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75 FBI Agents To Watch One Innocent Canadian Citizen Whistleblower? No Wonder Why The FBI Always Complains That It's Understaffed!

This *author posts the following information on Canadian citizen Aaron James in an attempt to expose the crimes that both he and his Mother are being subjected to at the hands of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, in the hope that this exposition will save their lives, and bring the federal agents who are committing these crimes against them, to justice. I have no doubt that Aaron and his Mother are telling the truth about the FBI and are presently attempting to avoid being murdered by the agency's criminal minions.

*At this point, I have been subjected to approximately two thousand one hundred and twenty consecutive days of organized stalking, gaslighting, street theater, and other forms of state sponsored terrorism at the direction of the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security. Note that I have never been arrested, tried or convicted of a crime, yet these attacks continue in the present day without any sign of ending. Further evidence of the Totalitarian police state that has taken control of the United States of America and the American Proletariat.

The FBI's Torturers & Murderers

"Amidst expressed ploys unto my abduction and murder, FBI agent Steven Davis stated, “There are 75 FBI agents currently monitoring your website- we are eagerly working with the Canadian Government to see about your rendition to the United States. You should know- I have a very good friendship with John McCain…” He would reference this threat once further by telephone on or about March1/08 only days prior to my' receipt of a threatening email (seen directly below) copied to *John McCain making threatening comments."


(Also as seen on Republican Party Of Ontario

Like this target of COINTELPRO & myriad others, more than one Website of Aaron James has been deleted by the FBI's criminal minions in order to obscure the FBI's criminal activities. See the following Website which the FBI is attempting to have removed, in which COINTELPRO target Aaron James documents the torture of himself and his Mother by these demonic reprobates, whose only allegiance is to the Illuminati and the New World Order. The FBI is anathema to the American Proletariat and the U.S. Bill of Rights. This organization has never been chartered to operate legally within the United States (proof of this can be found at the Library Of Congress),and should have been abolished from the day it first began its illegal operations as the Bureau of Investigation, in 1908. The FBI was an abject mistake from its inception, and its continued existence will only result in the additional tortures and murders of myriad others. STOP THEM!

The FBI's Attempted Murder Of Aaron James

Aaron James has also found (like many other targets of COINTELPRO), that the American Civil Liberties Union refuses to get involved in situations which involve the crimes of federal agents or other corrupted government officials, unless the ACLU is able to further its own extremely questionable agenda. Not one American who has been targeted for the crimes of organized stalking or non consensual human experimentation has ever received help from the ACLU. In fact, most of these people have been totally ignored, even though they have furnished more than ample evidence to prove that they are targets of vicious government sanctioned criminal conspiracies which are being used to violate their constitutional protections under the U.S. Bill of Rights. These people are being tortured. Several have been covertly murdered, while others have been driven to commit suicide as a result of these Intel monsters.

In the case of Aaron James, James is now being illegally targeted by Canadian police at the direction of the FBI, who are clearly searching for a means in which to remove him from society so that they can murder him once he's out of the public's eye. For the past six years, the FBI has attempted to perpetrate the same crime against this author, and continues to do so in the present day, given my corroboration of the testimony made byJohn St. Clair Akwei in his lawsuit regarding the NSA, and the NSA's use of my person for the most precedent setting illegal surveillance in American History, as well as the use of my person for the agency's covert mind control research - treasonous crimes being committed by way of NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF brain scanning network).

Once again, the due process of law is completely absent in both the James case as well as this author's, because it is these agencies themselves who are in the commission of the most precedent setting crimes against the U.S. Constitution ever documented; crimes which they would never want exposed to a grand jury.

Also see: The ACLU Exposed As A Fraud
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