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Aluminum Particles In Fluoridated Water Responsible For Causing Alzheimer's Disease -- ALCOA Defensive On This Subject

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When fluoridated water (which contains aluminum particles) is boiled in an aluminum frying pan, a toxic substance leaches into the food that is being cooked. This becomes even more problematic when the unfiltered fluoridated water mixes with dangerous fumes given off by the cook top on an electric stove. Even when using filtered water, the aluminum used in the construction of most of the frying pans used in American households allows for aluminum particles to leach into the foods prepared in this way.

Moreover. there is a growing amount of evidence which suggests that the aluminum which is found in our nation's drinking water supplies (as well as a myriad of products including the aforesaid cooking utensils), is responsible for the creation and successful propagation of Alzheimer's Disease in people, after decades of exposure to aluminium. So it's no wonder that Alzheimer's affects people in their advanced years, since it takes many decades for this aluminum to build up to dangerous levels within the brain.

Ironically enough, many of the manufacturers of commercial toothpastes package their products in tubes which are made from aluminum. And of course there's the fluoride which is contained within these toothpastes which also contains traces of aluminum. Still worse is that many of the canisters which are used in home water filtration systems contain aluminum particles which leach into the filtered water, in large part defeating the benefits of these filtration systems!

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"Murder By Injection" by Eustace Mullins

"Murder By Injection" gives great insights into the fraud that the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society continue to propagate under the guise of protecting patients from what they refer to as quack medicine. Mullins has proven that the AMA and ACS are the consummate purveyors of quack medicine; emulating the marketing savvy of P.T. Barnum and the brutal savagery of Dr. Joseph Mengele.

*The British definition of Quackery: A physician insulting their patient before they murder them.

** I had a neighbor who went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital to be treated for cancer of the tongue. The staff performed a Mengele-like operation on him, which Kettering insiders refer to as the commando. This heinous operation consists of removing the patient's jaw bone and later reattaching it. This neighbor was a handsome man in his early sixties who was permanently disfigured as a result of this surgery. And even though he was able to return home after the surgery, he died a few years later when the cancer spread to other parts of his body. Such devised methods of torture should be of no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the founder of what it today Memorial Sloan Kettering; a man who (even though he had no formal training as a physician)would purchase slaves whom he then conducted his torturous "cutting" experiments on. Doc Sims, as he referred to himself to his unwitting would be victims, would later go on to service some members of the ultra class - Sims' talent was clearly not in the area of medicine (most of his patients died as a result of his barbaric treatments (the same can be said for most of the seriously ill cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering), but instead, in the business of successfully marketing himself to a class of people who could afford to be hoodwinked. And while his early "operations" were indeed horrifying, his ability to dupe the well heeled was even more so, since it's usually the well heeled who are guilty of such duplicity.

Sims' legacy remains alive and well in the 21ST Century, and can be found in Memorial Sloan Kettering's cut, slash and burn techniques. Methods which are clearly Draconian and ineffective in most cases, where the patient eventually succumbs to their cancer. Still worse is that organizations like the AMA and ACS, which dictate the treatment policies of hospitals like Sloan Kettering, as well as government health organizations like the CDC and NIH, have no interest in developing more effective treatments for cancer, since cancer remains a financial boon for them.

Furthermore, these organizations have clearly blocked any legitimate research which could be used to eliminate the use of radiation and chemotherapy, along with the blood soaked surgery associated with such outmoded and inhumane treatment protocols. Over the years, many cancer patients have died after surgeons during a surgical procedure, cut into cancerous tumors within their bodies, which then spread quickly throughout the patients' bodies; rendering them with a death sentence. Actor Steve McQueen, who developed cancer in his early 50's was actually surviving as a result of laetrile (Vitamin B17) treatments he was receiving in Mexico at the time. Unfortunately, McQueen made the mistake of taking an allopathic physician's advice to undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor. The cancer immediately spread through his body once the tumor was cut into, and McQueen died on the table from a brain embolism.

*When it appeared that cancer researchers had reached some success in using Vitamin B17 in the treatment of certain cancers, the AMA and ACS quickly mounted a smear campaign in which to demonize this treatment. Soon afterwards, even the seeds from foods high in Vitamin B17 were quickly removed from the shelves of healthfood stores. Apricot seeds are just one of the foods which hold high concentrations of Vitamin B17.

Moreover, laetrile treatments were quickly made anathema by the AMA and ACS; an unforgivable crime by the medical community, against those suffering with various forms of cancer. These treatments continue to be illegal in the United States, even though they have proven to be far more useful in the treatment of a variety of cancers, than the AMA/ACS cut, slash and burn protocols which continue to needlessly kill millions of Americans each year.

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