Monday, June 29, 2009

The Shocking Menace Of Satellites By John Flemming -- The NSA Can Read Your Mind By Way Of Specialized Satellites Effectively Nullifying Your Rights

How The Intelligence Community Reads Your Mind

The following article should be required reading along with John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, since both document (based on factual research) that it is not only possible to read someones thoughts by way of satellite, but that this has been done illegally for many decades by domestic spy agencies like the National Security Agency. More recently, the NSA has been accused of using this technology to perpetrate industrial espionage, under the pretext of spying for the war on terror. Once again, the war on terror commenced under the Bush Administration is a House Of Rothschild propagated fraud, just as the Rothschild's Federal Reserve System is such a disgusting deception of the American middle class.

There have been some within the community of victims targeted for electronic harassment who continue to deny that this technology is possible. Others who had believed that it might be possible only if a person targeted for such illegal surveillance had been implanted with a microchip, are now beginning to understand that it is the person's own unique electromagnetic field which acts as a global position satellite tracking device. So there is no way for any person to avoid such illegal surveillance, unless they can actually mask the unique EMF fields which emanate from their own bodies.

Those who continue to deny that their bodies own EMF (astral) fields can be vulnerable to this technology are becoming fewer and fewer, as this community of victims begins to realize the extraordinary capabilities of spy satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon, and the immense conspiracy which has for more than three decades been designed by those who can only be categorized as incarnated EVIL, in which to rob them of any sense of privacy that they have.

As I have said in the past, the NSA's abuse of its Signals Intelligence operations in which to perpetrate these outrageous crimes against humanity, is with *one exception, by far the greatest scandal in American History. And as time passes, and the general population within the United States begins to realize the enormity of this treasonous betrayal of their rights, they will also begin to understand that the Illuminati and their agenda in which to create a New World Order one world dictatorship, is in fact not in the least a myth, but instead, a very frightening reality. One which has all but come to fruition here in the United States.

*The exception being the global shadow government's cover up of its affiliation with an Extraterrestrial influence, which they continue to do everything possible to prevent the public from learning more about. Including ridiculing any person who claims to have either witnessed or been abducted by UFO's. This includes those citizens who have been subjected to military abductions (MILABS), in which these victims are oftentimes drugged and experimented on in the most despicable ways imaginable, while being led to believe that their captors are EBE's instead of military personnel.

*The greatest deception in human history would have be religious indoctrination, which continues to be the most effective form of mass mind control ever created.

The NSA's Echelon Satellite Network & Remotely Reading Your Thoughts

Also see the following documentary on COINTELPRO since it defines the FBI as nothing more than a domestic spy and covert terrorist that operates behind the facade of a law enforcement agency:

"Don' t is een dwaas die door een organisatie van Intel wordt gecontroleerd die u zou doden zodra u bekijk. En bovenal, don' t doet hun vuil werk voor hen."
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