how that effects this part of the story, we must know that John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and his son, J.D. II, began donating to Memorial Hospital in 1927. They also gave a full block of land on which the new hospital was built in the 1930's. Nothing was given without something to be received. In this case, was control over one of the great medical centers of the world.

"How that happened was described by Ralph Moss, former Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Sloan-Kettering. Speaking of the expansion of Sloan-Kettering after World War II, Moss wrote: 'The composition of the board of trustees at that time reveals a kind of balance of power, with the Rockefellers and their allies in overall control, but with those representing the Morgan interests assuming many positions of power... From this period forward the world's largest private cancer center was ruled by what looks like a consortium of Wall Street's top banks and corporations. By the mid 1960's the MSKCC board had begun to take on a rather uniform appearance. What stood out was that many of its leading members were individuals whose corporations stood to lose or gain a great deal of money, depending on the outcome of the 'cancer war'."

"With this background in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that Sugiura's findings did not please his employer. What goes on inside the laboratories is of little interest to board members. It is assumed that, whatever it is, it will result in a new patented drug that will keep the cash flow moving in their direction.

"They were slow to pick up on the implications of Sugiura's work but, when they did, all hell broke loose in the boardroom. If a cure for cancer were to be found in an extract from the lowly apricot seed, it would be a terrible economic blow to the cancer drug industry.

"Never before had Sugiura's work been questioned. In 1962, more than 200 of his scientific papers were publicised in a four-volume set. The introduction was written by Dr. Chester Stock, the man in charge of Sloan-Kettering's laboratory testing division.

"Dr. Stock wrote: 'Few, if any, names in cancer research are as widely known as Kanematsu Sugiura's... Possibly the high regard in which his work is held is best characterized by a comment made to me by a visiting investigator in cancer research from Russia. He said 'When Dr, Sugiura publishes, we don't have to repeat the study for we would obtain the same results he has reported.'"

"All that was forgotten now that Sugiura's findings were threatening the cash flow. The same Dr. Stock who wrote those words was now a Sloan-Kettering vice-president and part of the pack howling for a whole new series of tests. Sugiura had to be proven wrong!

"As it turned out, several others had already duplicated Sugiura's experiments and had obtained essentially the same positive results. One was Dr. Elizabeth Stockert and another was Dr. Lloyd Schloen. Both were biochemists at Sloan-Kettering when they did the work. Schloen had gone so far as to add proteolytic enzymes to the injections - as is commonly done by Laetrile doctors - and reported a 100% cure rate among Swiss Albino mice! That was not the result they wanted. In fact, it was down-right embarrassing. It would have been nice if they could simply dump these reports into the memory hole and then claim that they never existed. But it was too late for that. They were already in the public record, and too many people knew the facts.

"It was now time to bury all of these findings under a mountain of contrary reports and statistics. Even the sweetest smelling rose will be ignored in a heap of garbage."

AMA/ACS/FDA/NCI Conspiracy To Ban Laetrile From America

Several weeks ago I posted in regard to the Illuminati conspiracy conducted through the American Medical Association in which to actually propagate various forms of cancer while destroying any effective cancer treatments, including and especially the drug Laetrile, which is derived from Vitamin B17. At the time I recommended reading Eustace Mullins "Murder By Injection" since this expose on the criminal fraud that the National Cancer Institute, American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, and Federal Drug Administration continue to perpetrate against the American people is a pernicious crime against humanity.

Included in this crime is the AMA/ACS/FDA/NCI demonization of Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) since it has been proven to be effective in the treatment of many forms of cancer, and without the slash, poison and burn therapies propagated by the Illuminati controlled houses of death, like Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan.
In 1974, the same author who would later give Americans the brilliant expose on the House of Rothschild's Federal Reserve System fraud (The Creature From Jekyll Island), wrote a similar book to Mullins' "Murder By Injection," entitled "World Without Cancer," in regard to the American Medical Association's conspiracy in which to demonize Vitamin B17 and to ban it from the United States, which the AMA & FDA managed to successfully accomplish by the 1980's by making it illegal to use Laetrile in the treatment of cancer.

This demonization, like that of hemp fifty years earlier, has been and continues to be a horrendous and treasonous crime against the American people. In the case of Laetrile, by denying them access to alternative treatments for their health that were far more effective and safer than those of the corrupt medical status quo in the United States, and in the case of hemp, access to a crop which offered more ecologically healthy alternatives to fossil fuels and the petrochemicals which now serve to pollute this planet. One can only imagine how many people would still be alive had they been allowed to pursue Vitamin B17 treatment protocols to treat their cancers, instead of the AMA's Draconian and "deadly" slash, poison and burn status quo in the treatment of these illnesses, which is used to furtively murder millions of Americans each year.

G. Edward Griffin comes to the defense of Vitamin B17 in his book "World Without Cancer" which can be read in its entirety at the following Website:

"Just when you thought there was no cure for cancer, out comes G. Edward Griffin's book (first printing in 1974) to tell us about the great fraud of the medical profession and how the fraud got started. The first half of the book brings you up to speed about the surreptitious dealings inside the cancer industry and the AMA to cover up any promising results from a drug called Laetrile, made from apricot seeds containing the vitamin, B17. Also, in part one is a very interesting thesis on the orgin of cancer and trophoblasts which are stem cells found in pregnancy that behave the same way cancer cells do. Read about the Rockefellers, the Nazi's and the FDA's attempts to squash alternative approaches to cancer for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies and their cartel's. The bottom line is that it's all about money. This book begs the question: What do oncologists do when they develop cancer themselves? Do they take the poison they push on their trusting patients or do they go to Canada to get a dose of Laetrile? After reading this book, you may never trust your doctor again!!!!"

Read "Murder By Injection Here

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